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maureenmcellJune 27, 2013

Reading an email from a friend that was negative and self-pitying, I felt compassion rather than anger. She said that I was “annoyed” with her, and I responded that the feeling was “frustration.”

Relaxing on summer break, guilt-free!

Feeling a sense of accomplishment as I declutter the guest room.

Having a window air-conditioner on this hot, hot day.

For my dogs, who love me unconditionally! 17 months ago

maureenmcellJune 18, 2013

Having a phone interview with the dean of the ministerial program I am applying to.

Finishing the application to the program – ready to mail in the morning.

Enjoying Pilates tonight – my body felt strong.

Finishing the final project for the Self-Mastery class I have been taking at the Idyllwild Center for Spiritual Living. That feels good! 18 months ago

maureenmcellJune 16, 2013

Watching my son Matt graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance – so proud!

Not being too embarrassed that I cried.

Enjoying the party at his father’s house.

Getting along with my father at the party. 18 months ago

maureenmcellJune 9, 2013

I’ve been enjoying the first week of summer break, and I appreciate:
*getting started on the application for ministerial studies through Holmes Institute (Centers for Spiritual Living).
*Sleeping, reading, watching reruns and DVD movies…
*Hanging out with friends.
*Seeing my sons for dinner
*Feeling relaxed!
*Exercise and weight loss. 18 months ago

maureenmcellMay 28, 2013

Grateful for a fairly easy workday. Students were busy with end of the year activities, so I had time between the ones who did show up to finish some paperwork.

Grateful for my parents who gave me a gold and diamond ring that my dad gave my mom years ago. They wanted to honor my 60th birthday, and it was a very touching gift. I finally brought the ring to a jewelery store to be sized today.

Grateful to make it through Pilates tonight. With this new eating plan, calories are more restricted, and I really felt the loss of energy, but I made it! 18 months ago

maureenmcellMay 26, 2013

Today I am grateful for my two adult sons, who are at turning points in their lives, career-wise, and are making the most of it. I’m so proud of you both!

I am grateful for this lovely three day weekend, for good weather, and for returning energy to do things around the house. More plants to plant!

I am thrilled as I look forward to the last week of school for this year, and I am ready to enjoy summer! 19 months ago

maureenmcellApril 30, 2013

I am grateful that I decided to stay home today. Breathing is strained, too much coughing and not enough sleep. This day I will rest! 19 months ago

maureenmcellApril 26, 2013

I am so grateful for this Friday – it went smoothly, it’s the end of another work week, and I have the weekend to rest and recover!

My sons are both available for dinner tomorrow night.

The kids in the special day class shared things they like about each other. It was a positive love fest!

I enjoyed watching and talking about the progress my students are making. 20 months ago

maureenmcellApril 21, 2013

Grateful that the fashion show and tea went well, and that I did fine with modeling – no falls!

When I started feeling sick, I excused myself and went home. Good thing, because I really was sick.

Taking today off, resting, reading, getting well.

Not able to go to dinner with son #2, but he understood and we will reschedule. I love my easy-going sons!

MRI is tomorrow morning, and I do not feel nervous. Thank you! 20 months ago

maureenmcellApril 19, 2013

The work week is done – let the play begin!

Getting some unexpected free time today to accomplish more.

Getting my hair cut – lovely!

Talking to my son and enjoying his contentment. 20 months ago

maureenmcellApril 17, 2013

My friend and colleague Michelle made it through breast cancer surgery. Here’s to complete healing!

Checking things off my list at work.

My mom called to check up on me. I was able to tell her the date for the MRI. I’m feeling better about it.

Trying on clothes after work for the fashion show on Saturday. I had fun and felt girly!

A teacher friend confided in me about her son telling her he is gay. We had a good talk and a good cry, and she felt safe talking to me. 20 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 14, 2013

Celebration dinner last night with son Kevin – he has been rehired after a two month layoff.

Wonderful message at service this morning.

Clouds and fog moving in tonight.

Fire in the fireplace.

I made a big pot of soup! 20 months ago

maureenmcellApril 10, 2013

My ENT doctor called to say he’s not yet satisfied that the vertigo is caused by inner ear fluid, so he’s ordering another test. I do appreciate his thoroughness.

It’s good to talk to my mom when I get worried about this stuff. She makes me laugh, and helps me to put it in perspective. Thank you, Mom!

I have nothing I have to do this evening. Relax!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at work, but I know I will get it all done. I always do! 20 months ago

maureenmcellApril 8, 2013

Even though today’s lunch did not work out, I am patient and hopeful.

I enjoyed a beautiful drive from mountains to desert and back again today, experiencing many weather changes.

