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Eliza MarieYear 2013 Review, Updates and Plans for the Future

Review: I haven’t really been doing this. But I think its not really the “unpacking” that I really need to get working on. This is more of an organizing and cleaning out my garage goal.

With that said, I am quitting this goal. This is no longer relevant to me. Yes, it something that continues to be need to be done. But it doesn’t quite fit the goal as it once was said. I need to spend more time with just cleaning and organizing in general.

So… I am going to add a new goal and delete this one. I want to clean out my garage (well clean and organize) 3 months ago

srrojas 16 months ago

Amy AI plan on

going through the last few boxes this weekend and culling some items. We seen to keep adding things to the house…but not getting rid of a similar number of items. I feel a bit overwhelmed by how much my household had grown in possessions since both my kids moved here. I want to keep it down and need to take care of some of that this weekend. :-) 6 months ago

JenEm95 6 months ago

healinggraces 7 months ago

Megan 12 months ago


This is basically done. There is still a lot of stuff in the garage, but it doesn’t really need to be unpacked, just organized. 7 months ago

writing to reach you 8 months ago

writing to reach youIn the

end this didn’t even take as long as I’d feared it might. I simply had to focus on the job at hand. I’m really relieved this is done. 8 months ago

Eliza MarieHalf Year Update

okay, its a little over half a year. I have been working on things but.. I have not been doing as much as I should have been doing. I really need to clean out the garage enough so that I can park my car in it.

1. Continue to spend every other Sunday working on the garage
2. Continue working on decluttering the rest of the house so that things have a home
3. Move out the furniture in the garage
4. Paint the garage 8 months ago

Eliza MarieGrandmother's Crafts

I was given crafting supplies from my grandmother’s house which sat in my garage for a while. (Like a few months). I know this doesn’t originate with the original packing of products for me to unpack since we moved to the house, but… it was part of the garage that I must clean ..

I have a ways to go, but I have been decluttering objects appropriately, which takes some time. I need to keep at it though. 8 months ago

Amy AOk...we have been here nearlya month

and we are only going to live in this place for a year. A friend of mine owns it, she moved into a house (her golden girls house with another friend of ours) and the market value of her condo is still to low for her to make a profit on the sale (or not “enough” profit for her to feel it’s the right time to sell currently). So, we are living here for one year, and no option to renew, she’s going to sell when we move out next summer (June).

I still haven’t finished unpacking. Part of the reason is that I need two more bookcases, but don’t have the funds currently to purchase them.

So, this goal is to put a focus on finishing unpacking and packing up the items that can’t be unpacked or get rid of some of the items if they are no longer needed.

This will help facilitate the get rid of another 43 things goal that I have on the list as well.

I do have to admit, I doubled the number of items I had when my daughter moved in with me last summer…and now that I have gotten custody of my son, I have probably doubled it again…I don’t get how one person doubles (or more) the amount of items one owns…it’s crazy!

Anyway…the goal is to get the rest of the stuff packed (and condensed where possible), until bookshelves are an obtainable.

I also want to do a thorough cull (even though we purged a LOT of stuff when we moved, I feel it can be culled a bit more) and really reduce the amount of stuff we own. :-)

Once that is done, then I will make a goal of only owning stuff that is comfortable and necessary…no more accepting items from friends because it’ll do “for now” until I can afford what I want. I have a condo full of furniture right now that I don’t really like or want because it’s what I received from well meaning friends out of their personal items that they either didn’t want anymore (and a lot of it isn’t in great shape) or felt obligated to offer knowing we were in need. 8 months ago

Amy A 8 months ago

srrojasBooks Books Books

Finally got around to unpacking my boxes of books that were in the basement – I now have a pile of “to-donate” books that I have to actually do something with now. There is still a full bookcase at my parents house that I have to take at some point – once I do that I’ll consider this done. (The rest of the boxes downstairs aren’t mine, that’s his problem!) 9 months ago

Eliza MarieSchool Stuff

Well, this past month I have been slowly working on organizing my life. Which of course takes forever! Anyway, I went through my nursing school binders (my notes, powerpoints, essays and assignments) and well I weeded out most of the paperwork. I had a hard time getting rid of it all (I know I can look a lot of the information up online but, as a nerd, its hard to get rid of your notes).

This isn’t much progress, but, it’s some. Which I can only be happy about a little bit at a time. I still have the books and well everything else to go through. It’s a lot of work! A bit overwhelming at times.

But I am going to work on this slowly but surely. 11 months ago

idahodebra 11 months ago


This has been a rough one for us. We are having a storage issue. Just not enough room for all our stuff. So its just staying in boxes. We are slowing making progress though. Here are the sub projects to this one.

-boxes sitting in kitchen
-desk area
-empty boxes in garage
-Alexis’ closet
-boxes in garage 11 months ago

The Hermit 22 months ago

aubreyandjosh 15 months ago

Eliza Marie2013

2012: I am no where near reaching this goal, which is very frustrating, I want to work on it but most of the time I lack motivation to do so. It still needs to get done though

1. Work in the garage every other Sunday
2. spend time organizing other areas of the house so that I can find homes for whats in the garage
3. Donate whatever needs to be donating
4. Figure out what I am going to do with my old school stuff 15 months ago

srrojasPretty Behind

We moved in at the end of March and still have boxes of stuff in the basement; mostly my books. If I’m going to be here for a few years I might as well make the house look like I actually live in it, because right now it just looks like we’re squatters. 16 months ago

_FloatingPoint 17 months ago

_FloatingPointthe books, the books....

but the books aren’t the worst of it. What is all this… matter? Why do we own this stuff?

At one point, I counted 124 boxes left to unpack. Then we brought over some more. Time for a new count, if only to assure myself that there are a finite, countable number of boxes.

I see 52. There is one more in my car, so 53. That’s still a lot! 17 months ago

Eliza MarieUPDATE

I have to admit that i haven’t done anything for this goal in forever! I constantly say i have to clean and declutter but i never fully do so. i keep bringing things into the house and don’t have a good way of organizing things. that’s my worst thing is the lack of organizational skills.

1. set up at least one Sunday a month to do this(schedule it into the calender)
2. spend some of my 15 min quick clean time in the garage (so i can try to get some of the random junk out) 18 months ago

Gearhead_Shem_Tov 6 years ago

Gearhead_Shem_TovDone ... mostly

I am chagrined to see how long ago I set this goal. Well, it was as achieved as it’s ever going to get three or four years ago. In fact, we’ll probably have to move sometime in the middle of next year, so I’ll have to pack things back up. 18 months ago

Emily Benson 19 months ago

Nicole F

The HermitMoved a month ago, still so much to do...

No more excuses.

1 – Put books on bookshelf
2 – organize wardrobe
3 – stuff to go can be gathered into one or two boxes 22 months ago

Ruth Verner 2 years ago

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