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become able to survive on my own with my kids


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Kimberleighpaintsdecision set in motion

it has been almost 2 weeks since I told my husband I wanted a separation…he hasnt accepted yet but I feel freer.. The sooner I can move on the better…it will be a battle with him I know and I am sourcing a good lawyer as I will need it…until the end of june we have agreed to not say anything to kids.. for me it was to let them enjoy the remainder of school without the added stress of a move or anything, for him he hopes to convince me to stay I think..but I cant I dont want to…I need to be happy and it isnt happening here… 2 years ago


this is rapidly becoming more real. My hours at work are exponentially increasing..Once school is finished I can get more hours than I will know what to do with.
It wont be anywhere near the income my husband has but it is still a good income :) 3 years ago

KimberleighpaintsFindin strentgh

I feel so much more sure of myself lately abd my ability to succeed….

Taking steps to ensure this goal is meant in due time. 3 years ago

Kimberleighpaintsthis has

suddenly become far more important.. :(
I am thinking it is time for me to make a tough decision soon, and it will impact alot of people 3 years ago


I began working today, still going to school too, trying to find balance 3 years ago

KimberleighpaintsToday is the day

I start school today…. I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to have something that is mine alone…to be able to be out with other adults learning… I can’t wait!!!! It is exciting to know when I am done this program I will be able to work for significantly more than minimum wage at a career where I am helping people, I am hoping to eventually be able to bridge from this career into nursing so it is a new beginning of a lifetime for me after being home for almost 13 years with the kids!!!! 3 years ago

KimberleighpaintsPaid tuition

All paid, waiting for police check which will be fine, never even had a speeding tivket before…

So excited For September, I even got paper work to complete my diploma fir high school 3 years ago


I go to pay fir my course and get the criminal check paperwork started… Can’t wait to get started on this journey!!!!! 3 years ago

Kimberleighpaintsin progress

I have begun this process, I put the deposit down on my school course on Friday. Then go back to school after 15 years in September..Scary, yes, but thrilling as well…I love learning and I can’t wait to be working in a capacity where I can help and make a real difference 3 years ago

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