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Recent activity

wren100% Done!

I completed the very last workout tonight. Yahoo!!!!! Success!!!! 3 years ago

wrenStarting the final week!

Last night I started week 9 – the last week of the Couch to 5K program. I really enjoyed the run, except for being distracted by my once-again malfunctioning iPod. I am really pleased that my knee has gone along with the program and am starting to formulate my next running goals. I’m even thinking about looking around for a 5K race to join (although I am not fast!) 3 years ago

wrenAnother week down!

Last night I completed the 8th week of the program! Just 3 more workouts to go!

My knee has been feeling a lot better over the past few weeks. I think it has something to do with the running, which seems ironic. 3 years ago

wren1st day of Week 8 is complete!

I enjoyed my run very much! It really feels good to get my heart rate pumping. When I run, I can get my heart rate up to the 150s, which feels great. The highest it gets with other activities, like circuit training & kickboxing, is the 130s. Anyway, yay for running, and yay for being able to run! As a side note, what is with all the people who walk away from their workouts without delousing the machines? Savages!3 years ago

wrenAnother week done!

This morning I loaded up on ibuprofen and finished off Week 7 of the program. Just two more weeks to go!

Right in the middle of my run, the treadmill suddenly stopped! That was a strange feeling. 3 years ago

wrenDay 2 of Week 7

completed last night at the gym.

For the first time, I was really looking forward to the run, craving it, even. Mr. Wren, who was a very accomplished runner before his knee died, told me that my form has improved dramatically. It made me happy to hear that!

I have a plan in place, too, for after the completion of the program. I am going to keep doing 5K runs but am going to work on doing them more frequently – first four days a week, then five, then six. 3 years ago


Yesterday I finished the first day of Week 7, which is running 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. I am just two weeks away from finishing the program – close enough to wonder what I will do next.

I took the day off from work yesterday & wasn’t sure if I should run. I decided to do it because I did a lot of sleeping the rest of the day. It felt great to run, and my knee didn’t bother me one bit! 3 years ago


Yesterday I finished Week 6 of the program with 25 minutes of straight running, no walking. From here on out it is all running all the time, and I get to pay attention to speed.

At first it was kind of difficult, because I’ve got some spasmy low back muscles at the moment, but then the endorphins kicked in and I felt great, exhilarated, even. 3 years ago

wrenYesterday I completed Day 2 of Week 6.

It’s the last day of the run/walk/run scenarios. The next day will be 25 minutes straight of running.

My knee is feeling pretty stiff and a little sore, so I will ice it and take a couple days off before moving on to the next day. 3 years ago

wrenI started week 6 yesterday

and it felt fine.

My knee has been giving me a little bit of trouble. Then I read an article on knee icing that was posted on the C25K facebook page. I didn’t realize that I have not been icing my knee properly. So I did it correctly last night, and it does seem to make a difference.

For anyone working on this goal, the C25K facebook page is an invaluable tool! They post at least a couple of interesting articles and tips each day, and you can report your running progress or questions and get lots of support from the other members. 3 years ago

tangerine_nowGonna go for it again

Not today though and also not tomorrow. Chances are it won’t be until the weekend. Still, this goal is staying on my list! There is a little difference with before: I must include taking care of and strengthening my shins now. Thanks to sodamnlucky I now have exercises (thank you!) and I will do them every day. (That does start today!) Also I will buy pain relief cream to apply locally before I start running. I don’t want to take ibuprofen. I don’t like taking medication of any kind but mostly because my brother (who is a doctor) strongly advised against ibuprofen as pain relief. Something about it not being good for you, I don’t remember, I only remember he told me not to take it unless I really really had to. Another thing I want to do is warm up the shins first.
Will get there. Eventually. (Already feel discouraged, to be honest. I am such a whimp.) 3 years ago

wrenWeek 5 is complete!

Yesterday’s workout had a big jump in running time – from 8 minutes straight to 20 minutes straight. Even though I’ve run much longer than 20 minutes before, I still felt worried about the increase. There was no need to worry! It felt fine. The biggest issues I had were all psychological and had to do with the anxiety and discomfort that came up from having so many people around me. Physical exercise really puts me in touch with my emotions. 3 years ago

wrenC25K W5D3

Yesterday I completed Day 3 of Week 5. I got a little confused with the program. Until Week 5, each of the three days in a week follow the same running/walking times. In Week 5, I didn’t notice that each day is different. So, although I ran three times in Week 5, I haven’t yet followed the correct program for each of the three days.

