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Daniel 2 years ago

Cherise 3 years ago


I need to remember that God’s will has factored in every mistake I ever have and ever will make. Therefore I can regret my mistakes but without treating them like it’s the end of the world and that everything depends on me. This is stinkin thinkin as the saying goes. 2 years ago

TrueFreedomIdentified another limiting belief

Now this isn’t always the case, but often times when there is something that I HAVE to get done I am subconsciously thinking that it is just something I have to get through if I want to get on with enjoying life. But when I was doing the dishes today, I reminded myself that dishes are a part of my life so why not make it enjoyable? I could listen to music, light a scented candle, or simply enjoy the warm soapy water and stop looking at it as a chore. I want to make it a top priority to really embrace all of my duties and to stop rushing through them thinking that life is on the other side. THIS is my life- even the most difficult parts.

So when it comes to little everyday chores I certainly should start seeking to appreciate all that can be enjoyed about the activity and start enjoying and appreciating ALL of my life- not just the relaxing, unchallenging parts. And besides, are those parts really the best of life? My body may like to take it easy but my mind and soul would find a life of leisure a very sad existence. This revelation may have something to do with my 1 word resolution for 2012 which is GRATEFULNESS. I must become grateful for every moment of life by remembering that there is more to life than being free from work but rather work is a part of life and should therefore be enjoyed. 2 years ago

Cest Moi 2 years ago

sitruunapuuA quote on beliefs

“Your beliefs should allow you to experience whatever is technically possible; they should never mislabel the possible as impossible. If you think something is impossible for you, then it must truly be impossible, regardless of your thinking. If a mental shift would alter your abilities via the placebo effect, then your belief is both disempowering and inaccurate.”

—Steve Pavlina 3 years ago


Sunset 3 years ago

sitruunapuu 4 years ago

sitruunapuuMarking this done...

I’m marking this goal done, not because I’ve no limiting beliefs to be eliminated anymore, but because I feel like the thought I had behind this goal has lived its course. I adopted it almost a year ago and during this time I’ve gone through a big inner change; so big that many of the entries I’ve written under some of the main goals I’ve had this year (Find my purpose in life, Have a completely different life by this time next year, Live without fear, Create the life of my dreams) don’t resonate so much with me anymore. I remember what I thought when I wrote them, and mostly I still agree with everything I’ve written, but I find that my way of thinking has changed so much since then that it’s time to let some of these goals go. My way of seeing life has changed a lot since last year.

Since the list of my limiting beliefs is almost endless, it’s possible that I’ll adopt this goal again in the future. For now, I’m kind of retiring it to gain more focus over the goals that matter to me more currently. And my thinking on beliefs has changed a lot over the course of this past year: I’m not so interested in replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones anymore, as I’d rather simply take a step back from any beliefs, whether positive or negative, and not give them too much power. How well this kind of approach works, that I’m not sure about yet; I guess only time will tell :-) 3 years ago

conscioussteps 3 years ago

1RL 3 years ago

LilyflowerJ 3 years ago

beeandbopGoing for it

Failures sometimes make me have lots of self doubt. I have decided though, that in the next year I would go for some dreams that I thought was out of my reach. I just have to remember the confidence I felt when I managed to do things that I thought were impossible for me. I have lost some courage but I am trying to regain it back. I really like this quote: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo Buonarroti 3 years ago

TrueFreedomNO MORE LABELS...

I was just cheered on this goal and it got me thinking… this is one of those goals that catches my eye when I go through my list and it always gets me excited! Looking at other posts I realize that this goal might mean something different to me than some other posters because I am not speaking about anything religion oriented since I am happy and fulfilled in that regard. For me this goal is rather about the assumptions I may have about myself, others and my life in general. It is an invitation to never jump to conclusions about anyone- including me. I used to like to take personality profile tests but now I think they just end up putting labels on you which limits how you see yourself, your abilities, and your options for the future. Seriously, do we really need a test to tell us what we are good at? Why can’t we just sit down and reflect on who we know ourselves to be? People get so excited when they get the results back and they say to themselves, ” Oh I knew I was that way!” But who do we think answered the questions, lol!

In fact, I know a young lady who took one of those tests who is now convinced she is an introvert when really she has just been sheltered and needs a little practice around new people to be her naturally bubbly, silly, friendly self that she is around those she knows well. It doesn’t matter that I have known her since she was a kid- the online test knows her best of course ;) This is even effecting what sort of job she thinks she can handle when in the long run just knowing her, I think she is going to end up running in the opposite direction.

I know she will eventually figure things out (she only just turned 18) but it has really taught me something important. We all tend to do this sort of labeling sometimes even though we’d be so much better off to see ourselves as having strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind that we can always work on transforming those weaknesses into strengths overtime if we’d only put in a little effort. I never want to fall into the “That’s just the way I am” excuse ever again. I want to look at myself as a work in progress where anything is possible. 3 years ago

beeandbop 3 years ago

Lynoure 3 years ago


So I was looking at a website that talked about eliminating limiting beliefs. The blogger spoke of one of her limiting beliefs which was that she thought of herself as a rather boring person. So her solution was to say affirmations to counteract her limiting belief, such as “I am a very interesting and dynamic person.” Then she would look for evidence for this in her everyday life to back up this new idea.
Now,the only problem with this is what if she really IS boring? Then she is only convincing herself otherwise to soothe her ego. Wouldn’t it be better to instead take a good hard look at ourselves to see whether a negative belief has any truth to it and if so actually DO something to improve ourselves? If of course we find that we are being unnecessarily hard on ourselves then I can see how the positive affirmations might help… anyway, just a thought :)
Though, I did appreciate the idea of writing down on a piece of paper all the things you think are contributing to a particular problem in your life. Then you can go back and analyze your answers to see if there are any false limiting beliefs that are getting in your way. I think I will try this… 3 years ago


