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Eat, drink, learn, or try something new

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SonyI give up!

I know I am doing this… but I am terrible at tracking it here. So I might as well use the space for something else! 1 month ago

Sony#3: Rooibos Spice Tea

I was gifted a box of various flavours of Lipton Tea today and I tried Rooibos Spice Tea. Loved it! It tasted so much like the Masala Chai (India). 2 months ago

Sony#2: Swimming

I learned how to swim… well almost! I can swim a bit now. More practise required. 2 months ago

Sony#1: KIVA loan

I got to know about Kiva through Spatz on 43T.

Some links about it:

More about it later…3 months ago

SonyWhat? Why? How? When?

What does this goal mean to me?

I want to get out there and have new experiences.

I tend to wait for something tragic to happen in my life to wake up and realise that time has fleeted away. It was in my most painful moment I took a “break” from life and went travelling, skydiving and scuba diving. May be I didn’t care what happened next… or may be I did and hence my actions!

I want to change all that remind myself to try out new things and expand my horizon.

Why will I want to do this?

Life is too short to stick to a routine or be stuck in a rut!

How do I plan to progress with this?

Just do it!

When do I check this off?

When I have eaten/drunk/learned/tried/done at least 300 things I have never done before in my life. 3 months ago

Sony 2 years ago


Loved Nuremberg sausages, with beer ;-) 6 months ago

march7 2 years ago


While visiting relatives in France, I tried duck meat (loved it!)and some different kinds of cheese. The most delicious was mimolette! Outstanding!
Oh, and cider! :-) 9 months ago

CassieJaye 2 years ago

user40301 18 months ago

Dawn Bissonette

gitana17 18 months ago

Dawn Bissonette 3 years ago


I tried some of Jordanian food. I’ll find the names of those… Sweets are delicious! :-) 20 months ago

britgirlabroadNew things

I have done a lot of new things since the last time I was on here.

- I treated myself to a facial which I had never done. It was really relaxing and I have decided to get one done every day
- I was taken to a spa by my boyfriend on my birthday and loved it so I will be doing more couple things with him that are spa related
- We went to eat dinner in the dark at dans le noir, a restaurant where your waiter is blind and you are served food in the dark 20 months ago

BARBiiEFOLLE 3 years ago


Well, I was looking through the frozen vegetarian food section at a grocery store, and I noticed these vegetarian ‘chicken’ and ‘beef’ patties from Morningstar Farms. I decided to grab a box of each, and they were absolutely delicious! They tasted exactly like their meat counterparts, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating meat. I plan on trying more food from their brand! 23 months ago

Caley 2 years ago

gaabilc 2 years ago

cherrylaysAlmost first half of the year of feasts

So far I have tried:
-sample of McD’s Shamrock shake
-BK veggie burger
-veggie dogs
-pita pit
-‘hot fish’
-sweet n’ sour chicken
-bunch of other things that can’t come to my mind. 2 years ago

cherrylays 2 years ago


I ordered a shirley temple at a restaurant I went to recently. I have always wanted to try one, and I can say I finally did. It was totally worth it because I absolutely love them now. 2 years ago

foreverbows 2 years ago

rosadejulio 2 years ago

LaDawn McGinnisshark! & escargots!

While on my first cruise, I had the opportunity to try some be fiords, and experiences, buy since I’m typing from my phone, I’ll just talk about the food (not a ton of detail, though, sorry!). Shark is delicious, escargots is disgusting. I’m a texture person and escargots is rubbery and should never be put in your mouth…. Ever! If you want something to chew on, I’d recommend gum or a dog toy. Also, lamb is horrible. 2 years ago

LaDawn McGinnis 2 years ago

SoCalledChaos86I'm being cultural!

I’ve been to 3 great art exhibitions in London recently – David Hockney, Lucien Freud and Cecil Beaton :) I loved them all and I’m going to a special event night at the V&A tomorrow… lots of great new experiences :) 2 years ago


I made a piece of paper following some instructions I’d found on YouTube. I think it turned out fine, but it can be much better. I’ve been collecting paper I would normally throw away. :) 2 years ago

N Carine 2 years ago

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