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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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1) Adjudicated a festival today, and heard some really beautiful singing.

2) The Man and I went out to a wine bar last night to see a friend of mine play. He had beer, I had champagne, we shared a Spanish cheese plate, and got to have some nice conversation in a new place.

3) Ice cream sandwiches!

4) When the drunk frat assholes woke me up last night at 3:00a with their hooliganry, the Man came in and petted my back till I went back to sleep.

5) A quiet day in – tomorrow the Easter madness begins. 14 minutes ago

PonyoApril 16, 2014 #204

  • Snow melted
  • Marshall’s trip
  • New scooter and helmet for A
  • Kefir 1 hour ago

themartaDay 31

After the snow melted I noticed that the grass is really’ really green :)
Heard from mom. She is enjoying Taiwan now.

The thing that made me the most happy today is noticing that my horse is less stiff than she has been recently . I noticed about 2 weeks ago that she is compensating on one side and is not to happy to move faster than a walk. It had me worried. I was trying to figure out where the pain was but it’s not easy sometimes…it’s nothing obvious. Well…today she looked better :) 1 hour ago

flo76thesecond 4 hours ago

Ru ~ dig deeperPink monkeys and purple ceilings

Retroactive happiness…

January 10, 2014

  • I woke late, but we made it out the door in time – thanks, eggo.
  • I enjoyed the rain today – refreshing in the morning and soothing at night.
  • I made it though the stormy, stormy weather to meet-up with dozens of lovely people celebrating the birthday of a dear friend. We went to a new-to-me Ethiopian restaurant for delicious, spicy, food (scooped up with fresh injera) and goblets of honey wine. I saw old friends and made new ones and the birthday girl was giddy and gorgeous in polka dots.
  • Laughter, laughter, laughter. And the creepy mime (for which there was no logical explanation) wasn’t seated at our table.
  • A ride home through the wet, dark night to relax with the family. 5 hours ago

Jana ;)Day 20 - 16. 4. 2014

I was happy because:
  • listen to many TED talks.. very inspiring
  • I made 2 illustration.
  • I talk to my roomate about cleaning ;)

I definately was better than yesterday :) 8 hours ago

ElzaAApril 15 Day- 230

• Lunch
• 3 lessons
• It’s sunny
• Doing research 11 hours ago

danidee2715 April

15 April 2014

Sweet doggies to play with.
Lots of time to read on a stormy afternoon.
A special phone call.
Resisting temptation to eat everything in sight.
A productive hour in the evening.
50 entries on here! Many more days within them. 14 hours ago

ButterflyApril 16th 2014

  • Nice compliments from Chris. 18 hours ago

ButterflyApril 15th 2014

  • Finding my wedding dress!!! 18 hours ago

ButterflyApril 14th 2014

  • Finding a recipe online for carrot cake chocolate chunk breakfast cookies. I’m getting fed up with bacon & eggs. 18 hours ago

AvittorioTuesday, April 15, 2014

  • My best friend arrived in town for a 3 day visit
  • lunch with my luchie, christine, mila, bruce and nathan at juns korean restaurant
  • the company continues to recognize our hard work with ice cream cookie sandwiches.
  • after work, hung out with my best friends.
  • full moon on a clear night 21 hours ago

AvittorioMonday, April 14, 2014

  • David Gilmour
  • having focus on my work
  • thai dinner with bruce
  • i enjoy sunsets but they always make me melancholy 21 hours ago


I have really great friends. 22 hours ago


He’s not positive yet, but Robert might spend Easter with us. Love that he’s comfortable enough to spend holidays with us. Our relationship has moved so slowly, so little things like that seem like huge milestones for us. 22 hours ago


Both Nikki and I have interviews this week. Fingers crossed that we both get what we want. 22 hours ago


Had a blast at the rodeo. Realized that Nadia has never been to one before. Time to start doing those thing with her before it’s too late. 22 hours ago

