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sort out my finances

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I completed this goal a long while back and i have got my finances on track.My next goal is to start accumulating and learning how to make my money work a lot harder than it’s doing at the moment.This is what i’m in the process of doing at the present. 1 month ago

mrmotivated 3 years ago

Morgan Rackham 1 month ago

StormNew year, where am I at?

Let’s see where I am with this:

Yesterday, hours before the deadline (but that’s okay, I made the deadline after all) I changed my health insurance and switched to a cheaper energy provider. I felt really bold and adventurous, how weird… It will probably save me about 65 euros a month, which is absolutely awesome :)

I pretty much know what goes in and out each month, but end up in the red each month anyway (it is slowly getting better though).

Still open from last to do list:
  • end a month in the black
  • pay back loan from S. (maybe I can pay half soon, that would at least help with the guilt…)
  • put money in savings account. first goal: 1 month of salary as emergency backup
New items for the list:
  • pay off that tax thing
  • pay new upcoming dental costs
  • get a grip on the paperwork 3 months ago

StormTaking stock

For years my finances have been dreadful. I don’t have a clear idea of how I spend my money, and ended up deeper in the red every month. Things are a little better now, mostly because my salary went up, and because I put repaying my student loan on hold for a while.

I need to take stock of where I am.

  • get a clear idea of monthly income vs expenses
  • end a month in the black
  • pay taxes that just came in the mail
  • pay upcoming dental costs
  • pay back loan from S.
  • look over my insurances, any changes that should be made?
  • put money in savings account. first goal: 1 month of salary as emergency backup 13 months ago

Storm 13 months ago

ProductiveAtticus 15 months ago

dikshasachdev 15 months ago

Richard FieldsendManaging, Rebounding, Sorting.

Money is a pain when you haven’t really got enough… and when you are used to having a certain amount then it is a problem trying to get by on less.

I haven’t really got any cause to complain. I am in a job which pays, I have been in my house, which we are buying on a mortgage, for more than a decade, and in ten years it will be mortgage free. But I used to earn in the order of £10k more than I do now, and the change is still taking some getting used to.

On the upside, I live in a country with a national health system so I don’t have to worry about medical insurance, my daughter is in a good infants school which we don’t have to pay for, so I guess the important things are covered.

I need to return to my ‘normal’ state of thinking, a more ‘glass half full’ state of mind than a ‘glass half empty’ one.

And I need to do the various bits and pieces which will make sure that I am paying my way, budget my spending properly etc. My aim should be to be debt free (apart from the mortgage) at the end of 2013.

Some things to help:
  • Consider doing some extra out-of-hours work, possibly freelancing.
  • Pay down credit card bills so that I am not paying interest
  • Only buy things I need 16 months ago

Richard Fieldsend 16 months ago

noffsinger 19 months ago

sparklysquirrel 23 months ago


I want to figure out how much my best friend and i owe eachother then get the difference off her. I want to make a monthly budget and stick to it. I want to find a job or extra way of bringing in more money and save it up to use on an investment. I need to become more aware of what i spend. 23 months ago

weej007 23 months ago

Roxy Sullivan 2 years ago


Gonna do this next 2 years ago

candybloss 2 years ago

AngelicSecrets 2 years ago


Changed my pay details 2 years ago

hrn0107 2 years ago

hh 2 years ago

Currylover 2 years ago

Neodymiumtax bill paid...

now to sort out savings. 2 years ago


Need to transfer money from my icici account to santander account before i decide what to do with the extra cash reserves. 2 years ago

ridmeofthesehabits 2 years ago

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