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nathanzhangIt's freaketh awesome easy!

and once you start it you’ll be hooked. They shouldn’t call it “running a newspaper”. They should call it crack. 4 years ago


snowing in florida 4 years ago

sunshine936I want to start a small Christain Newspaper

I would like to Start a small Christain Newspaper. This has caught my attention that their are no Christain Newspaper around in my area
I have no experience in starting. Mydaugther has layout experience that she worked for in the early late 90’s. I like to know where to start. Should I start off making it a weekly or monthly? and what’s the possible start up cost. of course this will be home-based. 6 years ago

btb333the life

i love journalism i like to read newspapers so i know i will love to make one 6 years ago


SatelxI did it and built the systems that allow others to do it

In 2004 my partner and I launched the world’s first tabloid to be written entirely by our readers, circulating 35 000 copies monthly – see Of course it took us a good 6-months before we gained the necessary critical mass and interest from our community to contribute. Don’t count on friends and family for this one, even the loudest and most opinionated shy away from a few hundred words and deadlines! So, I sold ads, wrote articles and laid out.
We completely lost our social lives and any sense of normality during those years, working 7-day weeks and often into the early morning hours every day. It was the hardest slog of my life, and I’ve worked in demanding jobs, from child protection officer to business developer in Nepal and a couple of corporate experiments.
The good news is that as we got the formulaes right we took a step back and drew up all the mechanics of how we did business. I took my plans to some angel investors and I have spent the last 2-years working with programmers and other publishers to build what I believe is the world’s best out-of-the-box solution for would-be and professional publishers of newspapers and magazines – I would have loved something like this when I started!
I wish everyone the absolute best in this noble endeavour and would be happy to answer any questions. 6 years ago

daoodobaid1I would like to start a newspaper

I would like to start a newspaper but would like to know where to find grants to fund the paper? 6 years ago

thequestionA newspaper by any other name

This was one of my main goals last year – and I’m happy to say that
actually achieved it! A small, tabloid sized not-for-profit community newspaper. I emphasize the word ‘start’ however, because
I only managed to finish and distribute two issues…. Still, it was fun and educational! 6 years ago

smuasiannewspaperI want to start an on-line publication at my university

I’ve never been involved in a publication before, so I’m trying to figure out what I need to do, what positions I need to fill. I’m aiming right now at the Asian community on campus, but hope by the end of the year that I can create an alliance with the other minority groups/organizations on campus to create a publication geared toward all minorities. 6 years ago


I decided to work with partners because i felt couldn’t do it alone. We chose to start it online first to get to know the churches and community. That way we will have traffic and will bring in Advertisers. Once we are up and running and making a profit we will get it printed. Check it out at 7 years ago

yankeevtI'm going to give up on this goal unfortunately because.....

no one in my neighborhood submitted any news. None. I asked two people to write articles and they did not write them. Really, it’s very sad. People in this neighborhood keep wondering why they are robbed on a continuous basis and part of the reason is because people don’t know each other. They don’t really knows who lives in this neighborhood, which cars are not suppose to be in this neighborhood, etc. The purpose of the neighborhood newspaper was to build a sense of community. I wanted people to get to know each other. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that people do not want to build a sense of community. 7 years ago

yankeevtlack of excitement

So people don’t seem to be excited about my newspaper idea. I asked my neighbor to write a story about birds in this area. He said, “I’ll think about it.” I asked my husband to write a story about the importance of tire pressure and he said, “Huh? Why?” Am I going to have to “generate” news for the first few issues?? Arghhh….. I could do a story on “Dogs of the Neighborhood”. Everybody likes dogs. 7 years ago

yankeevtJust Do It!

Okay…so yesterday I decided to “Just Do It!”

A few weeks ago I published and distrubuted “Neighborhood Alert” regarding crime in our area. But now, I want to start a REAL neighborhood newsletter with GOOD news – people getting married, couples having kids, daughters graduating from college, favorite recipes, older men retiring from 35 years at GE, etc.

Yesterday I drew up a flyer regarding the upcoming neighborhood newsletter and I will distribute it today. (My goal is to get it published by July.) The flyer outlined the reason for the newsletter (fostering a sense of community) and gave people outlines for submitting news. (Guidelines for a news item =100 words or less, tactful, decent and to the point.)