Peanut007April 15, 2014

  • Morning cuddles and purrs from the cat.
  • Helping DS with tearing and sponge painting his seasons crafts.
  • Being focused on HS.
  • Having a plan.
  • Watching TV with DD ‘Road to Avonlea’
  • A walk in the snow-rain it was sticking to me like snow, but pouring and running in the street, and smelling like rain
  • Cuddling DS while he fell asleep. 1 day ago

themartaDay 30

The weather turned very nasty again. Woke up to snow covered ground and bitter cold temperatures….that is not the happy part. What makes me happy though, is the thought that this has to be one of the last cold days this season. It has to get warmer from here on…it just has to ;) 1 day ago

PonyoApril 15, 2014 #203

  • Bag of books from library
  • Last day of A’s school
  • Trees are blooming
  • Having nice friend

Picture- Dariusz Klimczak 1 day ago

Aloha50Feeling optimistic today

Feeling great that my son is in Maryland in training for 3 months. Hoping that he passes all of his classes. What a fantastic opportunity he has.

Woke up feeling really good and to the smell of my BF making breakfast. He packed it up for me with a note that said “enjoy your breakfast made with love.”

Was taken out to lunch today and heard many good things about my work performance. I’m getting more comfortable now since it’s been 3 months that I have been on this temp work assignment. Instead of looking at it as a negative, I’m feeling lucky that the people who are here are very nice, and fun to talk to. We are all working hard. Great team!

Enjoyed a make-up clinging hug after a blow-up argument with my BF. Sometimes it’s necessary to get it out in the air. 1 day ago

Ru ~ dig deeperBlue glitter on a gray day

Retroactive happiness…

January 9, 2014

  • A chilly, rainy day. Feeling lousy (a cold on the horizon? I had to cancel my blood donation), but pulling on a warm sweater and bright boots (a present from M) and taking a long walk helped.
  • Homemade teddy bear sugar cookies.
  • Quiet library time and a movie binge.
  • First-time potty success for Iris (yay!)
  • Punchbuggy GREEN! 1 day ago

ElzaAApril 14 Day- 229

• Pretty good weather
• Doing well in school
• Practising guitar 1 day ago

Jana ;)Day 19 - 15. 4. 2014

I didn’t have a good day today :(. But purpose of this goal is to find at least one thing.. and in the end it should have positive effect. Right.. Thinking hard..

  • My tomatos are growing
  • I made 3 illustration

This goal hurt today.. :( 1 day ago

JessicaDay 21 - 4/14/14

  • One day until my boyfriend gets off this ship!
  • Getting kicked out of homework club for random bursts of singing.
  • Graham doing the Macarena while hula hooping.
  • Going to the gym twice! 1 day ago

JessicaDay 20 - 4/13/2014

  • My sister and nieces at church with me.
  • 2 days until my boyfriend gets off the ship! 1 day ago

JessicaDay 19 - 4/12/2014

  • Color Me Mine with my nieces.
  • 3 more days until my boyfriend is off the ship!
  • 10.5 miles!!! 2 weeks until the half marathon! 1 day ago

WiredN 1 day ago


1) My first day of vacation!

2) Got a run in today with the Man.

3) Downloaded an app to begin my marathon training this week, and ordered my new GPS watch from Amazon. Half-marathon in less than a month! >.<

4) Got lots of errands done today, and enjoyed being a bit lazy as well.

5) Also have a day off tomorrow, which means I got to catch the lunar eclipse this evening. (Were it a worknight, I’d have conked out long ago.) 1 day ago

Peanut007April 14, 2014

  • My Dr. never rushes me.
  • Happy chatting and being silly with my hairdresser.
  • Lovely, freshly tidied eyebrows.
  • Helping DS write about Winter and Spring.
  • Chocolate milk
  • Knowing someones watching out for me RD
  • Interesting internet articles Tetrad. Also Disney Fan Theories.
  • Picking up a new book. ‘Summer Friends’ by Holly Chamberlin
  • My pharmacist is always so friendly.
  • My Bed I’m SO sleepy1 day ago

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