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Theskysthelimit1976 3 years ago

Jenny 3 years ago

newsurfiegirl 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby3Why log my books?

Reading is one of my passions. I find that as the year goes by trying to re-read or remember something from a book gets harder. By logging the title & author, I can generally revisit it.

It also gives me the information I get asked – “How many books do you read?” I only track completed books & that means many books, mostly non-fiction do not get recorded. But at least I have a number that I can tell people when they ask. :D

Tracking what I read also gives me an insight into myself. I can track life happenings, moods and dreams/goals based on my reading. If I ever finish the pile of non-fiction books I have been slowly working through the last few months, it would be obvious I had a new puppy.

Medically this year, based on my reading log I was able to tell the eye doctor how long my eyes had been bothering me. The more issues my eyes had been giving me, the less books, less time able to read, and bigger font I had been reading.

My only regret is all the years I did not log. 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby3 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby357) Give Me - A Tale of Wyrd and Fae - LK Rigel

A light tale of an alternate Cornwall. As that was one of my favorite places in England last Spring It turned out to be more of a romance then expected, but I enjoyed it. A sequel is due out soon & I will read it too! 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby356) A Family Reunion - Rod Pennington

Eastern religion mixed with a family of assassins. It was an amusing read & I will pick up the next in the series when it comes out! 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby355) The Gathering Darkness - Rod Pennington & Jeffery A. Martin

The next installment in this new age thriller. A good read, it kept me interested & it made me think. ;) 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby354) The Fourth Awakening - Rod Pennington & Jeffery A. Martin

A spiritual awakening book filled with quotes. I would call it an adventure, spiritual tale, reminding me of the Celestine Prophecy with more action & a bit less preachy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will read the next in the series.

The most important factor is that I READ IT! After months of not being able to read a book start to finish, I did it. The kindle enabled me to read again! :D 2 years ago


The Girl In the Picture ~ Judi Young 2 years ago


Secrets of Cancer Survivors ~ Elizabeth Gould 2 years ago


Becky and the Worry Cup Wendy S. Harpham 2 years ago

newsurfiegirlI think I have missed a few :0(

but here is one of the latest ones

Dear Eddie By Danny Russell 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby353) Horrible Histories: The Cut-Throat Celts by Terry Deary

A nice little book that gives a version of Celtic history that was entertaining. It comes complete with funny comics & jokes. Written for kids, it is an amusing book with an emphasis on gory bits, sure to please a child. I will be reading more! 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby353) Horrible Histories: The Cut-Throat Celts by Terry Deary

A nice little book that gives a version of Celtic history that was entertaining. It comes complete with funny comics & jokes. Written for kids, it is an amusing book with an emphasis on gory bits, sure to please a child. I will be reading more! 2 years ago

DixieHaigh 2 years ago

Flutterbyflyby352) Autobiography of a Fat Bride; True Tales of a Pretend Adulthood - Laurie Notaro

Another funny collection of essays by Laurie Notaro. In this book she gets married and shares stories of her nuptials and early married life. I laughed out loud a few times, a good book. :) 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby351) The Servant's Tale - Margaret Frazer

This tale introduces the players, who eventually get their own series. It was interesting to see the changes that evolved. The original characters were a bit different from what they eventually evolved into. 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby350) The Novice's Tale - Margaret Frazer

First in the Sister Frevisse mysteries. I read the first couple at least 6 years ago. Mom has been reading the entire series since the end of April. I figure since all of them are around & she is on her last one I might as well read & re-read. A lot of them are on her nook, so this entails a nook swap.

A good read, but hard to get into at first, partially because I have read it before. Once I got going it read much faster. 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby349) The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club - Laurie Notaro

I woke my deaf mom. Okay, she’s not deaf, but her hearing aids were out & she sleeps like a log. This book had some extremely funny bits. I was laughing so hard, she thought I was in distress. I had to quit reading so she could sleep undisturbed.

Laurie is irreverent, sarcastic and I like that in a person & book! There are some really stupid incidents in this book, and I recognized some of them from my life and those of my friends.

