Wish Legerd (my birthday twin) a Steampunk Style Birthday Nov 12 Filled With Beautiful spiders & Crooked Trees!


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cluricauneSorry I'm late !

Hope the spiders enjoyed the party. 3 years ago

molliemoonlightIt's late

But happy birthday!! 3 years ago

tangerine_nowOh boy...

Am I late with this or what? (Or what?)
So sorry to be so late! I hope you had a great birthday, even if it had spiders in it (eek!) and that you still continue to have great days since.
:) 3 years ago


Happy Birthday! 3 years ago

mrcreedcrap!! im late

hope it was a good one! and hope life works like a charm for the next year too!! 3 years ago

Forever_young Happy Birthday Year!!

I am late < I am late for a most important date :) Hope you had a good Birthday! 3 years ago


The golden age is before us, not behind us.
William Shakespeare

Birthday Images3 years ago

ArtemisRunning a little late...so

Happy Belated Birthday, Legerd!!!

:):) 3 years ago

Legerd the crooked treeThank you everyone...

Especially you, Bedhead2. My actual B-day was quiet, but I’m getting together with friends Sunday to celebrate proper like. : )
3 years ago

apapaneon Hawaii time and late again with birthday wishes

Was your day fabulous? May the year ahead be lined with crooked trees wherein happy face spiders have woven tapestries to delight.

Here is a tree for your collection. Not so crooked but decidedly weird.

Happy birthday! 3 years ago

красивейшая Богиняsorry but

I turned my back for 1 minute and the cat ate your birthday cake.
He says it was delicious and “с днем рождения.”
(‘happy birthday’, as we like to say in Russian ; ) 3 years ago

jimrinHappy Birthday!

Not sure about the taste, but it’s the looks that count, right?

3 years ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Happy Birthday, Legerd!


Best Wishes for A Great Year!3 years ago


I’ve chosen a beautiful spider as your present. Hope you’re having a fabulous day. 3 years ago

Todd SchoonoverHappy Birthday

When I first adopted this birthday goal my mind immediately went to the beautiful artwork of Christopher Conte. Conte used to work as a prosthetist, building prostethic limbs for amputees. In 2008 he abandoned that work to pursue his interest as a sculptor and miniaturist full-time. The photo attached is an example of his steampunk spiders from the Steel Widow series. I’m sure you will agree with me that his creation is both beautiful and a little creepy. Here are my wishes for Legerd for the coming year:

May his creative muses inspire him regularly so that he can write that story for his niece or throw together a proposal for a CBC radio show. May he remember to take his camera with him so that when he encounters something snap-worthy he has his camera with him. And may he met someone here on 43Things that can teach him to play the harmonica. 3 years ago

~ Julie ~Happy Birthday Legerd!

Hope you have a great day and a blessed year of new experiences and and unforgettable moments!!! 3 years ago

SpyrunnerHappy Birthday

I brought this gift for you. Hope you like it. Have a great day. 3 years ago

Wiggum224Happy birthday!

Hope it’s filled with fun and merriment and such! 3 years ago

WaynesworldHappy Birthday, Legerd.

Any birthday twin of bedhead, is worthy of a wonderful celebration, lol! Hope you have a great day. 3 years ago


renewalshTo Legerd - a spidery birthday

My blissful ignorance as to the spider reference notwithsatnding, I am hereby wishing you the very best of birthdays and offer a spidery picture in tribute. 3 years ago

purple_ladyHappy Birthday:)

Hope you a have a fabulous day. 3 years ago

heaveemetalHow about an image...

I would love to see in person?
A Boabab tree in habitat.
One of the unnamed wonders of the world.

Happy Birthday… 3 years ago

MindieselHave a fantastic one. :)

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos3 years ago

Bedhead2Steampunk cake

3 years ago


Happy Birthday Legerd! 3 years ago

blueparkHappy birthday ,dear!

I hope that your special day is a memorable celebration. I hope this new year finds you in the company of friends who inspire you to write and pull out your creativity. I hope you travel, write, and stumble upon many new treasures along the way.
All the best.

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(5finebones.blogspot) 3 years ago


Happy birthday, Legerd :)

Wristcutters—be crooked dammit!
Sleep Isabella, Abney Park
Chita Rivera
Wild Wild West, Will Smith
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9UrMEpy-V0 3 years ago

Bedhead2Lets get this thing started!

Your birthday is just around the corner,

Kyle and Cassidy are here and we’re ready to start the party!

Legerd3 years ago

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