Instead of becoming a non believer, I became a SAME-THING, everything believer. I read the Tao of Pooh and decided that every argument was about the same-thing….think this will be my first tattoo. I set upa meditation-station…everything based in love is invited. 3 years ago

missysmith71 3 years ago

Narguile 3 years ago

TrueFreedom 3 years ago

sitruunapuuOn being spiritual

I hope this won’t offend anyone because that’s not the way I mean it, but I’m going to take the risk and say it anyway…

I think one of the best things that has happened to me during the past year or so has been the realisation that there can be more to life than humans being just animals, and that I can be spiritual without being religious. This is the part I hope won’t offend anyone, because I’ve absolutely nothing against religion; some of the most incredible, unconditionally loving, accepting, nonjudgemental, compassionate and inspiring people I’ve met have been religious. For some people religion truly is a good thing and makes them better people. Nothing bad can come from following Jesus’ teachings such as treating others as you’d like others to treat yourself. I’m fascinated by many teachings of Buddha, am planning on reading the Bhagavad Gita, have read most of the Bible, and I like many things about Islam.

Yet, being religious has never been the right choice for me. I’m technically Evangelical Lutheran, but in practice… not so much. Before this realisation of spirituality without religion, I never really believed in God, gods or some kind of a higher power. I’ve never been one to go to church often, and I only went there when I really had to (when I went to this confirmation school almost all Finns go when they’re 15 years old, my only reason going there being that I wanted to have a church wedding which you can’t have without having went to confirmation school, which feels a bit funny now because I’m not all that sure whether I want to have a church wedding anymore, or get married at all). I sometimes prayed, but not in a very religious way but just to say aloud a little “thank you”s when I was grateful for something, or to ask for help when life was getting unbearable. I never really thought anyone would hear me, though, and I can’t remember ever using The Lord’s Prayer, for example.

I guess I could say that science replaced religion and spirituality in my life for a very long time. I’ve always been very rational and logical for the most part (in my own opinion at least ;)) and I didn’t see how any kind of spirituality could fit in the picture. I didn’t think I could hold any kind of religion-like or spiritual beliefs while being also rational. I didn’t believe life had any real meaning (although I thought you could of course give your life a meaning if you wanted to, and I did give mine one), nor that there could be something “more” to this life than what we can see. I used to think that humans are just animals who are maybe even too intelligent for their own good because they start to feel the need to explain and analyse life in ways that seemed wishful or irrational thinking to me back then. I thought that in the end, there was nothing “higher” or deeper to life than reproduction, just like how it is for other animals.

Don’t get me wrong by the way, I wasn’t miserable because of these beliefs at all, and I was interested in developing as a person, helping others and making a positive difference in the world, but at the same time I found it really hard to see how there could be any kind of life after death, for example. I did find the scientific views on that interesting, how energy never disappears but can only change form, but those weren’t even nearly enough to convince me that believing there’s life after death could be something else than wishful thinking. I’d say that was quite a miserable belief, especially because a lot of my loved ones died, and believing I’ll completely cease to exist when I die didn’t exactly make me less afraid of death and didn’t really help me feel better and safer when I was close to dying… I had some doubts, I genuinely wished I was wrong – I did hope there was some kind of afterlife… something more to this life… but for the most part, I thought it was only wishful thinking and very unscientific, so I didn’t allow myself to explore those options too much.

Now… I’m not quite sure what I believe as I’ve only got started on this new path, but I feel I’m much more balanced nowadays. I think being religious or spiritual to the absolute extreme might not be the best idea (believing that you’re not a physical being and thus don’t need food and water, for example), but I certainly don’t think being extremely scientific and not leaving any room for spirituality is a good idea either. I feel like I’ve a nice balance now; I’m still fascinated by science, mathematics, physics, medicine and such (although not as much as I used to, as I think science has its limits and our medicine for example isn’t particularly developed), but I’m also interested in “softer” values and I’m much more open to them nowadays. I haven’t yet made up my mind on afterlife for example, but I’ve started to think there might very well be something after death. While I used to think believing in reincarnation was wishful thinking to the extreme, I’m open to it being possible nowadays. I’m open to the possibility that we might even determine before being born what kind of a life we need to live in order to being able to learn what we want to learn during this lifetime. I believe it’s possible that there’s something “higher” and wiser than us, and that if there is, he/she/it is unconditionally loving and doesn’t judge us. I believe it’s possible that the whole reason of having been born here is to learn and grow. I don’t know whether this is the case and I don’t have any strong beliefs on this matter, but I’m open to the possibility of it being true.

I still often catch myself thinking that I must either have gone nuts (because I used to find most religion-like and spiritual views irrational) or that this is just wishful thinking, something I’d like to be true. But for the most part, I’m getting more and more comfortable being open to other possibilities and I’ve started to be really fascinated by this whole new area of life I haven’t explored fully before. I’m currently reading a book that has scientific-ish non-religious views on Jesus’ life, re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, and taking notes of Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins. What I’d have thought to be way too “out there” before has started to seem interesting. I like the change. It has already helped me to see the difficulties of my life in a whole new light and given me glimpses of how joyous, peaceful and incredible life can be at best. I enjoy the more open, flexible, nonjudgemental and accepting version of myself. I hope to never start identifying with my beliefs again as taking them less seriously and leaving room for the possibility that I might be wrong is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. 3 years ago

whitelotus75 3 years ago

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