lose 25 pounds by the end of march

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Recent activity

amber_ostranderWeek #13

30 pounds lost!!!!!!! Stopping adderall today! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #12

One more pound down…one more pound to go till I hit 30!!!! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #11

Down to 132 pounds …. Total loss of 28 pounds! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek 10

Lost one more pound….total is now 27 pounds lost! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #9

I have met my weightloss goal!!! As of this weeks weigh in I have lost 26 pounds!!!!! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #8

Am down by 24 pounds….136 is my total weight as of today. 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #7

Down to 138 which is a total loss of 22 lbs!!! Appointment with dr woodrum on Monday for refill. 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #6

Lost 20 pounds as of today! Yeah! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #5

End of week 5 and I have lost a total of 18 pounds and have gone down two pant sizes!!!! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #4

End of week 4 and I have lost a total of 17 pounds.

Starting weight: 160
After 4 weeks of dieting: 143 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeighed again

Scale says I am 145…if that is true I am down 15lbs!!!! Wahoooooooooo!!!! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderGot a scale for home..,,

Weighed myself naked tonight and scale says I weigh 147 lbs!!!! Wahoo! That means that I have lost 13 lbs since I have started my diet 3 weeks ago!!!! Only 12 more pounds to go to reach my goal!!!!! ;) 3 years ago

amber_ostranderWeek #3

End of week 3….scale at work still says 150…,going to buy scale and water pills this weekend. Been logging consumption of food and water and exercise in my fitness pal…..way under calorie intake for the week….scale has GOT to be wrong!!!!! 3 years ago

amber_ostranderNew phone app

Started using myfitnesspal.com to log calorie intake and exercise….hopefully it will help me stay on track more easily 3 years ago

amber_ostranderEnd of week #2

So it’s the end of week 2 and I haven’t lost any more weight but I haven’t gained any either….hmmmmm…... 3 years ago

amber_ostranderEnd of week 1

Down 10 pounds this week…. Ending weight for 1st week is 150. 3 years ago

amber_ostranderJanuary 4th 2011

Starting weight 160 start diet on 01/06/2011. 3 years ago

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