Hopefully, people will be willing to submit news. There has been so much crime in this area that I’m afraid of people taking on a bunker-like “I don’t trust anybody” attitude. I suspect that the first few issues of The Neighborhood Newsletter will be tough sledding and I will have to be patient about people opening up to others. Right now, I’m thinking that the newsletter will be quarterly but that may change.

Wish me luck everybody! 7 years ago

yankeevtnewspaper update

The feedback from the neighborhood has been overwhelmingly positive. Many neighbors said, “Thank you for distributing The Alert.” Apparently, other people were as sick of the crime problem I was, but felt helpless to do anything about it. So right now I’m thinking about continuing The Alert but changing the content of the paper to:

1.) neighborhood news—-who’s retiring, who’s having a baby, who’s graduating from high school
2.) recipes, money saving tips, household hints
3.) possibly having a”Neighbor Of The Month” feature. For example—”Mr. B. has lived on Main Street for the past 25 years. He worked at Company B for 16 years. He enjoys attending church, volunteering, and reading Steven King novels, etc…...”

I’m thinking about making it a regular monthly newspaper. If a crime is committed inbetween regular monthly news issues then maybe I’ll make up an “Emergency Alert.” The whole idea is still evolving. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with it. 7 years ago


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

First Amendment (1791) 7 years ago

yankeevtthe reponse

So far so good. People’s reaction to The Alert has been positive. It sounds like other people in the neighborhood are as fed up with crime as I am. Everybody’s got a theory about who’s committing the crimes. I’m not interested in theories. I’m interested in facts. The Alert will not degenerate into a gossip column. 7 years ago

yankeevtmail man

The mail man just delivered the mail. I confessed to my crime. He was totally cool with it and even gave me some “heads up” about what’s happening in the neighborhood in terms of crime. He did confirm that placing newsletters in the mail box IS a Federal offense because mail boxes are Federal property. I apologized profusely and promised to never do it again. 7 years ago

yankeevtfederal offense

So my neighbor just called to inform me that placing The Alert in people’s mail boxes is a federal offense. Things are NOT starting off on a positive note. 7 years ago

yankeevtgit er dun

The Alert was distributed this afternoon. I went from door to door and put it in people’s mailboxes. Reuters and AP…watch out! I may be the next media empire. 7 years ago

yankeevtGoal Achieved! Paper ready for distribution

So this afternoon I worked on a Neighborhood Alert newsletter. It’s two pages long and printed on haz mat orange paper. (Having a high impact is of the utmost importance). Basically, the purpose of the Alert is to inform neighbors of the recent robberies in our area. The Alert included the police reports of the actual robberies, homes security tips, the M.O. of these robbers, and my contact information. (I also quoted the First Amendment in the Alert.) I need to contact Mr. B and M. and let them know that the Alert is published and ready to be distributed. Hopefully, the Alert will deter future robberies. Long live freedom of the press. 7 years ago

yankeevtChange in plans

So originally I was thinking of a family and friends type newspaper with recipes and money saving ideas, but my plans have changed. Recently, in our quaint little slice of suburbia there have been several robberies. My new idea is to start a neighborhood type newspaper to inform people about the crime wave that has struck our part of Fantasia. After speaking with a few other next door neighbors we have decided that I will draw up the contents of the newspaper and they will distribute it. 7 years ago


My idea (right now anyway) is to start a family or small community newspaper. The paper would focus on money saving tips, recipes, etc. Sort of like Martha Stewart’s “Living” for thrifty, middle class people. I want the newspaper to be in print (and not on the internet) so my grandparents and my elderly next door neighbor can take part and feel included. They do not have internet access. 7 years ago

wwjdn2006Any Advice would be nice

I’m a graphic designer and I would really like to start a faith-based newspaper. I have read a lot of stories about how people had little to no money and start a newspaper. That is what I would like to do. I was thinking i could contact the local Churches and get them involved. 7 years ago

newbooksmellif you don't have anything nice to write...

i started an underground newspaper with a friend in high school and i got expelled for it. beware the power of the press. 7 years ago

jpc518JPC's plan!

