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starstuffProbably Pennies

I was going to say, “This is one of those goals that would be so much easier to do if I were healthy.” Then I realised that all goals are one of those goals.

I am really procrastinating on this though because I don’t want to inconvenience other people by making them trek to the post office with my stuff. Today I went round my room with a box and found 50 items (clothes, books, CDs, DVDs) that I’d be happy to sell. Part of me wants to send it all to Oxfam, while another part keenly reminds me that if I move out my bank balance will swoop to £0 over night. My old stuff is a resource I could use. It wouldn’t make much money, but I don’t want to waste it either.

Everything seems more stressful when you’re stressed. 3 weeks ago


Synchronicity22 4 months ago

caffeineaddict 5 years ago

Self AdhesiveFirst Week.

Listed Items: 35
Sold Items: 25
Relisted Items: 10
Dispatched Items: 22
Profit: £1258 months ago

Self AdhesiveDoing this again.

Haven’t sold any of my own stuff for a year or so, sold some things for Dean a few months ago and everything went well, much quicker having someone helping with cleaning stuff up, taking photos, second opinion on condition etc.

So I’ve re-added this as a goal now since we just moved house, and my entire under-bed storage is filled with stuff to go on eBay. I’ve already got 30+ items listed that finish tomorrow night. There’s probably up to a hundred more things under my bed, so I’m aiming for 20-40 items a fortnight when they have their free insertion fee weekends.

Goal is to have everything sold before winter. 8 months ago

popolice 10 months ago

Dr. Caligari 12 months ago

Peggy Hill 14 months ago

io1928rhea 15 months ago

Laura 4 years ago

eatprayloverun 15 months ago

ribarnica 8 years ago

gabernathy20 16 months ago

Janek 17 months ago

partywithmefriday 2 years ago

ClumsyPanda 18 months ago

cwright64 18 months ago

Christine R.I finally listed my first few items!

It only took me several years because I was hell bent on not paying listing fees if items did not sell, but apparently Ebay has changed. I found out that now you can list up to 50 items with no insertion fees and no fees at all if it does not sell. This made things worht while for me to look into. If an item sells, Ebay takes basically 9% (on most items) and then PayPal takes 2.9% domestically. No biggie.
Even though I do not have any bidders yet, I am making it a habit to list something everyday! I will eventually sell something! SO excited by this new venture! 20 months ago

Christine R. 8 years ago


No one seems to want to buy anything that isn’t ‘Topshop’ or have a fancy label. Ended up giving all my clobber to charity instead. Still considering going to charity shops and seeking out good brands to sell for higher prices but can’t really do so until I have a more permenant address. 21 months ago

hbod 22 months ago

PeaceLoveRulesAll 22 months ago

luvingme4me 7 years ago

The Hermit

The Hermit 4 years ago

The HermitPosted!

Well I have now posted my first item but the transaction is not complete until the buyer receives it and is happy. This postage thing really sucks actually. Australia Post does not make specialty boxes and the item didn’t fit their standard boxes well. The only box it fit was very big and added so much weight it ate the few dollars profit. Luckily I figured out that I could make the box smaller. It took me ages but I cut up and taped the box to fit the item. Phew! The item didn’t sell for that much but it’s a few dollars I can use. Just hope it arrives intact and the buyer is happy. 2 years ago

The HermitFinally!

Well today, after several YEARS of procrastinating, I put a couple of items on eBay.
I think what held me back was 1) getting an appropriate price on items and 2) what to do with refunds. Well now I don’t really care what price I get, as long as it’s something. Maybe this is because I’ve got a whole houseful of stuff to clear in a few weeks (interstate move looming ahead).
The flip side is that if it doesn’t sell for much, the buyer will hopefully be happy they got a bargain so it’s a bit more happiness in the world. (I hope.) Funny, isn’t it, how some people are grateful for little things and some aren’t grateful for anything at all. Case in point: my biological parents. Can’t remember them being grateful for anything at all, always whinging and complaining and critical. I reckon if you’re not grateful, you’re not happy and you never will be.
I digress. I’m very overwhelmed and was paralysed with indecision for a few days but now will keep going and clearing stuff out to be sold/given away. Onward and upward! I will mark this goal as complete once I successfully complete a transaction. 2 years ago

Stephen Frick 8 years ago

Lynxdaemonskye 7 years ago

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