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play barre chords proficiently

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fahadmasoodBar Chords

i wan to play. 3 years ago

Maria HillI took the summer off

The Barre chords are getting better. I can play them okay most of the time but my chord changes are pathetic!

Now practicing them in class – I will be motivated about this even if it means missing out on a little sleep! 3 years ago

Maria HillIts only been 12 days

But its still bloody difficult – so close and yet so far aaaaarrrrghhhh 3 years ago

Maria HillIts only been 10 days

But its bloody difficult – so close and yet so far aaaaarrrrghhhh 3 years ago

Maria HillOnce I Can do this I can play any song I like

So first step first – I need to find a song that I like and that is easy enough to play except for a barre chord.

So lets look for one!

Maybe Hotel California by Eagles? 3 years ago

CatarinasAlterEgoMaaan, it isn't easy

I got a wrist problem after trying to play bar chords so I had to stop playing for 1 week.

Now I am afraid to play them and I don’t practice enought.

But I have to learn it fast, so I have a reminder for next week :) 4 years ago

witchazeli got it!

but still working on the speed part. i NEED to find time to practise. 5 years ago

witchazelMaking a liiiiiittle progress...

it’s getting better with practice, but i still can’t seem to get my fourth string to ring.

and i’ll still need to work on the speed portion. i tend to stall for a few seconds when i switch to a barre chord.

tips, anyone? 6 years ago

Queen Estherclimb ev'ry mountain

i’m still learning chords, but at least i can play barre chords and open chords comfortably—and with practice, all of it comes easier. the thing is, i’m over the hump. thank Jesus. 6 years ago

Queen Esthermore progress, i guess

i’m playing open chords comfortably but it doesn’t matter. nothing that i think i know matters. just when i think i’m making progress, there’s something else that has me feeling like i don’t know anything at all. it’s a study in frustration. most of the time, i feel like i’m sisyphus, except i’ve got a guitar instead of a rock.

i’m in class learning bar chords and power chords. and it’s fun. but it’s hard and it hurts. i don’t even have the fun of hearing chords ring out, or playing simply to play and feeling good about that. everything i play now sounds like loud dirgy sludge. but i don’t care. i’m not about to reach for a capo. not for anything in the world. i’m going to keep going until i get to the other side of this. and then i’m going to keep going past whatever’s going to come at me next. i don’t care anymore, how much it hurts or how hard this is. i’ve had way worse pain than this.

i’m not going to stop until i know how to play. really play. that’s going to be some other kind of satisfaction, when that happens. that’s going to feel like i conquered the world. 7 years ago


Oh MAN these are hard to play. I’m starting out with B minor and working my way up…. I think my index finger’s going to stop working in a little bit… 7 years ago

funniculeeTrim, trim, trim the list...

Gently down the screen… 7 years ago

funniculeeActually OK at this...

...at all but the lowest 2 frets. I am slow to switch among chords, but that will come in time.

I just don’t know how to get the chords to ring out on the lowest frets. It takes more muscle than I seem to have. Is there a trick to this? 8 years ago

funniculeeIt would help...

...with the 3-finger style, I think.

I am starting by playing “Sweet Jane” over and over, ad nauseum. Except for the nauseum part, because I have yet to get tired of it. It’s just such a sweet-sounding little melody. 8 years ago

FootFaceBack when I still played guitar

Long, long ago. 8 years ago

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