This is really only an issue if I decide to be that compulsive!

Anyway, yesterday’s run as okay. I felt my knee grinding during the run, but it wasn’t actual pain, so I continued. It’s hurting now! I’m hoping that a couple days of icing and rest will change that. 3 years ago

wrenDay 2, Week 5

I completed Day 2 of Week 5 yesterday. I believe it was the best day so far. I was really feeling that old joy of running, and my knee seems to have coped just fine.

I think a big mistake that I made before which led to my knee injury was that I was running every day. My body seems to prefer taking a day or two days off between runs. 3 years ago


Yesterday I did the first day of Week 5. It was nice running in the gym on Sunday morning – very few people, and my iPod was throwing out some great tunes. My knee continues to hold up, too. 3 years ago


Yesterday I went to the gym and completed the last day of Week 4. Surprisingly, my knee handled Week 4 better than Week 3.

Running in the gym is not my favorite thing. Being in close proximity to so many people is distracting and brings up a lot of anxiety. 3 years ago

wrenDay 2, Week 4

Amazingly, I finished this, despite the distractions of a malfunctioning iPod and a malfunctioning heart rate monitor. Imagine…just running, completely unplugged. 3 years ago


Shin splints are back. With a vengeance. Had to stumble back home yesterday. Was NOT fun. 3 years ago

tangerine_nowSaw this on Wren's list

Actually started today myself with a Couch-to-5k program. I have it installed as an App on my phone. That is very helpful, it turns out. Now there are two major hurdles to take on this goal. One is time – I don’t know if I have the time and moreover if the kiddies let me have the time I need to complete the program and keep up the progress. The other challenge is the fact that my last attempts at running gave me tremendous shin splints that were just not fun. Today I felt them again but at the end of the run they lessened some so maybe there is hope for that? We’ll see.

So: week 1 day 1 completed. Next again on Tuesday. 3 years ago

wrenStill at it!

Today I started the Week 4 plan for Couch to 5 K. Week 4 is the first week where there is more running than walking.

The workout felt fine, and my knee doesn’t hurt at all. It seems that my post-running knee pain will go away after 2-3 days of ice and low-impact exercise, so I’m thinking that I will continue progressing through the program at a slightly slower rate. On non-running days, I’m going to keep doing step aerobics, kick boxing or circuit training.

I also found an exercise video called Strong Knees, and I’m going to follow it a few times each week.

Of course, all of this is subject to what my knee has to say! 3 years ago


Yesterday, my knee pain was gone. I thought about it and discussed it with Mr. Wren and decided to give try another day of the C25K program. According to the schedule, it was time to move on to the next level, but I decided to not to move forward just yet. So I did another day of the week 3 plan and iced my knee well afterward. So far, so good. I will proceed with caution. 3 years ago

wrenFinished Week 3

I’m not sure if I will be able to complete the program, as my knee was quite sore after the workout, despite lots of stretching and icing. But maybe in a couple of days the pain will be gone and I can try moving on to week 4, when the time spent running really increases. 3 years ago

wrenFirst day of week 3!

I finished the first day of week 3, and it went well. About 1.5 miles into the workout, I experienced a little knee pain, but it wasn’t severe, and icing afterwards seems to have helped. Every time I complete a new level on this program, I feel a little more confident that my knee will hold up. 3 years ago


I completed Week 2 of the program!

My knee was a little sore, but not too bad. I probably should have iced it more thoroughly when I got home.

Either tomorrow or Monday I will start on Week 3, which is a 5 minute warm up and cool down of brisk walking, followed by 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, repeat run/walk sequence. 3 years ago

wrenNow it's a goal!

I was reluctant to make this an official goal because I wasn’t sure how my knee would hold up. I’m still not sure how my knee will hold up, but I’ve completed week 1 as well as day 1 of week 2, being careful to stretch well and ice my knee after each workout, and my knee remains relatively pain free. At this point, I feel more confident that this is a plan I can complete!

So yay and rawrrrrr!!!! 3 years ago

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