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Rudiano Bambinotonight...

I reconnected with this goal. I think I’m definitely in the right place. A new CEO who walks the walk as well as talks the talk, a broad range of products that work, a big mission statement and a big vision. And they treated us good!!!
No more dilly dallying. When I’m back, imma get laser-like. 5 months ago

Rudiano BambinoYes yes yessss!

Needed good news today! My Fiverr client wants more and is prepared to pay for it! A little forethought, structure and niceness goes a long way, yay! 6 months ago

Rudiano BambinoTime has spoken....

And it has revealed that I had not found my why. My why has to do with the person I want to become. I don’t think I am there but it still haunts me and it always will until I have achieved it. But I have to add to my affirmations emotional connection, belief. And stop listening to all the naysayers who don’t really know that they are killing me with their negativity….quite literally. Negative vibes are gnawing at my health, sanity and happiness. That’s enough.
I can’t let people hold me down. My calling is to make a difference to people’s lives, spiritually, emotionally and financially…And have a ball doing it.

I know it’s possible. 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoGetting there...

It’s one thing to find a stimulating, ethical and potentially highly profitable venture, but it’s another to make it work. I need laser focus. I do love dabbling because I get bored easily. I don’t particularly like routine, which is why having a schedule and sticking to it has never worked long for me. But I know I have to change if I want different results. First change I have done is do affirmations. I listen to them every day. Today I have done my vision board. It’s not quite finished. I have the goals in pictures and sentences but there is something missing: my “why” (which is why I left an empty space) It is said that the bigger your why the better, because it will drive you through thick and thin. Still not sure what my “why” is, really…I think it might have to do with recognition, being taken seriously, being able to entertain but also inspire… But is this big enough? Mmmmmmmmhhhhh. Time will tell. 22 months ago

Rudiano BambinoI really think I found it!

Imagine a job that stretches you, isn’t tied to a desk, gets you out of your comfort zone but is fun and makes a difference to people’s life? No brainer, right?

http://images.neways.com/euweb/videos/commercials/birds/flvplayer/birds-video.html 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoI think I have found it.

Can’t see anything out there more ethical and noble that I could do. Only question is. Will I put my all in or will I allow the self doubt to hamper me? Noooooo! 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoWell, money rules on Earth

Yeah, a bit disillusioned as usual, but this job is still really for the greater good. Theres just no escaping the link to money.I would do it especially for the environment but it turns out that the ones funding the project have other motives…The fact that we are running out of landfill space and above all because there is money to be made in waste management. That said however, more businesses= more job creation. So really its a win-win situation in the long run.Perhaps I’m too much of a romantic. Oh well! 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoAlmost there?

I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatched, hence the question mark! I’ve been thinking for a while that I’m a bit fed up with the perpetual profit-at-all-cost spirit in the commercial world. I want to earn money without losing my integrity. I dream of doing something that will hand on heart be for the greater good. It looks like there is an opening for me at the moment, working for the environment…I had a telephone interview and it went well. I’m going to the second part of the interview on Monday and Tuesday… So everybody say Yay! Uh-huh! Uh huh!...erhm… Sorry 2 years ago

Rudiano Bambino 2 years ago

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