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grow wings


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♚Thirteen♚Project Skybound Announcement!

I am pleased to announce the coming of a game for Project Skybound. This game will be made via RPG maker VX Ace and therefore will be an RPG (as originally planned!~ but first I have to get the software). This is a big step in the development of the story and once the game is completed, I will be releasing it for FREE. The game will include already existing characters (and if you made a profile, you will be featured). If you don’t have a profile, feel free to add one and be sure to check out the developments and plans at: http://www.43things.com/things/view/4961377/project-skybound

Feel free to join and contribute and I will keep you guys updated on the project status!

pce 10 minutes ago


you can’t grow wings tho. 20 hours ago


There is a saying that goes like this; ” holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it as someone else; you are the one getting burned.” Now that to me is both clever and funny and it rings true to my ear. Besides that, I don’t know you guys. Guess I just felt like being a little inspirational today. Maybe I might make someone’s day a little better. Who knows. As for positive quotes, there are tons. Look some of ‘em up :) ya might find some goods ones. As for the ones I’m referring to are mainly LOA. Try it out if your skeptical. It works. But then again, I’m just here to share my thoughts with anyone, not force to accept my belief. And one last comment, ” live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.” 1 day ago

Plumethegoodwitch 1 week ago


Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment. Never give up on your dreams folks. You all have the power to achieve great things in your life. Just trust your self, think and most importantly, FEEL love, and you shall receive exactly that in return. There are no limits. Positivity is infinite. Love is. If someone ever puts you down any how, you respond to them maturely. If not, then ignore them. Sometimes it’s better off like that :) don’t get bothered by them. They don’t deserve your attention if they are going to try getting on your nerves. Because in the end, it is you who wins. And you guys are doing a great work on believing in your self and staying positive. Cheers _1 day ago


the weirdest thing happened. My grandmothers car has this thing with her fuse and wires in the car. So it wouldn’t start no matter how many times, like 6,7? Idk but we kept trying because we know how to fix it. So my brothers like I’LL TRY BITCHES, LETS MESS WITH SOME FUSES. So I for some rason decided to try and channel my energy into the car and like then it was like VROO, then again I did it and it did the same thing and then I thought to myself, I need to reach deeper and channel it more and then it was like VROOOOM and it started! So I was like. ... . ... . ... . ... . ... What a coincidence. 6.6 2 days ago

CountessoftheRosesWeird night

So I decided to meditate because it was going to be a full moon and I had this peculiar thing happen to me. A name popped into my mind,Sonya. I don’t know anyone named Sonya but then I got an image of a girl and then a wolf and then they both were together as one.I also felt a feeling of love.

This is all I remember because the next thing I knew was that I woke up around 2am. I had fallen asleep while I was meditating. Not the first time that it happened but that was it. 2 days ago

♒Serenity♒ 2 years ago


wanna know something nasty??? ok today at lunch for her science project emma had brought a goldfish to school and the bowl broke so she put it in my water bottle and she conveniently forgot to tell me she put a goldfish in my water so i took a drink and she was all “oh theres a goldfish in that!!!” and i wanted to throw up i drank goldfish shit2 days ago


Hey guys ^^
How are you all doing? I was told it’s the blood moon tonight (I’m not really sure if that’s right. It could be tomorrow…)
I have a spell ready, whether it works or not. :) I’m still going to try. I missed the blue moon on my birthday last year so I can’t even think about missing this.

Well… I must go prepare. See you later :) 2 days ago

Lord BearclawRecent incorrect statements about me.

Non-belief implies the possibility that a certain concept or theory could be possible. For instance, if I am in a room with no windows I might not believe it is raining, but I might be wrong because rain is a possible occurrence.

In the case of someone telling me that Superman just flew down Main Street at noon while heading to a party hosted by Popeye and attended by Bilbo Baggins, Hopalong Cassidy, and Fred Flintstone, it isn’t a matter of non-belief. It is a matter of pure knowledge.

Those characters are not, nor were they ever real, so the positing of such an occurrence is a complete impossibility.

I do not “Bible-thump”. IF, however, someone wants to use
Biblical terminology and creatures in a fantasy of theirs, then I will use the actual Biblical data to show that their fantasy is completely wrong.

Usually, in the real world, when someone promotes such a fantasy as truth, mature individuals consider that lying.

