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Kira MarieI guess this is the end, huh?

I really wish it wasn’t being that I have a renewed sense of need to fly…

So before We all part for good, can someone write me a spell? and, or, Recommend a good meditation? Comment the needed details for the spell and I’ll get back to you :) 4 hours ago

BloomWell... a sappy goodbye

I never got to 1,000 posts! D: I guess I won’t get that surprise that Chesire was talking about when I reached it ^^;

I don’t think I’ll ever give up or forget about this dream. I look to the skies now, and I see beautiful clouds catching the light from the sun. All I can imagine is soaring through the air, touching those clouds with the tips of my fingers or flying straight though! Catching the rays of the sun on the ends of my wings, and thanking God for His beautiful creations and the chance to do what I think no one has ever done before! I pray one day soon I can fly, and I think it’ll be better in real life than it ever could be in my imagination. There will probably be issues, like hiding my wings or making sure I have the rest of my life set straight, but I know I can just trust God to take care of me, because I know He loves me unconditionally :)

So I know goodbyes are hard, but I know I’ll never forget this site and all the happiness it and it’s members have brought me! I love all of you, and I truly mean all of you.

Fly free~! 17 hours ago


If anyone has Sora’s number, I’d like to contact her.

Her email, snapchat name, facebook would be appreciated too!!!

Thanks! 21 hours ago

♚Bad Kitty♚Famous Last Posts

So before 43T finally closes down, I propose we, as in everyone currently still here to click the “I’m done” button in celebration of over… Alotta years of hard work :D


-13 1 day ago


well then. I decide to come back for a while and the site is closing. 0-0
nerts. 1 day ago



The Robots have settled it… 1 day ago

SkyBird WingedMy last post :)

Scientists have done extensive research into the mixing of genes or cells from different species, adding human (and other animal) genes to bacteria and farm animals to mass-produce insulin and spider silk proteins, and introducing human cells into mouse embryos. Para humans have been referred to as “human-animal hybrids” in a vernacular sense that also encompasses human-animal chimeras. The term para human is not used in scientific publications.The term is sometimes used to sensationalize research that involves mixing biological materials from humans and other species. It was used in a National Geographic article to describe an experiment in 2003, during which Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs. According to Daily Mail, as of 2011, more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos were created in British laboratories since the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. With respect to animal-human mixing, no evidence of any entities being born has ever been recorded but new developments in crossing the species barrier may no longer limit animal-human mixtures to the domain of mythology. Indeed, procedures have recently been developed by scientists which mix human and animal biological elements to such an extent that it questions the very concept of being entirely human. For example, concern for animal-human mixtures was raised in 2001 by the UK Animal Procedures Committee which indicated in its Report on Biotechnology that though questions may exist as to the likely fate of such animal-human mixtures, there may be a deeper repugnance at the thought of their very existence. Indeed, The Regulation of New Biotechnologies and published in 2004, that the crossing of the animal-human boundary was, in some respects, quite complex and subtle but that the mixing of human and animal tissues and material was not by itself objectionable. In the context of therapy and preventive medicine, the President’s Council accepted that the transplantation of animal parts to replace defective human ones could be considered as ethical. Moreover, the Council had no overriding objection to the insertion of animal-derived genes or cells into a human body – or even into human foetuses – where the aim would be to address a serious disease in the patient or the developing child.
Humans and birds diverged are over 300 Mya; protein sequence evolution over that time is easier to estimate than DNA evolution; at the typical vertebrate neutral DNA substitution rate, any nucleotide that is not under strong selection is likely to have undergone multiple substitutions in that amount of time, making it very difficult to identify homologous, neutrally-evolving nucleotides. Thus, the only segments that can be confidently aligned are, as Andreas Pfenning said, quite limited.
I think, that although it will take years we do have a chance at flight. There would have to be a DNA cocktail though, not just bird and human. You would need the DNA of certain insects as their exoskeletal structure (in the unique honeycomb formation) would provide the human body with a skeleton capable of withstanding the stresses of flight and flight muscles, the insect DNA would essentially make our bones light and incredibly strong. You would also need DNA from some type of ape, preferably the orangutan, as the fibrous strings that make up their muscle mass confer a strength much greater than their appearance would suggest, as in they have a higher strength to mass ratio (using this DNA, wouldn’t deform the human musculature or appearance, merely take the place of what composes the muscles themselves). We would also need to have croc DNA to give us a second pair of eyelids, as i for one, do not want to be blinded by every oncoming bug & whereas I think a pair of raybans may look pretty good, they would fall off, not to mention the obvious benefits to the Australian salt water crocodile’s immune system, the only natural immune system with a near 100% effectiveness against all forms of disease, bacterial and viral. This makes us far more likely to survive any diseases we may (with gene manipulation) become susceptible to. And finally we could use the DNA of certain birds that live at high altitude, for their ability to process and survive on much lower oxygen saturation rates, not to mention the incredible eyesight of the raptors, which can see with 20/20 vision over vast distances and up close. All in all, we may not be able to fly right now, but with technology changing and scientist already playing with avian and human DNA in embryos there’s still a chance for humans to grow wings. Although this theory may take years and years to accomplish at least it’s not entirely impossible. For now we can all dream though. I hope this gave everyone some hope, I also apologize for using such a big vocabulary, but I couldn’t help myself since I love science and physics.
Note: please don’t comment with any negative intentions, I’m not looking to pick a fight with anyone.
I pray you all will be able to complete your goals :) goodbye :D 2 days ago


