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lose 2 stone

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tinestines 2 days ago

StuartieGCurrent weight 162.2lbs (down 16.6lbs)

Still losing weight, having to up my food intake a bit this week though as have 12-15 hours of hiking in the mountains at the weekend and need the energy reserves! :) 1 week ago

RachelJ86 1 week ago

StuartieGHalfway! 1 stone lost!! :)

Happy to report that today I am exactly one stone (14lbs) down from the start of December. Keeping up the same diet and exercise regime should see me at goal weight by the start on June :) 1 month ago


83.7 – 184.5 1 month ago

StuartieG167.6lbs (11.2lbs lost)

That’s me lost over 10lbs now, just edged under the 12 stone mark too! Next major milestone (no pun intended) is to lose a stone (14lbs). Almost halfway! Upped my training and running as well as maintaining my healthy calorie controlled diet (most days!) 2 months ago


82.5 = 181.8 2 months ago

StuartieG9.8lbs lost - current weight 169.0lbs (12st 1lb)

Very happy to be under the 170lbs mark for the first time in at least 6 months! Keeping up my calorie counting app, healthy eating. Also starting to do more exercise now my ankle is feeling better! 2 months ago

oceanus21 3 months ago


84.4 = 186 3 months ago

StuartieG6.6lbs lost - 172.4lbs

Keeping to my diet pretty well so far. Pretty happy I started this in December not January otherwise my weight would’ve ballooned even more over Christmas.

Top tips:
Count calories: (using MyFitnessPal app), I have a reminder set daily on my online todo list. Trying to limit calories to 2,000 max a day.

Cut out fizzy juice: (1 litre of soda a day would be the equivalent of 1lb of body fat gained a week!)

Make my own lunches for work: Making healthy lunches like chicken and low fat coleslaw with salad on wholemeal bread sandwiches, an apple, tomatoes, carrot sticks.

Still a while to go! 3 months ago


84.9 = 187.1 3 months ago

smaugish 3 months ago

ecporter1 3 months ago

karencatto 3 months ago

StuartieG4lbs lost - 174.8lbs

My weight has gradually been dropping over the last couple weeks or so.
I am still counting calories on my app, weighing myself every day (My weights going to fluctuate up and down by a pound or so each day anyway, so I’m not beating myself up if it goes up a bit some days – as long as the overall trend is downwards!). Switching to diet sodas and taking out my own packed lunch is also helping.
Had a couple big nights out where food and alcohol calories have been off the chart, but usually balanced by a very reduced calorie intake the next day. A few days coming up where the calories will be unavoidable really (and I’m not going to begrudge them!), but will stay on track as well as I can! 3 months ago

StuartieGAllowed my weight to creep back up...

I was recently 178.8lbs (heaviest I’ve ever been!). I’m 5 foot 7.
I’d like to get down to a more reasonable weight. 2 stone would make a massive difference. Counting calories using MyFitnessPal.com (feel free to add me if you want! – StuartieG) and trying for around 2,000 a day is the plan. Also cutting out fizzy juice (apart from diet versions). I’m really determined to do this, if I have a bad day or a slip up, I’ll just need to let it go and make sure I redouble my efforts the next day. Also my ankle has been playing up for the last 9-10 weeks – hopefully get back exercising soon to help!

In the first few days my weight has dropped to 177lbs – a loss of almost 2 lbs. Although remember when starting a diet you will quickly lose 5-10lbs through glycogen depletion and associated water loss, after that the weight loss will be slower, 1-2 lbs a week at most (I don’t want to overdo the diet and make myself feel ill!)

I feel a sensible timescale to do this would be six months. I don’t want to diet to quickly and have the associated extremely low energy.

I’ve previously managed to lose 10lbs a few times, over a stone (14lbs) on one other occassion. This is the heaviest I’ve been though, time to nip it in the bud! 4 months ago

StuartieG 4 months ago

ZijueDrawing a line

I started this goal 9 months ago and lost over 1 stone 6 months ago. In those 6 months, I have maintained my weight at 8 stone 7 and don’t feel the need to lose more weight. So, rather than leaving this on hiatus, I’m going to draw a line under this goal as I am now happy with the weight I am, and I feel I’ve proved to myself that I can now be sensible with it :) 6 years ago

ZijuePut to one side

I have now maintained my weight at around 8 stone 8, which is just over a stone less than when I started this goal. I am happy that I can continue to maintain this until I am ready to take off another stone. I am going to put this goal to one side until such time as I’m ready to continue, so it isn’t “given up” but rather postponed. 6 years ago


This goal is on hold for the time being as I have lost over 1 stone and am currently happy with how I feel – 1 stone has made a significant difference and although I could go down another stone, I don’t feel that this is as important as when I started this goal. I am in the healthy BMI range and I have gone down 1-2 sizes in clothes since I started, so I’m quite happy :)

I have been maintaining the same weight for 3 weeks without going over for longer than a couple of days, which is natural, so I am not worried about putting it all back on – I have enough discipline to keep this at a level until I feel ready to take off the other stone :) 6 years ago

Zijue13 weeks...