It is not “close-mindedness” when a person knows the truth and doesn’t allow others to promote fantasies, lies, and delusions as truth when all they are is deceptions and falsehoods.

There has also been a ridiculous idea lately that every single thing a person says should have a “citation”. Not true. When something I say is in the public sphere of knowledge and is easily looked up there is NO reason to cite chapter and page for it. Any idiot can look up and verify the information from a hundred different sources.

But when someone states an opinion, or makes a claim that goes against what is known to be true, then citations of research are in order. This goes back to Burden of Proof – responsibility of Proof lies not with the mainline, verified, easily researched norm – it does lie with the deviant from the norm whose conclusions run counter to verified truth.

Recent attempts to try and “discredit” me because I don’t make “citations” for common knowledge, long since proven true, are inane and ridiculous in the extreme. 3 days ago

Angelchild 7I thought I should introduce myself.

I’m Seven, or A7, and I’m new (sort of) to this goal.
Gender undisclosed, age undisclosed, location undisclosed.

Like the majority of you, I want to grow wings.. I will be using the shifting method alongside spells.
Hopefully we can get along fine, I’ll be sticking around for a while.

- Angelchild 7 3 days ago

LyntixComing Back

I think I’m coming back to this goal.
As i said before , i was growing wings before for about a year , but then i suddenly stoped and i don’t know why.
I think I’ll try again , because the last time i tried it wasn’t cery sucessful.
If there is anyone of you that is willing to help me achieve this goal , pleaso do.
I will be so greatfull. :)
Also , i can help because i know a lot of stuff on my own.
Thanks to everybody in advance. :) 3 days ago

Angelchild 7 4 days ago

xXDreamWingsXx I have returned.

Long time no see my friends. This is 5 years now since I’ve joined this page, I believe. Been working on my wings quite well c:
Greetings 5 days ago


Neferet 5 days ago

SunbunnyChat With ME!


I’m lonely and bored and need friends. Wtf. 5 days ago

WingedBeast1Funny haha

Those who say ‘Nothing is impossible’ have never tried slamming a revolving door. 6 days ago

Dragon of the Nighta very interesting book

Myths and Mysteries of the World

It offers up some very interesting theories on things like fish rain, the Sliding Rocks of Death Valley, spontaneous combustion, crystal tears, and the like. Read it!! 6 days ago

Majora NothingRant (Warning swearing)

Remember before when I said I could fill a page with things I hate? Well here are some of the things that piss me off and why. Leave in the comments what pisses you off.

Close minded people, combing my hair (It gets extremely knotted), math, my math teacher (she never bothers to answer questions during class. She acts like its some big fucking secret.), being rushed, random loud noises, when my friend tells me lies about shit that doesnt even need to be lied about (stuff that wouldnt offend me), Lorde, the damn “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” song from Frozen, shitty pop music (Not saying all pop music is shitty), when somebody does something or talks about something like a T.V. show or a song that I talked about a million times before and they pretend as if I never mentioned it, when I love something and I talk about it and other people look at me like im weird and then it gets sooo popular and everyone loves it, when I do something with my hair or clothes and people start copying me, when I try really hard in school and I still get bad grades, when people talk to me (and other people) like we are stupid because they are dicks, when people slap me on the back, when people bother me when I obviously want to be left alone, when guys are creeps (Seriously this guy started making kiss faces at me from across the street), racism, when I try to ask someone who is not doing anything a question and they dont listen, when someone tells me “You should straighten your hair it would look nice”, slipping on ice, being too cold, being too warm, these words:(warning dirty words) pussy, penis, vagina, panties, and moist, I also hate feeling helpless, feeling as if im going to cry, having someone see me cry, pushovers, when people hurt the innocent, when people try to pick fights with me, when people dont understand words that I use because their range of vocabulary is small (I was talking to my friend and I used the word discreet and she stopped me to ask me what that ment), not taking a shower for a long period of time, when people bash females, public bathrooms, when people stop me from talking in the middle of my sentence for a stupid reason, the sound of someone scraping their fork against a plate, when people always have no expression on their face (unless they cant help it, because then I understand).

