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practice better time management.

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fadzli_malaysia 1 week ago

Helen Mary Labao 3 years ago

Majmaj1 1 month ago

Jolly_Chikawhy is this so hard??

To get off my bed and do anything maybe it was the unhealthy huge meal I had I fell asleep for 2h already this afternoon! I was feeling so good thill I got back home from work. I did nothing and feel so drained… maybe a cup a tea might help.. goes to show bad fuel bad energy. .. oh that crappie life 2 months ago

Jolly_Chikaan agenda

I bought a pretty pink one about a month ago. Time to put it to use.
Like now bish. 2 months ago

Jolly_Chika 2 months ago

connectaccounting 2 months ago

LukasKaale 2 months ago

Johngainer 2 months ago

redbackpack 2 months ago

seananike's right

just do it. seriously. i was feeling so tired today. so many excuses. i need an energy drink. i need a nap. i’ll do it tomorrow. i can wait till the last moment. who cares.

but i just… got up and started crossing things off my to-do list. getting out and just interacting with people was kind of fun and entertaining today. i was in a good mood. sure, i was tired when i got home, but at least i feel a bit more accomplished. 2 months ago

ProudSAHM07 2 months ago

waqasahmd 2 months ago

Geri Richmondpractice better time management.

Since I have been using my phone as a timer, I’ve found that it’s much easier to stay focused.
When the timer goes off, I go to another project. It works very well and I am pleased that I am more productive everyday. 3 months ago

Geri Richmond 3 months ago

Loni SinclairUntitled

I think my other goal, setting daily, weekly and monthly schedules is more specific than this one – so I’m going for that one. 3 months ago

Loni Sinclair 18 months ago

conita667 3 months ago

Dag Andre Brendjord 4 months ago

Mina Lilyits..Brain training time .

Use brain training to work toward’s a goal

Real challenging cognitive training may help people control impulses and influence important life choices.

If more research is done, we may learn whether training can help people stick to their diets or save money, for example.

Here are suggestions for incorporating training into your lifestyle:
  • 1
    Make a regular brain boost schedule for training:A schedule will also help you get accustomed to sticking to larger goals.
  • 2
    Combine your goals:
    Think of physical health and cognitive health as parts of the same equation.Many people say they like to train their brain with memory games; before or after a gym workout.There are even some brain-training cellphone game-apps available.
    (for free too!

There’s going to be more of an effort, to incorporate brain training time in my schedule and this means ; I’ll be cutting out negative / time-wasting / unproductive “activities”^ from my life.

A good schedule = less stress .4 months ago

bakr_hrdmake your time

At first we may see things difficult but exercise and follow the proper ways and determination to reach the goal is just what we can walk until the end of the road
Preparing special tabulations show things that you should do every day
Specifying the duration of each work
Implementation of business as mentioned
Measure the length of time that the event was the
What has been accomplished?
What has not been done?
Why did not the tasks that have not been implemented?
What are the actions which took more time than necessary?
What can I do to reduce the time of the tasks?
Thus, 4 months ago

bakr_hrd 4 months ago

akbaralis 4 months ago

tairuszoola 4 months ago

darkrose132 5 months ago

JeevanDTime management

Learn time management to minimise the wastage. 5 months ago

JeevanD 5 months ago

Haseebehassan 5 months ago

juditmaria 5 months ago

Charliemcrobb 5 months ago

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