Get promoted to Staff Sgt.

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Straha 3 years ago

Straha"completed 01 september 2012"

The paperwork is complete, and I put on my E6 rank today. Finally, after a lot of work I am a Staff Sergeant. In addition, one of my good friends received an Army Achievement Medal at the same ceremony.

It is great to be recognized, and even better when it happens when a peer is also recognized for his/her hard work. 19 months ago

Straha"no motion"

So it is August 11th, and I am still waiting for a new unit with an E6 slot. There is no word on what is going on with my paperwork, except to say it is being processed. Trouble is, others who went through the same promotion board are already wearing their new rank.

My Sergeant Major is looking into it to see what the holdup is, and my First Sergeant is also starting to raise a fuss. They are moving on it because I am preassuring them (and I am a lowly Sergeant, but I do have some pull).

Very frustrating, but what can you do? I was getting pissed earlier tonight, but I called my wife. She talked me through it, and it helped. My wife is an Angel. If every soldier (deployed or not) had a wife as wonderful as mine, the Army would be a better place. 20 months ago


So I was boarded and am SGT promotable, but the paperwork from the board is all fucked up. So now I am waiting for the board to unfuck the paperwork, and send out the promotions.

The short of it is, I picked up my E6 in June, but won’t pin it on until September.

When I was in the Marine Corps I heard how shitty the Army treats its people, and having been here first hand, I now know it is true.

For all you would be soldiers out there, join the Marine Corps. 21 months ago

Straha"2 weeks"

So the board met, and I was selected. All I am waiting on is the paperwork, then I’ll pin on my E6. In addition, I’ll also be promoted to Team Sergeant.

My team is currently enjoying a lot of success, and we’re in a very kinetic area. However, we have everything “locked down,” and my Commanding Officer wants to rotate soldiers out here for more Civil Affairs experience.

It is a compliment to my team, and a little bit humbling. I feel proud of what we have accomplished so far, and want to keep working up until we leave in August. 22 months ago

Straha"pushed forward"

My promotion packet has been pushed forward by my Company Command, which means I should hear something in the next couple of weeks. In my packet I agreed to go to a Training Unit (instructor slot) or a Drill Sergeant Unit (self explanatory).

In any case, once I make SSG I am moving forward to make SFC as soon as possible. I am signed up for ALC for the summer (via computer) and then signed up for ALC MOS course this November. In addition, I’m wait listed for the Combat Medic course (68 Whiskey) in January.

After that, I’ll reset my military career goals to coincide with my civilian career goals. 23 months ago

StrahaJanuary to June

The packet is done, and will be pushed for the May board. I have the points and am currently deployed, so it is a lock for June.

Can’t wait to take this off the list. 2 years ago

Straha"Fort Dix"

So I’m now mobilizing, and that means filling out/updating my promotion package. With luck, I should promote in January. 2 years ago

Straha"the packet"

I need to sit down tonight and fill out my promotion packet. It is basically a list of stuff that explains why I am cool enough to be promoted. I received a Army Achievement Medal at NTC last month, so that should improve my cool factor.

Anyway, once this is done the wheels are then in motion. 2 years ago

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