People I hate (Im not using names): This girl in my ceramics class. She always plays annoying Lorde music, and shes just really fucking annnoying. This girl in my math class. She just trys to start fights with me all the time. This cheerleader bitch. She thinks she is better than everyone and she talks to people like they are stupid. This group of girls. They are just nasty to everyone for no reason. This group of guys. They treat girls like shit and they always throw food at lunch. I honestly hate most of the people at my school. I also hate how all the stoners in my school are dicks. Seriously, I have been told that stoners are very chill cool people but in my school, they are not.

This is not everything that I hate but this is all I could think of for now. Remember, tell me in the comments what pisses you off! 1 week ago

Kailany 1 week ago


Anyway. I thought maybe I would start a series of problems about winged people which we could all put our head together and try to find a solution.

Todays problem: how to attach the wings to the back?
Current Suggestions:
- Holes in the scapulae (ball and socket joint)
- No scapulae, just a ball and socket joint for arms and legs
- Wings attached halfway down back with avian scapulae
- Arms replaced by wings (no arms at all)
- Arms moved down and shortened and wings put where arms were

Need ideas, suggestions, etc!1 week ago

athenanightfall 1 week ago

Wing1350It's been almost 4 years of me!

Wow, I remember when we had just 100 people on here and now we are all the way up to 1,500! Most of you don’t know me, but I’m an oldy, been here for 5 years. I wanna say hi to all the oldies who might still be out there, and of course, a hello to the ever persistent LBC. How’s my main man? I bet most of you don’t even remember WingedAce or Mika. :3 I missed the community we have here, how we help eachother through thick and thin. We really have grown, haven’t we? 1 week ago


poptropica crashed. im lame.1 week ago

Majora NothingI was laughing soo hard at your arguement. :D

“Once again, all you do is insult.
Try walking into a hospital and reciting your little rant to the Nursing staff and see how well it goes over.”- Lord Bear Claw

Why dont you buy tickets to Lorraine Warrens show at her house in Connecticut, (They sell tickets online) and tell her what you said on here. Her and Ed dont believe in vampires and stuff like that but they do believe in ghosts and demons. Ed did before he passed away, you would probably go to see his grave during the show. 1 week ago


So I’ve been slacking on the wing progress :P sorry. I got really into mermaids all of a sudden. I went to the beach during spring break and I realized the pull of the sea easnt as strong as it was when I was a child. It made me kinda sad. Like the magic from childhood has faded. But to counter that, my sweet 16 is gonna be fairy themed! Have I said this already? I hope not. Anyways, it’s gonna be like forest fairy/water fairy/ flower fairy/ animal fairy type stuff taht you’d find deep in the forest, not the uber pink and sparkly 5 yr old kinda fairies. Anyone got any ideas for the invitations? I wanted it to be real formal, like an invitation to a ball. I wish I could invite all of you! It’s gonna be so cool! Eveyrthing’s all light up and stuff, and I’m making everyone wings that can be decorated with paint and stuff! Also wreaths and bracelets and anklets. Would you rather decorate your own stuff or have it premade? Lemme know!

I’m not on here just for advice, I just missed talking, but I strayed from being really set on wings. Probably because I realized it was going to be a lot harder than I realized a few years ago, and my life at home got better. But I was on a plane twice over my break and I imagined flying through the clouds and oh gosh it just look my breath away. I still want wings, but just not as bad. The risks may outweigh the… the good parts, for lack of a better word. That’s me personally, anyways. Don’t let my opinions deflate any of your resolutions! If you’ve got your hearts set on wings, then by all means, go for it!

Oh, and the reason I was at the beach and in a plane was cause my church was doing a mission trip to the Dominican Repubic and it was MAGNIFICENT. I’m usually not one for charity, but we gave food to really poverty stricken areas and played with a buncha kids and stuff, and everyone there (the church people and the Dominicans) were super nice. I even made some friends! And that’s really hard for me! It wasn’t all that great coming back after the trip, but I’m gonna be looking forward to next year!!!

So yeah, that’s an update on what’s going on in my life. Oh, and my butt muscles hurt. I’ve been working out so I can cosplay dudes with beautimous muscles (mostly abs) and I learned 2 new workouts and so my muscles are super sore now, haha. I gotta get ripped by September. Wish me luck! 1 week ago

♚Thirteen♚Project Skybound Airship!

http://www.43things.com/entries/view/6433057 1 week ago


I promise that you will get to know more about me as soon as i figure out how to exit the ” I’ve done this goal” page. Trust me its pissing me off haha :P 1 week ago

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