I finally dropped again – I thought I would stay at 8 stone 8 for ages, or that my scales were broken, but I got down to 8 1/2 stone which means that I have 12lbs to go until I reach my goal. To be honest, I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made and one benefit of not rushing on this is that your skin has chance to adjust to the weight loss.

Although my aim is to get to 7 stone 9 lbs, this is actually slightly below my long-term target. I’m aiming underneath my actual target to allow for any bouncing back up by getting my calories closer to what is needed for maintaining current weight.

At the moment I am keeping to 1500 calories a day, with the odd day off as a treat, but because I’m used to eating less, I can’t eat loads on these days anyway. Once I’ve reached my target, I’ll be aiming to eat closer to 1800-1900 calories a day, and to maintain my weight at no more than 8 stone. 6 years ago

Zijue11 weeks...

I’ve got just under 1 stone to go now! Finally! :) I thought I’d never get under 8 stone 10, but I’ve now dropped to 8 stone 8 :) It’s really crawling at the moment, but I’m still going – grinding to a halt for a couple of weeks certainly made me wonder if it was ever going to go, but hopefully that hurdle has been passed and I’ll start to see it drop again! 6 years ago

Zijue8 weeks...

I’m now down to 8 stone 10 lbs, so I’ve lost almost a stone :) I’m really pleased with this and can certainly see and feel a difference – at the rate I’m going, it’ll probably be about 4 months to lose 2 stone. I have no idea whether this is long or short, but I don’t really care as long as I lose the weight eventually. It’s going steadily, which is the main thing, and probably healthier than a sudden weight drop.

Just over 1 stone to go!! :) 6 years ago

Zijue6 weeks...

As I expected, my weight loss is slowing down, which can feel frustrating at times! I did expect that it would happen though and I’m not going to rush by starving myself, as this is not healthy for you. All that happens is you feel low on energy and you feel tired all the time. I’ve been there before, not for weight loss, just from the mood I was in. I want to eat a good amount each day, and do everything in moderation, so I can slowly but surely lose some weight each day. In the last two weeks, I’ve only lost 3 pounds, so that’s quite a difference compared to my first week.

However, I am now going running once a week, so I think that will help burn off my calories quicker. I’m also hoping to fulfill one of my other goals, which is to swim once a week, so that should also help. In fact, when September comes around, I should be much fitter, because Tai Chi classes start then and if I’m doing that, and running and swimming once a week, I should be in much better shape :)

Anyway, I’m pleased I haven’t crept back over the 9 stone mark,so I will carry on as I am with a bit more exercise, and in maybe 2-3 weeks, I would hope to be around 8 1/2 stone. It does depend to some extent on whether my building up muscle from exercise will affect my weight loss, as muscle does weigh more than fat.

We’ll see how it goes :) 6 years ago

Zijue1 month later...

It is now one calendar month since I started my diet and I’m really pleased with my progress :) I weighed myself this morning, and I’m almost exactly 9 stone now, so I’ve lost 9 pounds!

I still have 17 pounds to go, but ultimately I aim to maintain my weight at no more than 8 stone. I’m aiming for a little lower than what I want to be so that it allows for a little comeback. Hopefully, as I start to work on my fitness, I’ll be able to eat a bit more due to burning more calories off.

Considering the rate at which I’ve been losing weight in the last 2-3 weeks, I think it’ll be at least another 2 months before I reach my goal, but I’m in no rush, and it’s a better and healthier way to lose weight than starving oneself. 6 years ago

ZijueDays dieting: 18

18 days after the start of my diet, I have now lost just over 7 pounds in total, so I’m slowing up a bit. I haven’t regained any weight apart from one day, but it dropped again so that wasn’t a problem. I can’t wait to move down to under 9 stone, which is only a couple of pounds away :) 19 pounds to go until I reach my target weight! :) 6 years ago

Zijue1 week later...

I’ve been dieting for one week now and have managed to lose 5 pounds, which I’m really pleased with :) My jeans still feel a little tight so I’ve got a way to go yet, but I must confess to feeling hungrier at night, wishing I hadn’t eaten all of my calorie quota for the day. I’m currently working on eating 1500 calories per day, although I think that if I reach my other goal of swimming once a week or exercising more in general, I could eat more chocolate to the value of what I burn off! Yay! :)

On with Week 2… 6 years ago

ZijueFrom size 8 to size 14 in 5 years...

All through my childhood and adolescence I was in the enviable position of being able to eat quite a lot of crap and still be like a stick. I used to be size 6 and then size 8/10 during my latter teens. However, since I’ve been at university and looking after myself (or not, as the case may be…), I’ve put on a lot of weight and now I don’t fit into my size 12 jeans. I’ve got used to eating whatever I like and now it’s backfiring, so if I want to stop getting bigger, I have to act now. I’m only 5’1”, and am heading on for 10 stone which is overweight. I really don’t want to hit 10 stone – I aim to weigh around 8 stone, which is about right for my size. After that, I just (?!) need to maintain it… 6 years ago

Hippie_Mel 4 months ago

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