To be honest, I have a little experience in publishing since I have been somewhat involved in newspapers and magazines for some 10 years. Be it, high school, college, and of course now, I work for a newspaper where I work as a Traffic Manager.

I have always dreamed about one day running my own paper. Sometimes I think Ive fooled myself into seeing everyday things as signs that I should start my own paper. For some reason though, I always talk myself out of doing this. Maybe out of fear, or what… I dont know….

I have done a few planning though. Every day while I battle the freeways, I daydream as to how I would go about starting my paper.

This is my plan:

1. Quit my job when I am certain that I can live 3 months without a paycheck. I’ll give a month to prepare the office.

2. WEEK ONE—Organize my thoughts. Prepare my workspace to produce the paper. Start looking for printers. Will check the local web printers owned by the dailies, but I know for a fact that there are the “mom and pop” web printers that can do my print job at half price with equal, if not better, printing results. By the end of the week I will calculate the costs to print and see what might best fit me. Also by the end of the week I need to decide who I will go with.

3. WEEK TWO—Start building the rates creating a rate sheet and collecting the materials to put together a media kit which explains the company and the market for the advertisers. Begin recruiting a sales team. Organizing a decent sales team will take a while so building the sales team will go from week two to four.

4. WEEK THREE—Start finding distribution sites while trying to get the initial advertisers. Start meeting with the sales team to plan out strategies for selling ad space to local businesses. Schedule first publication date.

5. WEEK FOUR—start getting content (wires) and get ready to PUBLISH…. 7 years ago

Jim SuttonI started a newspaper with no experience, no money, no training.

On June 1st of 1994 I gave a 30 day notice at my job. I was planning to start a newspaper that would cover three small towns plus neighboring communities and also included two school districts.

All I had, really, was a desire. I had no money in the bank, no experience, no training. I knew virtually nothing about how newspapers were run. We had a couple of decent cameras, but nothing special. I had a tiny computer system. (Anyone remember the 386SX?) I had a small Okidata laser printer that could emulate 600 dpi. I had CorelDraw and Aldus PageMaker (before Adobe bought it).

The day I walked out of my house, in the first week of July, to seel my first ads, I was scared. I had worked up some very basic pricing, but had never sold space for any kind of publication. I simply visited with area businesses and and they liked what I was selling. In another week or so we had our first issue of a tabloid-sized newspaper to deliver.

Everyone liked the paper. That made the next issue easier, since we had good word-of-mouth advertising to go with my efforts. And we started reporting local events, accomplishments, and local high school sports. We always inlcluded lots of pictures of local kids.

It became more and more fun to produce the newspaper. The only problem was that I and my wife did just about everything. That was ok, except that it stunted our ability to grow very much. Plus, our area (Western Montana) also made it costly to expand very much. After about a year and a half, we closed the paper down, allowing a nearby paper to take our area.

That was some years ago. And I am wanting to do the whole thing again, with a few minor changes. I have posted what we learned from our experiences on a website ( for anyone wanting to start a paper.

It’s important to be sure you have enough business to support the paper with ads. It’s important to have the support of local people. It’s important to hold quality very high in all areas of your endeavor. And it’s important to have lots of fun doing what you do everyday. We greatly enjoyed our work, and everyone appreciated our efforts. That made it great fun.

I think it is worth the effort to produce a local paper, to give the community a voice (their own voice in print), and to help local businesses get the word out about their products and services. 8 years ago

stonez224Determined editor seeks info

I’ve always wanted to start my own newspaper so I was wondering how I would go about that. If anyone can give me some information, like whats a good cheap printer and all the other things I need to know. Thanks a lot. 8 years ago


I give up 8 years ago


I’m in pre-production of a free newspaper. I have already had to upgrade my computer (I should have done this about a year ago) and i’m scraping by with money to get this done. I bartend at night to pay my bills, I really don’t know what the next step is. I have a lot of friends that are helping me with the making of the paper but i have no content. My paper is going to be about local music , movies, lifestyle etc.. any insight would be helpfull . I want to know how you made it and how i can too. 8 years ago

franchescapA question

is there a software to guide me on the layout of a newspaper. 9 years ago

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