We’re so close to the end I can feel us running on empty… I’m going to miss this site so much, but I loved my time here. I know it sounds more morbid than it is, but yes.

I hope everyone gets their wings :D

See you around,
(I know, this is like my 3rd “last entry” 2 days ago

Lord BearclawScience.

No dragons. No werewolves. No moon vampires. No lunar gods. No air.

This is what makes the photo possible – Science. Space travel, medicine, cellphones, computers, air conditioners, cars, escalators, plastics, hot and cold running water, refrigeration, convection/conduction stoves, microwaves, synthetic fabrics, electricity, CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, prepackaged food, food delivery, air travel, vision enhancements, prosthetics, beauty and hygiene products, flushable toilets, television, Doppler radar, solar panels, hybrid engines, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on and on and on and on interminably almost of all the products, services, and advancements that humanity has devised, implemented, or achieved all because of Science.

If you think that Science is “just another” concept that “really doesn’t do anything”, and that “magic” is real, then get rid of every single thing in your life that Science has brought you. No more clothes that you didn’t make yourself from cotton or wool produced on your farm. No more pasteurized milk from the store – milk it yourself from your cow. No more eyeglasses or contacts. No more wristwatches, cellphones, laptops, computers. Throw them out. No more toilet – you’ll have to go dig an outdoor outhouse, and when the hole eventually fills up you’ll have to cover it over with dirt and dig a new one. Have fun using the privy in Winter. Throw out everything in your house made of plastic – CDs, DVDs, combs, brushes, buttons, shoes, etc. etc. etc. No more medicines – not even aspirin – sorry, but you’ll have to brew your own willowbark tea for that. Having pain? Too bad. No more inoculations against chicken pox, measles, pertussis, etc.

Now replace any one item or service that Science has brought you with “magic”. Go ahead. Let’s see it.

The best thing that I can hope for all of you as this site shuts down is LEARN. Keep looking for the answers – find out what is real and what is fantasy. Keep an open mind but don’t become gullible. Question everything – especially anything that asks you to trust in unproven or undocumented hypotheses. Remember what P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And lastly, remember that you are a Human Being, a member of the only sentient, self-aware species this planet has ever produced. You are the product of 4.5 billion year of evolution. Act like it. 2 days ago

ErkaWings 2 days ago

Lord BearclawYou read far too much into what I say - and don't comprehend the point I am making.

