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jackiestonei realy want this bad

i have four kids and it shows i would like to get my old body back. I dont get any help with my kids so this is the only way i can get it done. 4 days ago

jackiestone 4 days ago

kristylzoe1 5 days ago


im 28, 250 lbs. i have PCOS which makes it near impossible to loose any weight. i have chronic depression from being over weight and not being able to loose it, ive tried diets, pills, gyms… and nothing seems to work, i would love help, been dreaming of lipo for many yrs but never could afford it. ive gone to doctors for help and they just tell me im obeist and need to loose weight knowing i have polycystic ovarian syndrome :( 5 days ago

user1396987996 1 week ago

Ascott5079 2 weeks ago

user1395943894 2 weeks ago

user1395634784 3 weeks ago

Netgirl222Win free liposuction :)

I’m 208 and it’s the highest my weight has ever been. I have never felt pretty before and I don’t really have much courage to do many things that would put me out of my comfort zone. I just want to be a normal size ….. Normal weight to my height. And trust me when skinny people go on and on about how you should try this diet or do this workout they just don’t seem to understand that it isn’t working no matter how hard I try. This would be amazing to win and to be just like everyone else. 4 weeks ago

Netgirl222 4 weeks ago

UGLYKARENIm fat and ugly

I am trying my up most best to lose weight.I have not been out of my home for over 4yrs.i would love to change my life and win a liposuction competition.It would change my life i could live life to the full instead of hiding away from anyone who knocks on my door.It is affecting my health and my children are concerned about me feeling this way.Only myself understands what its like to feel FAT AND UGLY. 2 months ago

UGLYKAREN 2 months ago

BGD89 2 months ago

colaboo0729I would love to get lipo for free

If this is really being considered, i would lovvveee to enter. I am a 31 year old, wife and mother of 3. 2 months ago

colaboo0729 2 months ago

user1391092594 2 months ago

Smilingface4u 3 months ago


Hello I’m a single mother of one teenage girl and I, like many others have had a rough life but I don’t feel the need to share. However ever since I was young I have been a health buff and very fit, even after having my child. I have been a ballerina up to the age of 28 that is when my life took a big turn! I had lost four family members and two friends all in the same year. I became very depressed and not realizing I gained a lot of weight. I am no longer depressed but I am now pushing 40 and the rest of this weight is not coming off I still have about 120lbs to shed. Unfortunately even though I work as hard as I do ( especially with a teen) I don’t have much spending cash. I just really want to get rid of this extra weight so I can finish moving forward in life and not have people reminding me of how and why I have this extra weight! I also want to get back to dancing, being confident and taking my daughter on vacations with out feeling like I’m being judged. 3 months ago


it seems like I can never do anything for myself. I am a single hard working mother of three children,I just want to speak from my heart and mind that I wish that things could be better for me.I am 5 feet 5 180 pounds.I am NOT doing this to impress anyone I’m doing this to feel better about myself and my self image with all the work that I do I never have time for myself and I feel like this will be a good opportunity for me to once again feel better for myself. I don’t ask for much all I do is provide and it would just be one thing that would help my self confidence and myself self-esteem and help me feel better about myself to have something that I always wanted it is hard for me to do things for me. 3 months ago

tkell 3 months ago

zombiegurl1027 3 months ago

zombiegurl1027IM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!

Im a 24 yo mother of a beautiful son ive had to pregnancies and both I gained an unbelievable amount of weight and with that came the depression ive done everything to lose it and nothing has worked I just want to crawl in a hole I just want to feel beautiful and healthy again plllllzzzz help 3 months ago

ClemekiaMother of Six

I have tried everything to lose my belly fat from having all my children but I have came to a dead end and feeling very ugly and unpresentable. Bad thing is I am in a profession where I have to up hold an ideal appearance that isn’t displeasing to the customers I have to serve. Plus I refuse to go shopping for new clothes or the look at my full figure in the mirror. I really need this for myself. It would be nice to have my confidence back again and not be afraid of what other people or customers like of me. To have the energy to play with my kids and live life. 3 months ago

Clemekia 3 months ago

lovelyeddiea 4 months ago

sassydsingle mom

I am a single mother of two beautiful teenagers. I have had a hysterectomy and my body just looks horrible. My self esteem is extremely bad and I cannot afford any kind of operation. I would love to look and feel good about myself, as I haven’t in a very long time. I left a really emotionally abusive relationship and my father passed away and I stopped taking care of myself. Please this would change my entire life!!! I just want to be happy again. 4 months ago

sassyd 4 months ago

me4040 4 months ago

cassandra greenstein 4 months ago

cassandra greensteinUntitled

im a mother of 3 boys I don’t make much and I put all of my time and money into my kids I love them soo much but im starting to let myself go I do workout wen I have time and eat properly … I also had some pain issues in my legs so I really believe liposuction would be great for but I cannot afford to. id be so happy to look good again. thanks 4 months ago

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