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Fuck Billie Joe Armstrong


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GreenDayForever101Billie Joe= GOD

I would fuck Billie EVERY day if I could…and VERY hard….Oh God…Hmmmm…Yum 3 years ago


i wanna fuck billie joe armstrong. . .hard. . . 3 years ago

charliiibillie joe is soooooo fit

i wud do anything to fuck him seriously anything 4 years ago

dunwoodieBilleie Joe

Billie joe = 69! hahahhah Mine!! 4 years ago


Oh my god! I just want to fuck him! He’s so fucking sexy and droves me mad! his eyes, his mouth his fucking body is so perfect and cute! when his body’s wet… OH MY GOD! WHEN HE WANTS TO FUCK HIMSELF! oh gosh, pherhaps you don’t want you fornicate with me?

Addie is so damned lucky and i love her anyway :D 4 years ago

xilovebilliejoexawwwwww!! billie joe fucking armstrong!!

I would fuck him every single moment if i could… he’s he man of my life aND I LOVE HIM TO DEATH…I WISH I COULD HAVE HIM IN MY BED JUST FOR ONE NIGHT!!!! he’s hhhhhoooott!!! 7 years ago

xxSTAPLESxxOh yea...

A kind stupid but funny interview with Billie…

www.piczo.com/xxstaplesxx 7 years ago

simone211375fuck me billie joe says ok i say eheheh

hey i just would lovbe to fuck billie joe as i said befor i bet everyone would like to anyways you can count me in if he wont to fuck anyone coz ill be first in line and last one to leave his room (lol) i love him awwwwwwwwww
tis would be the3 expresion on his face when we are done 7 years ago

simone211375blood sex and booz thats what billie joe likes

hey i think every one would like to fucck billie joe mwell me the most he is the hotist guy in the universe and i could fuck him 24/7 oh yes i could i realy love him so there anyways billie joe is a sex god awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bsby love you baby 7 years ago

greendaysainthell yea i do

who doesmt want to fuck billie….not jus cause hes hott but i have guy friends that are so in love with his music theyd fuck him in a heart beat….i guess billie ie da sex…with great music 7 years ago

basket_caseNothing's impossible

and they can never have enough groupies!! 7 years ago


Amen. I vote that we all let billie joe have his way with anyone who wants it. If the line is short, I’m going back again and again. Not to sound horny or anything, but it is a fantasy of mine. 8 years ago

greendaygirl54A question


ZoeFuck Billie Joe Armstrong

I am fairly convinced that Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, is the sexiest creature to ever roam the universe. He’s just drop dead gorgeous.
But I also want him because he’s fucking brilliant. I mean, Green Day rox your sox, bitch.
So let’s fuck Billie.

CAN I GET AN AMEN? :) 8 years ago

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