First, your ridiculous use of the Garfield strip is irrelevant as I will shortly explain. Second, the “coincidence” you cite is no coincidence at all – it is simple mathematical inevitability. Eventually all of you (barring unforeseen accidents or health issues) will also be 43 years old. I have been on this site for nearly four years already.

I cite these things much the same way any adult will cite the qualifications that set them apart from the average joe schmo in regards to any field of study.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, so they say – the time I have spent here is the same time that every other user has spent here, probably less overall, and not one person on any of these “goals” can show supporting objective evidence that they have achieved even the slightest bit of success. I, on the other hand, have succeeded in the reason I came on here – which is to provide a voice of reason that contradicts the liars and purveyors of delusions with objective fact and medical science.

I read quite a bit. I hike, I kayak, I take part in armored combat, I game, I sew, I make chainmail, I make plate armor, leatherwork, wood carve, etc. etc. etc. I also work a full time job at the fifth largest cardiac hospital in the nation as a float Nurse – meaning I work all floors and departments, including the ICUs and Emergency Rooms. I live a full and rich life. My time is my own to spend as I see fit.

I didn’t say age did. I simply state my age for the benefit of the poster who is apparently new and may not know who I am or my credentials. Youth certainly has a far lower percentage of either of those two qualifications. There are exceptions to all “rules” when it comes to human ability, of course, I know some rather childish and immature grown-ups, and also some very advanced childlings, but this is not the norm assuming a society that teaches not what to think, but rather how to think.

I didn’t say that a Nurse had to be an expert in biology (yet Biology is a Nursing field of study, and slackers who are not of above average intelligence do not make it through Nursing training), neither did I say that advanced physics was required to discuss the reasons that a human cannot grow wings (in reality the reasons that we can’t aren’t advanced at all, they just require a good grounding in human anatomy and biology and common sense).

Gifted classes and Mensa were discussed to point out that I am not your average joe schmo, and to again support my credentials, which are obviously true – once again, Nursing classes don’t graduate those with below average intelligence, and sometimes not even those at average levels.

If I were to act the way I do here in “real life”. I do “act” this way in real life – i.e. I present the facts of science to expose anyone who tries to deceive others with lies. That is usually seen as being “rude” only by those who are the liars to begin with. Get used to it – there are tons of people in the world who won’t stand idly by and let liars get away with their shenanigans. People say they don’t like my honesty, but to be fair I don’t like their lies. I don’t think I am “better than those around me” – but if they refuse to use their brains to learn how to think critically, then I am under no obligation to cater to their delusional thinking patterns. Matt Moneymaker, for instance, host of the Animal Planet farce “Finding Bigfoot” doesn’t like me at all and takes exception to my well-reasoned debunk of “Bigfoot”, as do most of the believers and B.F.R.O. I find, for my part, that what they think of me and all the names they call me don’t affect my ability to sleep at night one bit.

I believe in God. I have discussed this many times. The human organism is a finite, quantified lifeform, descended from the upright bipedal primates, and has been differentiated from the rest of the primates for about a million years give or take. We do not spontaneously generate physical features that we have no genetic inheritance for – no species does that. Evolution does not happen spontaneously within a individual creature – it happens over hundreds or thousands of years in most cases, and sometimes millions of years when many generations of a species develop specializations through breeding and usually only if those specializations are genetically dominant.

I don’t care if no one is “listening” – I know that I am doing the right thing by offering a voice of reason and intelligence that counters the delusional thinking patterns introduced on these “goals” by highly suspect individuals who are likely doing this as a sadistic form of baiting to see how many gullible people they can get to believe this foolishness. 3 days ago

JarjarofdirtCongratulations on coincidence, LBC! (a repost)

You’re 43 and on 43things. Feel free to think about how much time you’ve spent here that could have been spent doing other things, like reading books. On another note, I’d like to say some things that haven’t been said in a while:

•Age does not equate to maturity or intelligence.

•You don’t have to be an expert in biology to be a nurse. It most definitely does not require knowledge of advanced physics, which would obviously need to be discussed if growing wings is possible.

