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TinkMy 1300th cheer went to...

Paolo in London for his goal of turning off the lights for one hour every night for a week. 6 years ago

turquoisefloydI didn't notice

But I must’ve done it about 2 days ago! 7 years ago

Elderbear is subverting the dominant paradigm.Cheer # 1300

went to Tristan is living in truth for the entry #10 Diving into the Deep End of Life. 7 years ago


I finally reached 1300 cheers given away! Number 1300 came in from – & then went back out to – that champion cheer-giver, Doris W. in Phoenix!

Best wishes to all my 43T cheer partners!!! smile7 years ago


I keep getting cheers but still have zero to give away. Oh well… I’ll cheers ya’s when I get them. 7 years ago

Adeline OngUntitled

Surpassed it without realizing it. Now aiming for the next one 7 years ago

Celtic Christiangoes to ...

Iron_Man who never seems to be lacking unique posts that are interesting to read 7 years ago


Reached 1000 cheers on August 4th
Reached 1100 cheers on August 13th
Reached 1200 cheers on September 9th

and Ta-Da (drum roll please):

Reached 1300 cheers on October 3rd!

Thank you everyone!!! grin7 years ago


Reached 1000 cheers on August 4th
Reached 1100 cheers on August 13th
Reached 1200 cheers on September 9th

and ready to cheer you all “Onward and Upward”!!!

Best wishes on your goals, 43T-friends. smile7 years ago

Mary HawkinsCool!

I just looked up at my cheer count and I was at 1300 even! 7 years ago

sungoddessOne More!!

One more to go… :D 8 years ago


chip chip everyone 8 years ago

~*Serenity*~number 1300

went to Princess K for her entry follow my intution
A wonderful goal… THe best way to live life.. Listening to the still quiet voice of knowledge. 8 years ago

Lady SUntitled

Thank you to dwnsideupturtle for wanting to Create and name a new Crayola Crayon. I think she has a great user name and great goals too. 8 years ago

Lady Si like to

add entries for all my things, so here is an entry for this goal. 8 years ago

RachaelGood luck!

My 1300th cheer goes to letsbemermaids on have lots of magnetic poetry

Sounds cool to me :) 8 years ago

TiffanyNeed I even mention who...

this cheer went to? All you other wonderful ppl who cheer me I appreciate you too, because without you I wouldn’t be able to give this many cheers but alas after a rousing game of cheer volleyball Cathibeth was given my 1300 cheer! Who’d have thought I’d be this far in my cheer giving? WOW! 8 years ago

Brian Ca. born, Southern by ChoiceUntitled

Total cheers given: 1300
Total cheers received: 1100

Cheer #1300 went to:lifeisgood61
Cheer #1100 came from: Squirrel Hunter8 years ago

TiffanyAlmost there

1265 8 years ago

SallyKittMost of the cheerleading images

from the ‘70s that I found online featured sitting cheerleaders. Guess they were just all pepped out. This woman seems to have some energy though.

Whoop whoop. This hundred went so fast I don’t even know who got the round 1300. 8 years ago


hello angie1303 :)

my 1300th cheer went to Chuq :)
1301st to Cathibeth :D 8 years ago

2 cheers . 13 comments . Comment

yakuza1300 done

I’m not adding cheers goals, I’m just marking them done when I’ve passed the milestone. 1300 went to gloomy as many of them have the past few days. 8 years ago

2 cheers . 33 comments . Comment

Todd SchoonoverFinally

The cheer fairy was being stingy this morning and the cheer goblin stole one right away while I was searching for an entry to cheer. But now it’s done, and cheer 1300 went to Cathibeth. 8 years ago

7 cheers . 1 comment . Comment
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