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kibbutzingaroundDespair has really been keeping me down.

I feel a little better this morning, though – I think my prayers over the last few days are being answered with a “yes.”

So, the first thing I’m going to do is edit my to-do list, followed by all that basic physical make-myself-presentable stuff. Let’s see if I can just do that before I let anything else distract me. 3 years ago

kibbutzingaroundOddly I tend to get obsessive about therapy assignments.

I actually know exactly why this happens; I’ve never been satisfied with my life and tend to feel that I don’t have a moment to spare; I need to do whatever I can to change my life now.

So I’m about to dive in and do a certain part of a therapy assignment and leave the rest undone for right now.

Wish me luck. 3 years ago

kibbutzingaroundHistorically, I have two modes.

In one totally unsustainable mode, you could not stop me unless you physically restrained me, probably with some sort of equipment borrowed from the local corrections department.

In the other completely fruitless mode, you could not motivate me to get anything done with a million dollars, and moreover I would assume you were lying to me and resent you for it if you tried.

I need to develop a third mode. 3 years ago

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