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Take it easy when my body is telling me to slow down.

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14cauliflowersI'm resting in bed right now and dh is making me tea and dinner

I had terrible leg pains at work today so I am resting in bed right now to try and feel better. 3 years ago

14cauliflowersIt's a stay in bed day

My body has been hurting for two days now and one woman at work noticed that I was limping when really my gait is off.

So I’m having a stay in bed day today and hoping that my body will quieten down. 3 years ago

14cauliflowersI'm missing my book club tonight

It’s a hard decision to decide to miss my book club tonight.

On one hand it can lift my spirits. However, I have been in a lot of pain today and my meds didn’t work, a nap didn’t work, and after dinner I still felt bad. In fact, I feel even worse now.

So I need to take care of my body even before I can enjoy myself. The good thing is that I don’t miss many fun opportunities anymore because of my chronic pain. So I just have to remember that it’s just one night. 3 years ago

14cauliflowersI took today off work again

I still had a fever, I felt sick, I had to keep running to the washroom. I did spend a couple of hours doing emails and then I rested and slept the rest of the day.

Hopefully I’m well enough to go back tomorrow as I have solid and timely work to accomplish but if I’m still sick with this stomach bug and sinus infection then I will send a list of what I’ve done and what needs to still be done on a couple of timely tasks that I’m working on and ask her to delegate it or save it for me when I return. 3 years ago

14cauliflowersWent to the doctor's today

and I have a sinus infection and a viral/flu gastro bug. I feel so nauseous – ugh. 3 years ago

14cauliflowersMy husband took one look at me this morning...

...and said you need a Benylin day.

I have a cold and a fever so now I’m back in bed.

Work is always so busy and it’s never a good day to be sick but I need to take care of myself first so that I can work. 3 years ago

14cauliflowersI'm not feeling like my usual self

I have less energy, some pain and I’m tired, can’t think straight and I’m easily irritable.

So I’m taking it easy. I’ve slowed down a bit at work, even though I’m still productive, I’m not necessarily going to get all of my blogging and writing done on time.

But once I feel like myself again I can do what I normally do. 3 years ago

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