Seeing the snow fall as I came home made me happy.

I received a tentative diagnosis today for the vertigo I have been dealing with. I feel confident that treatment will make a big difference, and this will not get me down!

I was thrilled to hear that my older son got his job back today after a two month layoff. 20 months ago

maureenmcellApril 6, 2013

For a fun day at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, from butterflies to elephants!

For another good night’s sleep!

A nice lunch out with friends, listening to more friends play cool folk music – life doesn’t get much better than this!

For the anticipation of a lunch date on Monday – makes me smile! 20 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 28, 2013

Feeling exhausted today and deciding to stay home after work.

Making the 7:00 rehearsal.

Being greeted by the dogs as I arrived home.

Throat coat tea!

The excitement of the upcoming performance. Ready or not, here we come! 20 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 27, 2013

Finding out that a potential lawsuit at one of my schools has been avoided, and the decision was made in the best interests of the student.

Celebrating my oldest son’s 30th birthday (how time flies!).

Feeling on top of my finances once more.

Sleep, marvelous sleep! 20 months ago


Going to church this morning and hearing just what I needed to hear.

Remembering the wisdom that was shared with me: It’s not personal. Let it go.

My wise young friend Billy.

An afternoon baking and making soup – ahhh, satisfying.

One more week of work and then spring break! 21 months ago


Celebrating my son’s 30th birthday a few days early with my family.

Seeing my nephews, who are growing up so handsome and funny.

Making a delicious birthday cake, and then not having any.

Liking my haircut.

Realizing that the trouble I had with my dad was old stuff coming back, and me being vulnerable.

Being able to let go of the terrible time I had at school on Friday, dealing with the potential lawsuit. 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 16, 2013

Texting with my niece last night about her upcoming wedding – I am really hoping I can go!

A very, very good night’s sleep.

Taking an easy day, canceling a few things, so that I will feel better.

Pedicure! 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 12, 2013

Finding the Mozart music I want to practice on YouTube.

Getting my brother John’s phone number at his new place so I can call him.

Talking to Mom about my becoming a licensed Practitioner.

A positive meeting with a parent today. 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 10, 2013

Waking up refreshed.

Very good response to the talk I gave at church on health.

Realizing that the message I gave was for me!

Lunch out with friends afterwards.

Driving down the hill with the window open, breathing in the cool, fresh air. 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 6, 2013

A nice long talk by phone with my mom tonight.

Dinner with my friend Iva, who just returned from a trip.

A day of observation instead of work – good for the soul.

Connecting with the kids I was observing.

Getting a French manicure. 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 4, 2013

Making it through an unpleasant meeting with no personal hard feelings.

Recovering my sense of fun with my students.

Making vegetable soup and adding chicken sausage – delish!

Getting the photographs I ordered.

For health! 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 3, 2013

I am celebrating my installation today as a licensed Practitioner at the Idyllwild Center for Spiritual Living. This is one of my 43Things goals, and today was the day!

Successfully hanging the curtains in front of my closet, to replace the doors.

Nice lunch with Zach and Anne after service.

A relaxing drive to and from my sons’ house.

A cooking lesson dinner – son #1 made spaghetti with a little coaching. 21 months ago

maureenmcellMarch 2, 2013

Making it through a busy day with energy to spare for a wonderful evening.

Seeing Michael Beckwith and Ricky Byers Beckwith at the Palm Desert Center for Spiritual Living.

Enjoying the company of two spiritually minded friends.

Lovely Thai dinner beforehand – Pai Thai! 21 months ago

maureenmcellFebruary 27, 2013

I made it through Wednesday.

Able to relax in front of the fire tonight.

A nice talk with a parent today – really connecting.

Hugs from students.

Talking about N with a friend who asked – felt sad but okay. 21 months ago

maureenmcellFebruary 23, 2013

I am grateful for:
*the small group that came to Bingo last night, so I could learn what to do.
*accepting the low turnout and brainstorming how to attract more.
*the past week of no work, sleeping til 8, staying in my jammies for part of the morning.
*friendship and laughter at the movies and at lunch.
*moving on. 22 months ago

maureenmcellFebruary 19, 2013

I am grateful for:

Light snow so far today.

Getting lots of things on my list done today.

Feeling strong and capable in Pilates tonight.

Having rehearsal cancelled tonight due to snow.

Staying reasonably warm at home in front of the fireplace. 22 months ago

maureenmcellFebruary 18, 2013

I’m grateful for:

Another lunch out today.

Watching an Irish film this afternoon.

A lovely walk home in the brisk afternoon.

Taking time to read and relax.

Getting geared up for more snow. 22 months ago

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