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ladybird 3 years ago

ladybirdreleased 7 kg total

so now i’m again @ my normal weight (that i considered somewhat chubby 20 years ago) and that crowns my 43 positive changes! 2 years ago

ladybirdeating red meat

following blod type diet, the main difference is eating red meat. i never purchased it before. i can clearly feel the benefits in energy levels. 2 years ago

ladybirdno more wheat produces

inspired by type 0 food group… 2 years ago


i’m reading again! 2 years ago

ladybirdburried the hatchet

life goes on, enjoy what we have now. 2 years ago

ladybirdmy 7habits account

i’m restarting my 7habits account and looking forward to it. i will reread 7 habits. 2 years ago

ladybirdno poo

officialy, it is done – my first hair wash without any crutches, just water! after several transitional months, i mark this as done.
wiki no poo2 years ago

ladybirdsanity and common sense

this is the change that will have the most impact.
i was detached from both recently but thank Godess for full moon in leo, that asks – who am i?
i really need to let myself fall together.
started with entering the obvious (but often neglected) in my calendar.
it’s funny, but purchasing brand new boxes today to sort stuff “to keep” gave me the kick. 2 years ago

ladybirdgoing to cosmetic treatments occasionaly

it was something i frowned upon in the past, but now i can see the point: pampering! it is worth it. (group discount site helps) 2 years ago

ladybirdUnleashed an Artist within!

Now I can see how deprived my life was. This is totaly another dimension of living. Seing life as opportunity to add artistic touch!
People really liked my fusion glass, that got me thinking I really need to own pottery oven, that I was told is also suited for melting glass.
And I struggle with my photo camera, but stil catch a divine moment now and than.

But this is not about things I do, thit is about who I am. Now in this X-mass preparation frenzy, I totaly enjoyed decorating the house. I enjoy the colors, I enjoy the textures. I enjoy creative ideas that are popping in my head and making them real. I am still to discover how to make this a daily habit.

I’m starting with inventory of arts I enjoy. 2 years ago

ladybirdbeing instead of doing/having

now i understand! “be the change you want to see in world” applies to all things and goals, even the smallest one!
having the goal means being separate from that goal.
and sometimes desire to achieve the goal, it if is too big, drains the energy needed for doing.
being the goal means switching pespective to one of sucess, being the force withing that does all the work by itself. 3 years ago

ladybirddoing without thinking

that struck me from Tolle’s class, that something that i feel drawn to, enthusiastic about, is the sign to recognize voice within!
there are things that i was keeping in back burner not knowing it. now i simply do it without any thinking.

that is how i started this year holiday challenge on concept2: i simply packed my stuff and after my photo class simply proceeded to the gym that nearby. no thinking allowed! knowing that it is actually message from within. 3 years ago

ladybirddon't pay that much attention to mind's chatter

i follow Echart Tolle’s advice about not identifyting with my mind’s voice. after listening all 15 hrs of free web classes!!really helpfull! sometimes it it more or less loud, sometimes i can’t help listening to it, and sometimes it sounds like it has the point. but i know that is only temporarily. 3 years ago

ladybirdi feel so different after TfH treatment

i feel alive!!! now i’m living my life. there is lots of work to be done, and lots of fun to live! 3 years ago

ladybirdfocus on relaxed body

every now and than i scan my body, and if needed, breathe, drop my shoulders, unfrown my forhead, uncleanch my jaw etc. i want to be as relaxed as possible. 3 years ago

ladybirdwearing a bra!

the thing is that each and every bra i ever owned hurt – until recently! it is strong, sharp pain, making wearing conventional bra impossible. i was managing with elastic tops somehow.
thanks to straples and backless invention of a bra, and me discovering and purchasing it, that is all history.
now i can be fashionable and elegant like never before. 3 years ago

ladybirdunrealistic expectations

reading excelent book “walking on the egg shells” made me realise how unrealistic is to expect other person change their feelings. we can define out boundaries and what behaviour can we accept as acceptable and what not (and act according to that), but feeling of others – it is not ours to judge. 3 years ago

ladybirdfocus on serenity

big project just recently started, and i discovered that i can work and enjoy, no need to freek out and push myself. i work hard already, no need for any pushing whatsoever. i will continue to focus on my work, both at work and at home, in a way that is pleasing and satisfying. 3 years ago


learned to be patient with our decluttering project. i hoped it to be done for b-day but it is far more work than anticipated. 3 years ago

ladybirduse my resources

i have this thing for using avaliable resources on many ways and recently i brought it to another level. for somebody it is obvious but for me it is another level.
1. small appliances as resources. i brake several small appliances out of boxes and put them to use (instead of persuading myself there is not enough space for them). there is really added value there.
2. space as resource. it is really obvious but i was blindfolded sort of or what. to put premium posessions on premium spaces in ALL rooms, even in the pantry. it is sort of revelation to me. 3 years ago

ladybirdit is the same thing

on zenhabits forum someone said something that started my wheels turning…i realized it is all the same! be it extra weight or extra stuff of junk food or stuffed calendar or owerflowing goal list… al the same.
well i don’t have any junk food in my house and i simply see it as non-food. and than it is all the same, non-food or non-stuff. all junk is the same, just junk. somoething that only acts as something but is not a real deal. having no problem with non-food it made me realise i can use the same principle to other non-items as well! 3 years ago

ladybirdthe joy of travel, instead of joy of destination

(forgot to write about it but there were changes.)
i discovered what was troubling me for many years, i was unable to declutter my home (any of them), cus i only wanted clean home but i hated decluttering! and i was wandering why in earth can’t i sucseed in it after so many years of trying? now i know, in order to achieve something, you need to actualy enjoy doing it. 3 years ago

ladybirdwhitened my teeth

this is really a life change to me. now i understand the benefits of cosmetic intervention. it is much more than a skin deep.

also, counting all that money for a great cause gave me pleasure of being aware i’m worth highly to myself. days of being cheap are over.

and now enduring it (it was not easy procedure) for myself, i pushed my boundaries! now i can see: if i go to wrong track, i can go back and switch to a right track immediately! 3 years ago

ladybirdend the pitty party

that “poor me” thing, that was so useless… it was incredibly non-creative thing to do; but i wasn’t aware of it… i was simply drowning in it. i need to surround myself with good healthy people and good healthy activities. snap out of it. i have this one life to live. better start living it. 3 years ago


i have finaly realised that i can do whatever i want to! as long as i really want to pay the price. being aware of it or not. it is so simple: just do it, or don’t.
no need to feel guilty if i choose that i don’t want it. 3 years ago

ladybirdlunch boxes

i forgot to blog this goal, so i’m sure there were another changes.
i’m used to havin my own food with me, it is worth the effort. with time i hope to develop a system to keep it effortless.

p.s.i like the concept and beauty of bento boxes!!! 3 years ago

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