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stop using shampoo


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convoswplants 23 months ago

convoswplantsdon't you poo at me now

i did it! today i used baking soda and water, scrubbed it deep in my scalp, rinsed in the shower water, then did the same but with vinegar-water. it ended up feeling great to the touch without that weird filmy post-shampoo ickiness. it’s so soft and fun to touch now! 21 months ago

convoswplantsno poo on my head please

our shampoo bottle is running down to the wire, which means we’ll finally be forced to get around to this! i’m excited. we’ll use the vinegar and baking soda method. finally i can stop slathering chemicals on my dome all the time. 22 months ago

Kesa Desi-Ray 2 years ago

unicornicles 4 years ago

meandnobodybutme 2 years ago

nowiamanaxolotl 2 years ago

aiissai 2 years ago


stargirl0511 2 years ago

CarolineMeow 2 years ago

Miss_Blueberries 3 years ago


candysroomQuestion to no poo people

How long took it before you could see the full result of stop using shampoo?

I’m using the conditioner only method right now. I used a shampoo based on vegetable oils and herbs before that. It made my hair stronger, but also very heavy. My curls straightened out and it started to look a bit straggling. I feel more confortable with conditioner, but I think that too makes my hair a bit heavy and oily. Maybe it takes a little time before the hair “gets used to” a new method? I have washed my hair with conditioner three times now. I know it is important to rub in the co thoroughly and rinse but it’s still a bit oily. 2 years ago

candysroom 2 years ago


My hair is stronger, more bouncy and has more shine.
I’m now only washing it with a very dilluted version of the natural shampoo I was talking about.
This is how it looks right now.
Judge for yourself :) 2 years ago


Low-poo : substitute of shampoo without harmfull chemicals like SLS/SLES/Mineral oil/Parabens.

I have discovered my own favorite Low-poo since I have to wait for the Indian herbs to arive. It’s the Weleda calendula baby shampoo/body wash.

Yes baby shampoo. Why? It’s one of the 3 all natural shampoos of Weleda. I know baby shampoos are extra mild. A downside of a shampoo made for baby is that they are tear-free.
Why that would be a downside? It means that the Ph is neutral (7) while the ideal Ph for your hair/scalp is around 5,5.
When I tried this for the first time I found it made my hair too dry..

So I added some herb vinegar ( found in the local store.. it’s with rosemary and thyme)to balance the Ph to around 5,5. That does the trick! I also added a little amla oil because that makes my hair shiny and strong.

Now ít’s just a super low-poo. It’s a shampoo and conditioner alternative all into 1 bottle. It’s because I think the 2 step methode ( backing soda rinse+ apple cider vinegar rinse ) is too much difficulty for me.

It might be expensive to buy an all natural shampoo and add vinegar and oil to it. But on the other hand since I will use it as less as possible it will last longer than a cheap shampooo that I use too often. 2 years ago


meandnobodybutmeIndian herbs

I bought some indian cleansing herbs just in case I can’t stand the greasiness anymore. I think it’s a more healthy alternative for my hair/scalp ( but not for my bank account because I have to order it online).

-Shikakai ( yes it’s funny to pronounce)
-Amla (it’s not easy to find amla powder in this country)

I’ll first try to use Shikakai as a kind of super mild shampoo, but I read online that it can make the hair tóo dry so just in case…

I also bought some Amla. I’m going to experiment with this. If the Shikakai powder alone is too drying for my hair. I will mix the shikakai with amla (1:1)

It can be messy but you are suppose to make a paste of it with some hot water.. let it sit for a few minutes and then put it on your scalp and massage it.

Since I had some serious hair loss in the past I hope this can improve that. I read it’s strengening for the hair roots so let’s hope so. I know that Amla is also known to increase curly/wavy-ness.

I’ve tried the no-poo thing in the past but I didn’t continue it ( forgot why). The only thing I remember is that it really did change my hair ( it became more wavy!) and I hope that it will have that effect again. Because I love wavy/curly hair! 2 years ago

Lilia 3 years ago

whitneymiller3 3 years ago

creativekitty 4 years ago

restlessspirit 3 years ago

tiptoeshinycity 3 years ago

indigoliquidd 3 years ago

indigoliquiddThree months!

Wow. It’s already been three months since going “no-poo”??? I don’t really have any complaints.

My MIL bought me “natural” shampoo for my birthday. It advertises the fact that it doesn’t have sulfates etc in the shampoo. I looked at the indgrediants list, and all that happened was that “Sodium Laurel Sulfate” turned into “Sodium Laurel Something else.” Now, I’m not exactly up on all my chemistry, but if it doesn’t have paratheses after technical terms says “sunflower seed extract” (or the like) I’m not putting it on my hair.

I feel a little guilty because I know she was just trying to get me a thoughtful gift, but I don’t think I’m going to use the shampoo. (I should add that shampoo wasn’t my only gift, LOL!) 3 years ago

indigoliquiddI would just like to say

that I have converted two ladies at work to the AVC hair rinse. Well, I should say 1 for sure. Darlene is trying the AVC wash tonight and will report back tomorrow. :) Who knew vinegar could be so good. In places other than on my french fries. 3 years ago

iamnaye 3 years ago

pasqueflower 3 years ago

indigoliquiddNo Poo-- entering week 7???

My mom has this theory that the reason I woke up on Saturday with hives on one half of my face and swelling on the other hald is becuase I had an allergic reaction to the baking soda I’ve been using to clean my hair…

... I looked online and it seems that some people do have an allergy to baking soda. I still think an allergy would have popped up well before 6 weeks into the program.

To be honest… I haven’t really noticed a difference in my hair. Other than it is extra greasy because I wait longer between the BS cleanse. I suppose that I shouldn’t have expected too much. I never did much styling with heat/ products in my hair. And since 2010 I had given up any shampoo/cleanser with sulfates in them. I’m not sure how long I will stick with the BS/ACV. It may be time to go back to an all-natural shampoo (with no sulfates) soon. We’ll see when that time comes.

Today, as a matter of fact, I did go back and some more of my Wen hair cleanser (it’s not a shampoo!! It’s a mostly natural cleanser) and I am noticing that there is more residue left in my hair than when I use the BS. I do like the BS clean better.

At least I know that I can go to washing my hair once a week without it getting super disgusting. :) 3 years ago

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