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Wash my face every night before I go to bed

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alyssa250crazy i know.

i didn’t use to because i was super lazy and hated getting all wet before bed… but i bought a clarisonic… greatest freaking invention ever… i probably sound like a commercial. don’t get me wrong, the thing was expensive… 150$ for the little one… but i now wash my face every night and every morning because it’s so easy. 3 years ago

OhNOudidntStill going strong!!!

I am doing amazingly well considering I have never really washed my face before bed. I know it’s extremely important but I could never really bring myself to do it regularly. BUT I think I have finally gotten into the habit. I try to wash it before I get too tired or I know I won’t do it. I don’t think I’ve completed this goal quite yet but I am on my way!! 4 years ago


Okay so I went to the dermatologist about a month ago and was given a regimen and prescription creams. I have been doing ridiculously great!! I can say that I have only not washed my face before bed about 4 times since. It makes a complete difference as well as the prescription creams I’m sure. I’m loving it and seeing the difference definitely makes it easier. 4 years ago


I am seriously doing well on this one. I’ve started using Murad and I have used it every morning and night for the past couple days. I know that doesn’t SOUND like a lot…but for me it is! ;) 5 years ago


I am just sooo tired and I HATE washing my face. I think once I get in the habit it will be a lot easier. I just need to get in the habit… 5 years ago


I’m giving myself 30 days before I check this off my list. I have to wash my face everynight and moisturize. I’ve done this the last 2 nights and already my face feels softer and cleaner. I have to be especially careful when i wear makeup. 7 years ago

EternalclutzI'm soooooooooo lazy

I was going to bed last night and thought to myself, “hmmm, good day to start reaching that goal of mine by washing my face. But I’m so tired. But it only takes two minutes to wash my face. But then I have to soap up, scrub, and dry. And I can’t find a clean handtowel. Dammit – why are there no clean towels? I know why. Because I live with my husband and younger brother. Neither of whom can do a scrap of laundry without ten reminders. They don’t clean either. And Tim (my brother) always leaves every cupboard door open when he gets something out of the kitchen. And Travis (my husband) leaves garbage lying around the house. I do everything around here! It’s not fair. I’m going to bed. To Hell with the face.” 7 years ago

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