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amblerLessons are everywhere

All I have to do is recognize opportunities and claim as my own any knowledge that I discover. Whether I absorb all the knowledge I am seeking the first time or have to repeat lessons occasionally to retain info, I just keep learning and growing from experiences and the lessons of life. 1 month ago

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darkrose132Never ever stop learning.

After O levels, I’m going to study. Every day. I’m going to catch up on high school physics and I’m going to take it for A levels and I’m going to get an A*. I have to.

Physics is very interesting even though I’m one of those people who cannot grasp the concepts easily without help from other people or studying for days (and even then, it might slip out my mind if I don’t constantly revise on it.) I may not be as smart as the next person, and I’m definitely not cut out for physics, but I want to know and learn more.

When I do understand it, it fills me with happiness (or more precisely temporary endorphins when I’m able to explain a concept and understand clearly). I know a little bit more about how the world works and I am a bit more enlightened. And then I feel more motivated to study. 5 months ago

darkrose132 5 months ago

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took strategic planning fundamentals class 6 months ago


took powerpoint class 6 months ago

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narcissusnymph 4 years ago

narcissusnymphThings I've learnt about my country

I was born and raised in a country called Malaysia. However, as much as I would want to, I am not able to call myself a Malaysian when my own country does not even convince me enough that I am indeed one of the 28 million citizens (‘Rakyat’) on this soil. Would you like to live in a place :-

Where institutional racism (the concept of bumiputra ethnic group) exists and regards minorities (if not all) as second class citizens;
Where corruption is as transparent as black plastic bag;
Where federal parliamentary democracy should be practiced fairly but fail miserably in reality;
Where public secondary school students succumb to whims of their Maths or Science teachers who resort to speak in Malay language and then having trouble understanding their textbooks because they are written in English becomes a common problem;
Where religious tolerance is almost non-existent (e.g. conversion from Islam to other religions is damnable decision)


Maybe it doesn’t sound as bad as you might think… But do we really have to wait until one day we find ourselves languishing in an irretrievably broken country ?

Despite our ruling coalition’s promises and ambitious development plans for the past 56 years, Malaysia has remained a less-developed country when our neighbours notably Singapore and Brunei have achieved higher GDP in relatively short time.

Nevertheless the rise of the Internet freedom and social media have had helped (may I add, tremendously) to educate us; because of this, young fearless future leaders are shaped and dare to speak their mind and disdain what is so obviously wrong in our country. So far, this is the only major positive change I have seen in Malaysia.

It goes without saying, that home is where the heart is.
The more I think about this, the more I realize my heart truly lies only within my family, no matter where they are. 11 months ago

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