•You may have been in gifted classes as a child, but that does not mean much in what you like to call “the real world.” If anything, you simply were ahead of your class by a year or so. That does not mean you inherently have an overall superiour intellect when compared to the users of 43things.

•You say you missed entry into MENSA by a few points? So, what? All that means is that you have an easy time finding patterns in words and number sequences. It’s like your IQ: interesting, but, almost always, not significant outside of certain areas of work and study.

•Your constant posting here amounts to almost nothing. If you were to act the way you do here in public, you would be seen as a rude man that thinks he is better than everyone around him.

•On a related note, your denial of the ability to grow wings makes little sense when considering your Christian faith… I’d rather not get into a debate on religion, so I’ll leave this one as is.

TL;DR: LBC, even though you may have the best of intentions, people clearly aren’t listening to you, whether you’re right or not. 3 days ago

Lord BearclawFacts of Medical Science.

Facts of medical science.

1. Humans cannot grow wings. We have no DNA instruction to do so.

2. Anything is not possible. We live in a finite world of finite possibility and we exist in a very narrow set of physical parameters.

3. You have not seen this work – humans do not grow wings. I am a Nurse, I know the human anatomy. This is genetically, biologically, anatomically, and physiologically impossible.

4. Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie. If people are believing in this delusion than they need to be disillusioned of the fantasy.

5. No one could hide with wings. It is completely impossible. They would be seen. They would be filmed. They could simply not disappear from the world and not be sought after.

6. God does not cause active and specific changes in people’s lives in such ways. In fact, the existence of God cannot be proven or disproven, as God is a concept of a infinite Being that does not reveal His existence to the world in order to engender true Faith. God may or may not actually exist by the simple lack of forensic evidence one way or another, but the human body is a known, quantified organism. We do not spontaneously generate any physical features not indigenous to our genetic inheritance, the same way elephants don’t develop gills and cats don’t grow beaks and dogs don’t grow feathers. 4 days ago


Also I’m not lying also what if god actually made that all change and let them really have what they wanted and might have needed what if that everything just let it have more believe let it have a chance and it might just give every one a chance to get what they dreamed don’t harm others feelings because it might not of worked for you or you might not have given it a try. Try it for your self and see what happens then 4 days ago

IronWarriorspeople can get wings

its possible that humans can grow wings anything is possible if you just believe also if you don’t believe this why did you even look up this sight I believe cause it works I have seen it work and it might be working for everyone doing this don’t upset others by posting that so please just don’t post something if you know its going to hurt their feelings I did not mean this to be rude at all and what if they were hiding so they wont we killed or possibly worse that’s probably why they keep hidden from some people I am sorry if this harmed some people if this sounded rude I did not intend it to so good luck and congrats to all who are getting or got their wings and have a safe flight! 4 days ago

Lord BearclawNo human has or can grow wings. No one.

The human form cannot and does not, grow wings. Period. Anyone who says they have done such is lying or is delusional.

The human genetic code does not, nor has it ever, contained the DNA “instructions” for wings. Birds are the descendants of the raptor dinosaurs and early flighted creatures such as Archeopteryx.

So-called “junk” DNA does NOT spontaneously combine to cause radical mutations in the lifetime of a single organism – indeed, we have no evidence that junk DNA has recombinant capability at all.

The human form is adapted for land-based, upright, bipedal ambulation. Not one of its systems can support the muscle work and exertion necessary for muscle powered flight.

Attempts to produce “wings” using ultralight materials flapped by the arms fail utterly. The human musculature system simply cannot, no matter how strong the individual is or how in shape they are, cannot perform the muscle work necessary to achieve lift-off or sustain powered flight.

Attempts to do so did however lay the groundwork for hang gliding and parasailing technology, which does allow the human form to fly.

For the sake of argument/debate, if a human child did spontaneously grow wings there is simply no way they could remain out of the public eye. Once they were removed from school there would be home visits by school agents, such as truancy workers and child protective services to ensure the child was being correctly homeschooled.

