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Become Less Sensitive

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littlelfMy weekend: from happiness to pain in 5 minutes :(

This friday, saturday and sunday I was volunteering at a large sporting event. I was sooo excited… On friday I was assigned the least important job – I thought that was because I was new. On saturday I was assigned the least important job again.

On sunday I was called in, but kept on as an extra :( Amazingly, in the afternoon they suddenly needed 3 extras!!! I was so happy to finally do something. But the boss took my assignment away and gave it to someone else who already had an assignment earlier that day :( I was so upset, I almost wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe that I could make the impression of being so incapable (I don’t think I’m incapable, but what other explanation could there possibly be!?)

I went to watch the event because I didn’t have anything else to do. I got closer to take some pictures… then one of the organizers told me to move out of there because that spot was for real photographers. I know it’s just a stupid volunteering thing and I don’t have to deal with those people ever again, but I’m just suffering for the rest of the day, and I don’t know how to get out of this state. I just want to stay in bed and not do anything :( My only relief is that I didn’t break out crying in front of all of those people. How can little things hurt so much? How do I become less sensitive? :( 4 years ago

krlvnsaI am a sensitive/emotional person...

I’ve always been an emotional person. I get mad, sad, or frustrated, it brings tears to my eyes. Like today, I went to my boss over a concern, and she knows how emotional I can be, so I wrote my feelings down on paper and handed it to her. I was mad about an issue that happened to me at work and I got teared up while she was reading my note. I can’t believe I did that, but its not the first time that has happened. People at work piss me off at times and I go to my boss. Then I get emotional and upset over minor details. She tells me not to cry, but it just comes out. I can’t control it. The tears come naturally when I feel upset and mad. How do I become a stronger person, where I can talk to my boss without getting emotional and/or crying over minor details that I am concerned about. I hate to put my feelings in writing, but its easier for me do that, and then when my boss reads it, I then get teared up and cant’ talk. Afterwards, I feel relief that its off my chest, but maybe its authority or higher up figures that I don’t like addressing situations too. 4 years ago


Just want to become less sensitive and develop tough skin 4 years ago

helloemmaaReally over-sensitive.

The slightest thing can make me feel awful for weeks, even really stupid little things. For example, someone I sold a cd to on eBay recently messaged me saying the cd was scratched and wouldn’t play. Even though they were polite and friendly and I was happy to give them a refund, I felt really guilty and terrible, and was terrified of them giving me negative “feedback” on my eBay page. I’m certain it’s a fear of something to do with how people judge me, but I can’t quite pinpoint what. Even writing this I’m scared of either being critisized or someone I know seeing this. Rationally, I know it’s completely stupid, and while having low self-esteem I actually think I’m a nice person etc, but my sensitive feelings just seem incontrollable. I’m going to try and change them by starting to do small things that scare me slightly, starting with this haha. >.< 5 years ago


stop crying.
please. 7 years ago


when someone can fuck your day up just by saying something – u’re 2 fuckin’ sensitive.
stop being emo, bitch. 7 years ago

nxs1234I need to let things go

I take everything to heart and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Instead of writing/talking to people about what’s bothering me, I bottle it up and then all of the little things roll into one big explosion. My relationship is in jeaopardy and my home life is a mess. I need to take control of things and also learn how to let things go, when to choose my battles. but when someone hurts me, I pullback and I don’t know how to act around them anymore, my boyfriend says I start treating him like a guest in our house. thanks for listening… 7 years ago


i always felt an outsider in social affairs and the object of others’ derision.I want to feel part of many social groups, to have some activity to occupy me physically and increase my self esteem, instead of doing things which i don’t enjoy or thinking, analysing and reflecting.Also, i need to organisemy schedule around my priorities. 8 years ago


I need to stop taking stupid comments from strangers so personally. They don’t care that I’ve been hurt by their indifference to me as a person; they’ll just walk away without giving me another thought. I don’t know why I let it bother me so much, but I keep wondering what I ever did to deserve being treated like that/spoken to in that way, and can’t help but think that maybe I did deserve it. 8 years ago


I want to become less sensitive….or in other words, more mentally tough, because we meet all kinds of people in this world, and not everyone is meant to understand our thoughts, or become our “friend”. We will always meet people who are thoughtless, insensitive, condescending, angry etc etc. Everyone has their own challenges. Some realize them and work on it, others will never change or don’t want to change. I need to learn to listen, and calmly let go of things, and not let it bother me. I don’t want to dwell on things that sap my energy. I also want to always remember that sometimes people make certain comments without realizing its effect. They don’t “mean” to intentionally harm us. Once I learn to let go, I will not only feel more peaceful and centered inside, but can preserve relationships better. 8 years ago

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