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say no and not feel guilty

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Say No Feel Guilty

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How To Say No

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unravelledhemA Breath of Fresh Air

If you don’t have time, don’t commit to something that isn’t what you really want to do. Help the people you care the most about and others only if you really have the time and genuine interest. It will make your life more enjoyable! 3 years ago


i always feel guilty regardless if i am wrong or not and i really have a problem saying no. 5 years ago

rockzhangSay no and not feel guilty

Say no and not feel guilty 5 years ago

EmilyI really need to be able to do this

I am so easily guilt-tripped into doing things I really don’t want to do and then I resent the people who asked me. Its just an awful situation all around. I’m such a push over. I just need to grow a pair ;) 5 years ago

SherieAlways a guilt trip.

My mom always asks me to do something.
Reasons being.
She just got back surgery a while ago and can hardly do anything.
But the things she’s capable of doing.. She always asks someone else to do.

It’s ridiculous.

Then if I do say no. She gives me a guilt trip.
I can’t stand it. 5 years ago

art_and_hopethis is cheesy

My last boyfriend and I had a really bad break up. He turned out to be a total jerk and made my life hell. He threatened to hurt everyone I cared about and constantly rang me up to abuse me or to guilt-trip me.
When he asked if we could be friends, I felt too mean to say no. But everytime I forgave him, he threw it back in my face within hours, abusing me again and again.
The more he did this, the more I realised I had no reason to feel guilty for not being nice to him. He was breaking me down and I was letting him, because I felt too guilty to say no.
There’s nothing wrong with considering your own feelings as well as others. 6 years ago

lanamadonnasay no and feel no guilt

My whole life I’ve always tried to get along with everyone. I think that this has put me into the “victim” state too many times to count! I don’t like to rock the boat. However, I find myself crabbing about it afterwards if I’ve allowed myself to be talked into something and then later wish I hadn’t. I allow myself to be a victim. Last week I stood up and said NO to someone I love and respect that has constantly put me down for a decision I made 4 yrs ago…and they never seem to tire of bringing it up. Trying always to make me feel guilt for something I do not regret. So, I said I had to stop this conversation…and that they needed to know I would not ever feel regret for what I chose for my life, and that every time they say those words it is painful to me and cruel.
Of course, my relationship with this person may change, but I have come to the realization that change can be good and sometimes very needed. So, I feel liberated and empowered that I stood up and said NO MORE. 6 years ago

CassaundraWhen I say no, I feel guilty

One of my instructors suggested I should read the book “When I say no, I feel guilty” by Manuel J. Smith. He said it would help! 7 years ago

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