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reduce my caffeine intake

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The Girl Anachronism.A good start.

Today I only had one cup of coffee. Usually I have about eight lol :P 5 years ago

Slightly FoxedUntitled

In our dog-walking discussion last night, I was telling my husband about this goal. He reminded me that even if I replace tea for my coffee, I drink so little caffeine to begin with that awareness is enough.

Plus about a cup and a half of coffee in the morning makes me happy. This is well below the cut-off line.

I’m going to keep my awareness of my intake, but consider this done for now. 7 years ago

Slightly FoxedHooray for root beer!

http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mcaffeine.html 7 years ago

Slightly FoxedNot bad today

There’s nothing like saying “You can’t” to make me crave things more. But today wasn’t so bad—decaf green tea (which does have a little caffeine) and a little bit of chocolate.

I’m headachy and sleepy around the edges, but I think that’s the cold that’s brewing. 7 years ago

Slightly FoxedFor pregnancy achievement

Even though studies are inconclusive as to how caffeine affects fertility, I think I had better take the higher road.

This also means cutting out chocolate, which is never easy.

Today I had one travel cup of coffee and a large frozen Coke as a last hurrah.

Big picture, right? 7 years ago


Less red bull, less coffee but WAY too much tea lately. Mmm, tea… 8 years ago


Well can’t say this is going too well lately, haha. Managed to successfully substitute tea for coffee, well, most of the time, but I’m just hooked on red bull. 8 years ago


I’ve only had two coffees all day and have instead substituted coffee with green tea. I think it’s better for me…? And no redbull. Yay. 8 years ago


Wow, I think this is a bit of a difficult goal. I love love love my coffee (in all its forms, from machine to cafe) and my redbull. With coffee I think it’s both the energising and the comfort factor that keeps you going back for more. And redbull goes down so well it’s hard to cut. I did limit my intake of both for about a week but today I’ve had three coffees already. No redbull lately though. :) 8 years ago

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