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stop living in my head

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bessiebreezer 17 months ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godtheres actually a study guide for this...!

and it even comes with skills workbooks, encouraging CD’s, and maybe even a ‘process’ support group in a city near you….!

But to be more serious, it’s the new concept of ‘Dialectical Behavioral Therapy’ or DBT….theres also earlier form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. Both have been proven extremely effective in treating people with anxiety disorders, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, anger management, et al…
I havent yet been very long on this path, but the small taste i’ve gotten has given me a great insight and beginning tool-set to deal with that tricky brain thang…and all the analyzing it has done as a (highly ineffective) coping strategy against my depression and ptsd. Here’s one example: i’ve been told to ‘stop living in the past’, and have always retorted “i’ve worked so hard to heal my past!” But a new perspective given to me by DBT is “the past can be Just This Morning” Meaning if youre still mulling or lost in thought over events of the A.M…...you wont be very present throughout the P.M. Just this one tool has made drives to appts when running late much less stressful….instead of stewing over all the ways i screwed up in running late, i focus now on: “Okay, accept that youre running late, thats present reality….perhaps you can apologize when you arrive, but thats in the future, but for right now the only task & focus is driving safely, listen to music, enjoy the scenery…BE PRESENT WITH THE CURRENT MOMENT.

and what a difference that makes… 18 months ago

Christy eeeeeeeA way of getting everything i covet and need

It started with i was very young, my mom does it too, i would build a fantasy in my mind from things i saw on tv and i would live in them so as a child i did not develop proper social skills because they only come when your are engaged…without the social skills required i did not do well with people the funny thing is that i was aware of what people thought of me (i was aware of emotions but not too aware of facts) so that anytime i failed in a social situation (and that happened much too often) i would slip into my day dream state and stay there…sometimes all day! i was safe, i was truly happy no one can make me feel stupid and in my day dream i was always very special. As i grew older i found that i did not mature properly…and how could i when i wasnt attending to what i needed to. i find myself alone even when im in a crowd (although i usually have at least 1 day a week when im fully present and the happiest iv been even happier than i am in my fantasies but i cant hang on to that reality for too long) now i am 24 and i have accomplished so much in the last 2 yrs (i feel that my day dreams have decreased 80% in that time) but i am back to daydreams and i hate it hate it i waste days just sitting and conjuring another reality and i need to stop…i guess i need a friend someone who i can talk to about this 2 years ago

Christy eeeeeee 2 years ago

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