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throw my husband a surprise 30th birthday party


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Beth 17 months ago


The party is next week. I’m pretty sure he still thinks it’s a surprise. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t going to be able to make it, because of things like family emergencies (yeah, I realize this is far in advance, but I know at least one person won’t be there due to one) and not being able to get off work. BUT there will be some people there, so I’m happy with the whole thing.
I THINK it’s still a surprise. I don’t know for sure, but it’s close enough to a surprise.
I’m serving hot dogs wrapped in bacon on a stick. I’m an amazing wife, in case you were unsure of that fact prior to that last sentence ;). 6 months ago


Well, who knows, this may not be a surprise, but it’s happening in two weeks!
His mother has now tried to ruin this multiple times. Sometimes, I wonder what she’s thinking.
But I think it will still be a surprise. At least a little. 6 months ago


He has an idea about it, because he’s that kind of guy. BUT I’m still making this happen. I just don’t know how.
I’m hoping his friends Lauren and Art can come to my rescue somehow. 7 months ago

BethWell, It's getting to be time to start figuring things out.

Guest List: (not that anyone here cares but I need it in a place I can find again)

Steve + Julia
Barb + Megan
Fred, Kim, Kyle
Brian + Val
Jess + Ryan
Jen, Ross, Lucy
Stacy, Mike
Art + Lauren
Jill, Tim, Kylie
Sarah + Johnny
Joe + GF (I forogot her name…ooops).

I could probably get away with buying 10 invites and not giving them to everyone lol. 8 months ago


lol someone already tried to ruin this. but I think he’s forgotten about it :). 14 months ago


It’s pretty much all planned, and I can worry about the small details when we actually get closer to the time. 16 months ago


oh em gee I can’t even wait to tell my boat friends about my idea. I figure we can do pot luck so I won’t have to spend a ton of money (because he LOVES when we save money) and invite all our friends (whom will mostly be there anyhow because all our friends are at our marina minus three) and …yayayayayay. He says he doesn’t want one, but i know he does. :). 16 months ago


So, it’s going to be a BIG surprise because I’m planning on throwing it an entire month before his birthday. Why? Because I want to throw it at our boat and the boat gets put away by his birthday. So, a month before :). I have ideas. 17 months ago

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