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reinvent myself

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Being someone who sees the red flag and takes appropriate action. Delete folks who are not for my higher good. 1 month ago

kc12900 2 months ago

MichelleI 2 months ago

rockwilderChange of heart

“The urge to transform one’s appearance, to dance outdoors, to mock the powerful, and embrace perfect strangers is not easy to supress.”~Barbara Ehrenreich 2 months ago

sara 2 months ago

pixienroll 2 months ago


In the sea of serenity and purity, I dissolved like salt.
Belief, unbelief, conviction, doubt – None Remained!
A star appeared inside my heart.
The seven heavens disappeared in that star’s light. 5 months ago

narcissusnymphto be a new age Santa Claus ?

Buying gifts for strangers can be quite empowering… 5 months ago

Ellaida Grace Baylon 5 months ago


Like how Tom Ripley reinvented himself. 6 months ago

narcissusnymph 6 months ago

suryaprasanth004 6 months ago

Ana BelleTO DO

Decide who the hell do I want to become!!!
Not professionally but… What is this person that I so desperately want to be like, what does she do, what doesn’t she do, what does she say, how is she like etc. 6 months ago

CLAUDIAA1542 6 months ago

Ana BelleThe first step...

...has been done. The painful acceptance of the fact that no one else can save or change me. That everything is in my mind and therefore my fight, and mine alone. That it’s gonna take a long long time, and it probably will be the hardest thing I will have ever done. That I need to be persevering and patient even in the hardest of moments and never ever give up, even if it doesn’t feel like I’m doing too much progress. Never give up, no matter what. I am ready. I hope. 7 months ago

annjaayinto someone who is

obedient to my intuition
love myself
healthy 7 months ago

Andromeda123 2 years ago

itsasecret 17 months ago

Owleyed 8 months ago

coup2grace 9 months ago

Hossam Ebid 9 months ago

itsasecretI'm down to about 180 lbs

I’m going to buy a few new clothes also. I don’t have to completely change myself. 9 months ago

mlaurik88 10 months ago

CostajrNH 11 months ago

juneairThe Goal

This is a slightly adjusted version of the list I made last summer of things I want to include in my life. When I know what my goal is, it’s easier to start taking small steps towards it.

1. Sunshine
2. Living in the Netherlands (I know, it’s a bit contradictory with number one… haha)
3. Having a small yard where I can spend time and living in a brick/stone house
4. Doing something new on a weekly basis
5. Buying from small shops and farmers’ markets
6. Always having a bottle of wine at home
7. Following what’s happening in the neighbourhood and participating
8. Doing volunteer work with a theme that’s important to me
9. Finding creative outlets
10. Speaking fluent Dutch
11. Having children and raising them bi/trilingual
12. Cherishing my childhood memories and passing them on to my own kids
13. Having enough income to be able to save 10% of it
14. Travelling to see different ways of living
15. Going on an interrail with my boyfriend
16. Being able to do things I enjoy on a whim
17. Inviting friends over at least once a month
18. Having a blog and updating it regularly
19. Having a job in event production that suits my special skills
20. Owning 3 sets of matching, fitting, beautiful lingerie
21. Getting a manicure on a regular basis
22. Splurging on luxuries every now and then (weekend getaways, spas, dinners)
23. Being active in a club
24. Buying organic & local food more than 50% of my consumption
25. Finding simple ways of living (hiking, nature)
26. Taking dance lessons
27. Finding a form of exercise I like
28. Having fresh flowers in the apartment and changing them weekly
29. Having a working, comfortable bike and using it to get to places
30. Having a unique home that combines items from Holland, Finland and abroad
31. Cooking every night and having family time
32. Having a beautiful, clean, fresh bedroom
33. Recycling
34. Having a few chickens in the garden
35. Spending less money on materia and more on experiences
36. Having a beautiful tattoo (or several) that depicts me
37. Living in a lush neighbourhood
38. Wearing more skirts and dresses
39. Going to a zoo/amusement park once a year
40. Travelling to a new place once a year
41. Having paid off my student loan
42. Only buying what I need or love
43. Having a Finnish au pair for my children
44. Having close friends/group of friends to gossip, go to plays, cook and enjoy wine with
45. Seeing my family on a regular basis
46. Living close to water, preferably a river
47. Having something enjoyable to do every day
48. Always looking my best
49. Having a dog
50. Having a beautiful front door 11 months ago

juneair 11 months ago

The Solidago GirlTime to update this..

First what in the past needs a bit improvement..

1.Looks instead of clothes..I have been able to work on the cultural idea,kind of hard?i need to get down to it,on the other hand my clothing is better.
2.Health..i drink atleast 6 glasses of water a day,need to update to 8,have established a better sleep routine than i ever had in my life,miraculously better but I have my weak days..either way I wake up at 6 every morning without an alarm clock,so I have a biorhythm.
3.my skin..rashes again,i think i know why,can resolve this easily,need to be focussed on detoxification
4.posture and walking..slumped a bit,spending all that time on a chair,will get better though,i will ensure that
5.mental reinvention :Better month than what has been for a long time,but still I get weak,i miss people
6.Life focusing on priorities,Updated,I am focussing on atleast something and better than i have in my entire life,I haven’t been spontaneous recently,but that will change soon.I am trying to sink in lot of emotional information.
7.spiritual reivention..started praying again.and the days went good :)
8.I have given chance for everyone to enter my life,in a good way or bad.still keeping a open heart,just seem to get caught up in walls.
9.I still love the man,with all my heart and soul :)
10.Time,better than ever,developing fluidity at work.

New list..

1.Financial reinvention..Earn at least 40 percent of my costs.Updated.
Learning reinvention..make your own disciplines and follow them,kind of a self enrolled school.updated
2.Physical reinvention..Be in the best shape I have ever been since I was born. =D started the process updated
3.Dreams reinvention..make a list of 5 things i want to finish,as in projects.Start working on them.Deadline,a year,still a bit vague,comes down to a website,2 books,2 other books,a small project for a room and outside.
Short term reinvention..small easily accomplished goals,same as above,deadline 6 months.easily accomplished goals,working on it.
4.Experience stats…Do something that just enriches my life..from travelling,to a new experience.doing updated.
5.And work on the previous list constantly.updated.gonna stay focussed. 11 months ago

absrnd 11 months ago

itsasecretAfter I lose the last few pounds ...

Maybe people won’t even recognize me. Hopefully within the next 2 or 3 months. 11 months ago


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