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How to Keep a Journal

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Need to start! 2 days ago

Likikilalrula 5 days ago

user1396849235 1 week ago


I didn’t manage to hit my target of writing daily during the month of March, so I am going to extend this goal to the end of April, and have a check-in then.

I am also going to extend the definition of ‘journaling’ to include any entries I make on Wordpress, and any entries I make in my intuitive eating hardcopy diary. As mentioned, adding entries to goals on here will also count as journaling. 2 weeks ago

Kimberly McCleary 3 weeks ago

larisa320 3 weeks ago


I started keeping a journal three days ago, and so far I’m doing goof. A couple of pages every day and I’m enjoying myself. I think it’s very good to write about your feelings in stead of cropping them up. 3 weeks ago

Gellous 5 years ago

30minutenovel 4 weeks ago

manderson_088 4 weeks ago

itsruby 4 weeks ago

akshaysth 4 weeks ago

cooben88 1 month ago

imnangel 1 month ago

Verova 1 month ago

catmilk 1 month ago

lapland 1 month ago

ty_99 10 months ago

kkatharina 1 month ago

seminarysarah 1 month ago

rfrankmartin 1 month ago

starsoverglasgowA daily habit

This is one of my most important goals, because I use my journal to reflect on what is happening in my day to day life, and also to provide direction for my goal setting behaviour. It gives me an opportunity to ‘ground’ myself and make concrete plans for moving forwards. So, I want to put 100% effort into achieving this goal. Most of the time, I will be writing my journal at night, normally before I go to my bed. This is simply because it is easier for me to carve out a slice of time to reflect then. However, one of my goals is to create a morning routine, and I think it will be possible to start journaling before I go to work/out for the day. I will play it by ear.

The important thing for me is to journal EVERY day. Not some days, or most days, but every day. Even if it is only for a few paragraphs, I think the grounding nature of journaling is very important. For the purposes of this goal, I am going to define ‘journaling’ as both the physical practice of writing in my journal file on the computer, and adding entries to goals here on 43 Things. Both will ‘count’ towards my daily journaling goal.

I will consider this goal met if I manage to sustain a journaling habit for over 30 days. So, on the 22nd March 2014 (my birthday, in case you were wondering why everything has a time limit set to the 22nd March!)I will look back and see if I have been journaling daily. If not, I will extend the goal timeframe another 30 days and schedule time to appraise the situation at the end of it. 2 months ago

CesDarling 2 months ago

amazingwundergirl 2 months ago

Sajidkhan Munshi 2 months ago

stellartellar 2 months ago

tarsylia 2 months ago

MadcapMotel 2 months ago

lilarb30 2 months ago


This has been really wonderful software for me—I transcribe frequently from a paper journal, but find this a wonderful index for archiving all my entries and tagging everything. It comes with a lot of prompts, customizable tracking graphs, and other tools as well.

I’m thrilled to be back into journaling, especially with a lot of emotional stuff going on in my life right now. 2 months ago

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