Contrary to what others here will tell you, homeschooled children cannot simply “vanish” from sight. Their teacher parent must still satisfy the school board guidelines for allowing a child to be homeschooled, such as a submitted and approved curriculum, evidence of the child’s continued good health such as shown by regular check ups by medical professionals. No child can simply “vanish” from public sight in such a manner without arousing local suspicion.

Neighbors, family, friends, etc. etc. etc. i.e. all the people you routinely come into contact with during the course of each day would notice such a disappearance and eventually, inevitably, CPS agents would knock on the door to make sure the child was healthy and not being harmed. If they were turned away this would only strengthen their resolve and the next time they would return with a warrant and Judge’s order to be allowed to see the child. Think of how prolific cameras are in our society – everyone has them in their phones now, and recording devices on private and public land record each of us an estimated 100 times per day. Someone is always watching you.

Any person with such things on their backs would be incredibly ungainly and could not drive or even fit into a car or other mode of similar transport, and would have difficulty even going through doors. The minimum wingspan necessary to support the human form in flight is 22 feet, as shown by hang glider technology. At that length each wing would have to be 11 feet long each. With a bird wing having three joints – one at the attachment to the body, one a fourth of the distance from the body, and one more half of the distance from the body, there is simply no possible way to fold them against the body in any way that they would be hidden at all. If placed under clothing the bulge would be unmistakable, as well as the primaries trailing past the ankles.

They would be seen. They would be photographed. They would be sought out. They would be filmed. People would clamor after them night and day for interviews. They would be followed, hounded, watched every minute.

Humans do not grow wings. Ever. No one who claims such is telling the truth. They are delusional, or lying. Period. 4 days ago


This is going down…..
I think i might miss this place….
‘Sigh’ this sucks. 4 days ago

NekoFanGirl 4 days ago


hello im new here And I am hoping I can get wings in this goal I hope this works and congrats if it worked for you 4 days ago

IronWarriors 4 days ago

ishahybrid98Hi there

Hey everybody. you may or may not know me. I used to be on this goal back in 2012-2013, and I’m starting back on it again :) I used to go by Ai or aishahybrid98.

Well, I guess that’s enough about me for now. Good luck with your wings to all of you!

Let your dreams soar4 days ago

ishahybrid98 4 days ago

41FalconI'm back!

Hey guys! I’m back! I’ve gathered enough motivation to try and complete this goal again! I’ve been known as Falcon by you grow wings people, and so that’s what I’ll go by again. Good to see you all! 5 days ago

41FalconListen up!

Guys, the site is NOT shutting down. Take a look at this link:

Basically, what it says is that they’re closing 43people and another site or two so that the team can focus their attention on working on the more popular sites (including 43things). They’re also moving some features from the sites being shut down to here. They’re IMPROVING this lovely site.

In the comments, someone asked if 43things was also going to be shut down along with 43 people. The original poster responded with this:

“Hi Georgre, we’re definitely NOT shutting down 43 things! No need to worry about that.”

You may all celebrate! 5 days ago

41Falcon 5 days ago

MidnightIsisIIThis Sucks

The fact that this site is shutting down, one of my favorite shows Beauty and the Beast isn’t going to be at SD Comic Con, and it’s not airing until next year has officially turned this day into one of my worst. 5 days ago


Wow I can’t believe 43 things is really shutting down. I’m sorry I left it so long to come back here , this place is freakimg awesome. Maybe we can’t use this place to share our goals anymore but it’s good to know that while it existed , we sure as hell tried :D yes I am a random person that hasn’t been online forever but I had to get a word in before this thing was gone. To everyone still trying this , good luck. Enjoy the rest of whatever you’re up to :) 5 days ago


i wont miss 43things i have aquired any contacts i wished from this place and made sure i could contact them in otherways SO HAH FUCK YOU 43THINGS I DONT NEED YOU!!!!

on a side note ._. general panda wishes i knew all you plebs somewhat better~ 6 days ago

CanineCaptive 1 week ago

oOoWhitewingoOo 11 months ago

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