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Celtic Christiantodo.txt

What do you use to keep track of the day to day tasks and appointments?

If you use a planner is it paper or electronic?

How well do you feel it is working out for you overall? 10 hours ago

красивейшая БогиняSemicolonitis

I seem to have a burning desire to interject semicolons whenever the Kitty’s not looking; though the problem is I really have little understanding of when to actually use one.

Do you ever use semicolons in your daily life?
If so in what context; for example, in prose for uni or a love note to your hamster?
This knowledgeable woman here wrote a grammar page which lists 5 rules of thumb of when to use them. How many of these rules did you know of? Can you list any without looking at the page?
I found rule No.4 & 5 particularly appealing. Was there a particular rule listed that you’d gladly take home to bed?
Can you be bothered to read up the rules for colons too?
This grammar woman’s now my favourite guru. Who’s yours; if not the Kitty? 22 hours ago

joie de vivreShave or not shave?

Crowd-sourcing a personal grooming decision here. I asked the most important person, my husband, for his opinion, and he got this sort of guilty look on his face, and mumbled something about novelty. That’s not what I’m talking about. To be clear: for the purposes of this question, I’m talking about my armpits and my shins. Any other place I grow lots of hair, I’m keeping it in situ for now.

Further: stubble is ugly. I’m not talking about stubble. I waxed all the hair off, and then I had 6 weeks to grow it all out, while I was in Japan. It’s now grown out. To wit: I could feel the hairs wafting in the breeze while I was riding my bike on Sunday. It is dark, but not long enough to curl.

Reasons to shave:
  • Expected of me; people may judge me poorly for having unshaved legs or pits
  • Can feel nice
  • If I fall off the bike and injure my leg, easier to apply band-aids and remove them
Reasons not to shave:
  • Once you start, you have to keep it up
  • Consumes stuff (shaving cream, razors), and then introduces more waste into the waste stream
  • I am currently not working, so I don’t have to keep up appearances for professional reasons

Your advice? 1 day ago


What is your favorite cooking website?

What is your favorite favorite cookbook?

What is your favorite favorite cooking show? 2 days ago

molliemoonlightA little slice of heaven on earth

Having just got back from the most incredible holiday, discovering parts of the world that I can only describe as wondrous, I’d like to ask the following…

Thinking about the places you have visited…

Where is the most beautiful place you have visited?

Where is your favourite place in the world? Why? 3 days ago


What says spring to you?

What do you like to do in spring aside from mating?

Spring food?

Spring colors?

And since this question is tame compared to my usual ones, would you consider emu and I to be in a healthy relationship because one 43er said our relationship is UNhealthy! 3 days ago

Celtic Christiansocial media

1) How would you respond (if at all) to a person that updates their Facebook (or other social media) status to “No toilet paper, goodbye socks.”?

2) What is the most outrageous thing that you have personally seen somebody you are connected with post to social media? 3 days ago


Are you excited for summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? :)
Any plans? 4 days ago


Im reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell this days, and before Outliers, i finished reading Quiet by Susan Cain. I realized that I need to read less fictions/novels and more non-fiction.

Do u have any recommendations for non-fiction books that u came across lately and were good reads? Im nt really ready to go on a blind-date with a book, so i will rely on ur suggestions, people!

: ) 4 days ago

Celtic ChristianThe Bible in society

I just came across a link to this article which tries to make the point that Americans are losing faith in the Bible at a rapid rate.

What do you think of the article and the trends that it is talking about?

Were you surprised at the numbers that it gave? If so were they higher or lower than you expected? 5 days ago

CloverGoogle It

I recently had to re-look up 43Things. I use Bing, rather than Google. When I Bing “43 Things” in my phone, the next thing underneath it is “Become a Vampire”. On my desktop computer, the first goal to show up is “Grow Wings.”

Have you ever noticed this?

What’s the first goal that comes up when you look up 43Things on your search engine and device of choice?

What’s up with supernatural goals being the first to pop up? 5 days ago

alizaLong distance relationship thoughts....GO!

Have you had one?
Did it work out?
Are they worth it?

Tell me anything! 6 days ago

gottawonderWeird little trivia.

Have you come across any interesting little tidbits of knowledge that made you pause lately? Share! 6 days ago

barbar_ellaopening up

In my opinion you all seem pretty normal (even kitty and emu). But everyone has a past and I assume some of you would like to forget aspects of it.

If you are in a relationship or if you are not. Do you feel compelled to share this with your partner and how and when (as in how long into your relationship) did you open up?

Are you an open book? My reason for asking this is I find it so difficult to open up and would like advice / insight about it. 6 days ago

flo76thesecond 6 days ago

UskaDaraTaking myself out to lunch today...

Where should I go?
The French soup café for a roast beef sandwich with spinach and cheese?
The Mexican place for carnitas nachos with beans, rice, cheese, and lettuce?
The diner for a grilled chicken & greens salad with their house-made garlic croutons and Ranch dressing? 6 days ago

Dead7and_DreamingThe Crossroads Are Slippery

Have you ever felt aimless ever in your life?
Have you since found your calling?
Have you ever made any big life changes, especially in lifestyle? 6 days ago


So I’m graduating in TEN DAYS. My last exam, the last time I have to deal with being an undergrad, the last day I can ignore my student debt.

I think you’re a bunch of wise people and I’d like to hear how you deal with debt. Do you budget? What’s your experience with being frugal, paying off debt, not buying every new pair of Vera Wang shoes you see…?

And what do you think is best: start paying it off now since I have a job and a free place to live or wait the six months and let the interest pile on?1 week ago

Celtic ChristianSpring

What are some of the things that you most look forward to doing every year on the first really nice warm spring day (or really nice warm spring day that you have off)? 1 week ago

Celtic ChristianThe Law of Attraction?

Are you familiar with the “Law of Attraction”?

Do you believe in it?

Do you seek to actively practice it? If so how successful have you been with it? 1 week ago

WATER MELONintrovertextrakittty

I asked this q when with my now deceased first profile. I want to ask again!

Are you an introvert or an extravert? Or neither? What are your features best fitting this or that label, if you choose one?

As an introvert, how do you feel around extraverts (and vice versa)?

Is/are your significant other(s)/unworthy emu same “type” as you or opposite?

What are the best aspects of your type? Worst? Any you’d like to change?

I’m somewhere between an exhibitionist extravert and introvert. Depending on the setting I either hide under the bed or run around, purring.1 week ago

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