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trisukma 4 months ago

dab052364 2 years ago

gniel1234 9 months ago


I got an A. Fantastic! :) Math related subjects is, however, still not going to be my cup of tea. 10 months ago

KissesAndWarfare 10 months ago

RHAAN82 14 months ago


I got an A+ on my final. It so nice to do well, on something you necessary do not enjoy learning about. 22 months ago

khojsan 2 years ago

lovingmex43 2 years ago


with a B- which is a whole lot better than I expected! 23 months ago

lovingmex43can't wait

for this to be over. I promise to better with my next class, promise! But right now I am just about ready to make a deal with the devil to pass this one! LOL! 23 months ago


I submitted my final project today :)
All done with all the assignments. Time to take time for myself :) 1 year ago


I finished my last hw- average was 94% and last quiz -average 92%.

Now only project due, I will start tomorrow AM at 9AM! With independed Sample T_test. It seems like she had great directions for it posted on BB.

I really proud of myself that I read whole 16 boaring chapters and I think my teacher made this class very doable, I just needed to put in my effort like on anything I do or want to accomplish.

I feeling sick today, and a “I’m lonely” break-down. Lukasz got the message and studied with me :). I was so nice to even sit across from him and do my HW. He definitely makes my heart smile :)

3 more days! and a BIG PROJECT to DO!

I can !
I can !

:) 1 year ago

lovingmex43the only way I will pass this class

is with a C, if I pass at all. I am so disappointed in myself. School has been a life force for me in the past and I have not given it the attention it deserves. It has driven me, driven my self esteem, and my failing here has/is really hurting what I think of myself. 1 year ago


I have one more wk..just finished reading my last chapter, will finish my LAST hw assignment tomorrow. I have to start my project also tomorrow.

I hope I will earn a good grade and be proud of my success. Sometimes doing things you don’t particularly enjoy is a test of our character and inner strength…it all about the attitude the carries you through it. By passing stats I prove to myself I can achieve anything I put my full effort toward.

I want to finish my grad school and earn my MSN and this is a one first stepping stone. I will do great. 1 year ago


I have to read chp 12 and do homework assignment.
I also have to do my research on project because it is due in 15 days. I feel I need to make my school a priority, since I have put my work, home, and health first.

Time wasters:
-traveling time

I will focus on the school until I will pass this class. I sacrificed a lot of time for it and I will pass it.
Eventually I will be great Nurse Practitioner :) I know I will.

But my priority now is also to be great RN, Mom and Wife. That was my goal for life and I know I will stick with it.
I believe that there is time for everything in life and we have to balance in order to maintain our happiness levels.
Sometimes life requires sacrifices in order to complete our goals.
But love and family should be #1.

Kasia 2 years ago


First step in becoming pediatiric NURSE PRACTITIONER. Focus on one step at the time to get to your ultimate goal. If I put my mind to this 100% I will be great :) I know that. I just need to focus. Alight your passion with your goals! 2 years ago

kittycartwright 2 years ago

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