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isayamante 3 months ago

007laNew year start

Starting the new year at 155 lbs. I’ve spent the last month at 160 lbs.

Just had an epiphany! I added coconut oil into my diet the beginning of November and my weight increased shortly after and stayed high. I’m taking it out of my diet starting today and see if I start fitting into my clothes better. 3 months ago

007la 3 months ago

kassondra5 9 months ago

Helse 9 months ago

adlegiare 15 months ago

Darkened_DestinyJust got back from Europe..

I am scared to weigh myself! 19 months ago

Sandandfog 6 years ago

*Cathy McDowell*132

I wrote a book called Weight Loss Made Easy “Trust Me”
In my book, I show you how you can do it too.
I weighed over 220 lbs.
Now at 132 I feel my book is worth every penny.


Thanks so much! 21 months ago

*Cathy McDowell* 21 months ago

Heidi Peel 21 months ago

FYeahAndrea 22 months ago

StPaddyGirl 2 years ago

Darkened_Destinyslow and steady

I am at 145 now. 2 years ago


well it’s official, after a year of hard and not-so-hard work i’ve finally reached my goal weight. on one hand i feel great but on the other, i still don’t quite like what i see in the mirror yet. basically, i can still stand to lose a few more pounds. oh well. 2 years ago

Kadeepoo 4 years ago

lycka_love 2 years ago

KadeepooAlmost there

Weighed myself this morning. 142lbs. After I hopefully reach this goal I’m gonna try to get down to 130lbs. I still don’t quite like what I see in the mirror. 2 years ago


I started trying to loss weight Oct. 19, I weight 150 now. 2 years ago


I still want to do this, I will activiely start this goal in December/January and achieve it by June. Five months to get fit and look good for the wedding and my trip to Europe. 2 years ago


I always forget that I can’t fight my body.

Back in March, I weighed only 148 because I didn’t care. Then I started worrying about gaining weight and guess what happened…

Screw it. I don’t care anymore. The only way I will ever weigh 140 lbs is if I can be happy with how I am now, and isn’t that what I really want anyway?

Fine. I am happy with how I am now. This is me. This body is the one I need on my journey and I am grateful for it. The way I look is a product of all my past choices, not a judgement.

Judging myself does not feel good. Having compassion for myself feels great. That’s not a number on the scale. It’s a feeling.

So what I want is a good feeling, not a low weight.

But sometimes, I worry about what other people will think, if they’ll notice I weigh more now.

What is the weight of their thoughts on my mind?

Nothing, if I just don’t worry about stupid crap like that.

Reasons to accept my body:
1. When people were commenting on how skinny I was, that was the exact time in my life I was not counting calories or trying to diet.
2. I can’t instantly lose weight, but I can instantly stop thinking about things I cannot change.
3. I can’t find acceptance on the outside. I could tell myself this 1,000 times. It’s not going to come from looking a certain way, or having a certain relationship, or doing certain activities. It’s going to be there when I decide that I want to accept myself and live with the peace that will come with that decision.
4. Everything in my lifestyle has changed since May. Everything. My entire routine has changed and I need to take it easy on myself and focus on things that are actually important.
5. It sounds dumb and I don’t quite believe it yet, but I know it’s true from the people I have loved: When I meet the right person, they will love me exactly the way I am.
6. I use my body for lots of cool activities, I’m healthy, and I have gotten better at mindful eating over the past year. So really, I should be happy about those things.
7. I’m tired of ‘never being enough.’I’m enough. I’m fine just the way I am. The biggest obstacle before me is ME. Time to step out of my own way and accomplish some wonderful goals and have some wonderful experiences.
8. Everyone has an opinion.
9. In my opinion, the past month has been wonderful and it’s had nothing to do with my weight. Back when I was skinnier I was lost, confused, and drinking all the time. Which would I take, given the choice? Right now. 2 years ago


I have almost 15 lbs to lose to get to this goal.

It’s not that I’m overweight, it’s that there’s a skinny girl trapped inside me and I feel like that’s who I really am.

How can I achieve this goal?

Believe I look good already.
Work out a lot.
Stay away from fried food, simple carbs and sugar.
Get enough sleep.
Figure out good ways to reduce stress.
Keep a food journal.
Be mindful of my feelings.
Eat slowly. 2 years ago

youmakemebelieve 2 years ago

140lbshereicome 2 years ago


This new diet is amazing! :D I lose another 2 pounds this week. 2 years ago

Kadeepoo30 Day Shred

So i ordered two Jillian Michaels exercise dvds: 30-day shred and 6-week six pack. they both got rave reviews on amazon. i’m gonna follow the plan along with a sensible diet because i’m around 150lbs and feel/look awful. it doesn’t help that i ate like crap during my stay in miami. none of my jeans fit and the ones that do are tight. ugh. 2 years ago


That’s 5.4 pounds less from when I started! :D

I’m on a new diet too, so it might help speed things up. It’s low-carb. I basically just eat protein, legumes, and a crap-load of vegetables. And I get one cheat day… which is today… so I’m also happy about that. :3

But yay! I only have 9.6 pounds left! I can definitely lose that before the summer’s out! Then I just have to worry about keeping it off. And maybe losing a wee bit more. I figure after I reach 140 I’ll aim for 130 and then reeeeeeally strive to maintain that. 2 years ago


Another pound down!
Today marks my third week of diet and exercise and I am now 152.6 pounds. That’s about 3 poounds lighter.

I’m happy about it, don’t get me wrong. Any progress is progress. I guess I’m just getting impatient already, ha. I just can’t wait for that day when there’s a visible difference in my weight and someone I know goes, “Hey, you’ve slimmed down!” Or at least I can say that when I look at myself.

I guess I’m just getting discouraged. But it would be nice to see physical results for reassurance. But I guess that won’t happen until… I don’t know, I lose at least 5 pounds total, maybe a little more than that.

I do see muscles though, or at least feel them. I’m getting a lot stronger from working out, I’ll just be happy when the fat goes away. 2 years ago

Kathleen Kiker 3 years ago


I’ve actually lost weight already with P90X and my diet. I was 155 just a week ago.

I use to weigh 140lbs, but I’ve put on some weight since I started college two years ago. I just want to get down to 140 again as my small goal, but I’ll probably work on getting to a lower weight after that.

140’s the main goal! We’ll see what happens after that. :) 2 years ago

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