I tried to explain the humor of a QVC addicted mother buying strange gifts, my QVC addicted Mom who buys random, “useful” QVC gifts regularly didn’t get it. Of course the woman who never grills did get herself and every member of the family except my son, a battery powered steam grill cleaner. My son is sooo lucky.

This was a great book & I will be reading more of her! 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby348) Neither Here Nor There - Bill Bryson

Well, I am glad I read, “A Walk in the Woods,” first. This book had a few chuckles but overall was disappointing. I have a few more of his books on the pile & I plan on giving him another shot. 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby347) Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella

Another author recommended as an amusing read. I chose this one because it was a stand alone. I enjoyed it, chuckled a bit here & there. I will put her on the to read as I find list. nothing earth shattering great or bad about it. Just an amusing, quick read. 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby346) The Star Beast - Robert A. Heinlein

There are times you need to read a good book, guaranteed to make you happy. I am not sure how many times I have re-read this book, but it always makes me happy. Who can resist a huge alien baby raising her own human pets, generation after generation. Love this book. :) 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby345) The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox

I have a high tolerance for reading cereal boxes & tripe. The title & cover had me convinced that this would be a light, silly, mindless read. It was, and then some, especially mindless!

A quick read, this had amusing moments, but was awfully contrived. I plowed through it in hopes of more funny moments, but frankly the earlier book is the funniest part. Every adventure leading to te climax adventure felt more like a page filler then an part of te overall story. Rather like the author said, hmmm, I need a few minor adventures so it will make the big one look like it has a purpose.

This is not a book I would recommend to anyone to read, just not worth the time, short as it was! 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby344) A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson

Several people recommended this book as an entertaining read, so it came to the top of the pile quickly. I did find myself laughing out loud several times, as I read it. I also learned random facts about the Appalachian Trail. I plan on passing this one off to my best friend, who likes both camping & hiking.

I had moments that this book made me long to pick my backpack up again & start to walk. Then I remembered, I don’t like camping & my hiking is more the day type, and oh yeah, it is hot out. I hate hot! All in all a good book, because it made me forget myself and drew me in. ;) 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby341 - 43) Terry Pratchett

41) A Hat Full of Sky; 42) Wintersmith; 43) I Shall Wear Midnight.

The further adventures of Tiffany Aching, age 11, 13 & 15. I found myself LOL, during, “A Hat Full of Sky.” The other two were good, amusing at times, thoughtful at others.

Definitely good reads! 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby340 ) The Wee Free Men - Terry Pratchett

I burned out reading too many Pratchett’s in a row, 7-8 years ago. I hadn’t picked one up since. At the urging of several people, including weallareone, I picked up this book. It is meant as a teen DiscWorld title. loved it!

Tiffany is a 9 year old witchling. When the Queen of the Fairies steals her little brother, whom she considers a sticky nuisance she sets out to rescue him. It’s the right thing to do. She is aided on her quest by hundreds of red haired, drunken 6 inch thieves. Oh, and they wear kilts. Who can resist a man covered in blue tattoos and wearing nothing but a kilt?

I smiled a lot reading this book, no lol, but smiles are good!! 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby339) Gods Behaving Badly - Marie Phillips

There was such promise, but this book just didn’t fulfill it for me. It was ok, amused me a tiny bit – but it just coulda/shoulda been better. 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby338) The Next Thing on My List - Jill Smolinski

I needed a funnier read than the historical I am half way thru. I googled funny novels & this one came up. It was good, funny and a bit inspirational. A good start to cheerier books.

June is 34 & has just survived an auto accident where her passenger died. She takes on the goal list of the passenger. A rather morbid & funny read. It was not the laugh out loud book I was looking for, but a charming read. 3 years ago

Flutterbyflyby337) King Arthur's Bones - The Medieval Murderer's

Ok, I admit it. I first got interested in this series because of this title. It was by far the best in the series, too. It follows the adventures of King Arthur’s bones dug up in Glastonbury.

As I hauled my family off to this site last month, it made me doubly happy as I pictured the site in my mind. :)

(Picture 5/15/2011 – Glastonbury Abbey) 3 years ago

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