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find my father

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user1396990003 1 week ago

user1394083576 1 month ago

rovert1045 13 months ago

tonygraham15 9 months ago

htracy2Tried the phone number

It is disconnected – but at least i am rid of that rising anxiety I feel when thinking about dialing.

I’m not really sure what to search next. Advice is welcome. 10 months ago

htracy2Some progress

Friday I took the rather necessary step of checking about four years of Atlanta newspaper obituaries (they said they represented the state) to make sure I wasn’t completely wasting my time. I did not find his name. Of course, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but it was a little encouraging and I felt like I had not missed out on something by waiting so long to get moving on this.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning when I got home from work I just went ahead and Googled his name and Georgia and got the White Pages. Then I looked my grandmother’s obituary back up just to be sure it was Georgia and to confirm what his wife’s name was. Then I used her name as a cross reference. The White Pages have lists with related people and approximate ages with the names and I found an instance of his name related to someone with her name. When I looked up her name, there was a listing with the same address with the correct age to be a wife and not a daughter. Thank you multiple tabs. This was very exciting, especially when I compared where that address was with my brother’s address (the one who lives in GA) and saw,through the map and directions that the two places were only 25.5 miles apart by road!

I had a bit of a let down when I typed initially typed the address in to Google Maps and zoomed in to photo level and saw a house that was much too nice for my expectation of where he should be. That doesn’t sound like a nice thing to say, but an ex jailbird disabled by cirrhosis probably doesn’t live in a big house with a free form pool. He may, however live in the apartment complex down the road a bit, which is what I saw when I corrected the numbers I had reversed.

I’m not going to call this number just yet, or maybe not at all. I am going to go at this from a few other as yet to be determined angles first. I want more information. I am not going to assume he has a criminal record there or anywhere but in Maine or Louisiana maybe, but it would help me pinpoint him more exactly. He has a fairly common name. 10 months ago

htracy2My sister brought me lilacs Tuesday in remembrance of him

When she was four she woke up to a bunch of them in her room and found more around the house, she said. Then they (She, my mother and he) went to his parents farm later in the day where he got them from. My parents were actually married for a short time, but they were divorced when I was conceived.

I don’t expect he is very eager to meet with me, given his history with my mother. The last thing I heard from him was the lawyer quoting him shortly before I was eighteen, at a foster care hearing. I was entering the program voluntarily – they have a program that extends to 21 if the child is going to school. He was still alive at least three years ago, according to his mother’s obituary, which my sister found for me. I haven’t made any effort on my own to find him, my brothers are not particularly interested (they knew him, were hurt at his abandonment) so the topic is awkward to bring up.

I will be asking a few of my family members about him while constructing my family history, but not for the purposes of this goal. My stepfather gets a little jealous when I talk to much about him, he considers himself my father. Well, he was there when I was born and had a hand in naming me! I will be asking more for the purpose of getting to know my mother better.

Not sure what my next step will be, but I am aware that I don’t have forever, his health has been poor since I was a child. 10 months ago

htracy2 10 months ago

crystalgray 11 months ago

kareemah 11 months ago

lexington01Meet My Dad

I want to meet my biological father. 13 months ago

lexington01 13 months ago

haniyfah_1233 13 months ago

Hellooo823 13 months ago


i want to find him 13 months ago

sissygirl7764 13 months ago

keltongalmore 14 months ago

Peterpan29 14 months ago

thatgirl88 15 months ago

user48759 15 months ago

devilsdonut 15 months ago

jasielover27 15 months ago

ripgabby76 15 months ago

abbielevinehis name is ANDREW LEACH his family is based in elland halifax

i need to find my father, i grew up thinking someone else was my dad, got told at 13 about my real dad, all i know is his name is andrew leach and his family lives in elland, halifax, west yorkshire, if anyone had any info on him please email me, i need to know im 18 now and have gone most my life without a father :/ 15 months ago

abbielevine 15 months ago

user46589 15 months ago

coy_danielle2012 16 months ago

silverboy94 16 months ago

Nykyia94 17 months ago

Melissa Quinn 6 years ago

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