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millais31 9 months ago

plummycaro 11 months ago

janeymark 11 months ago

winedownDay 1

tired of not being able to control the urge to have 2 to 3 glasses after work to relax. Some nights it is more and then
I feel lethargic and guilty the next day. I’ve tried to reduce my intake but it seems to slip back. today I did a 1of pros to reducing/quitting drinking wine for a while to get back in control and feel better physically and mentally not to mention the money savings. A few more hours to go and I will have made day one with no wine. Best of luck. 19 months ago

winedown 19 months ago

Jessy25 22 months ago

sanblancNeed to get control back

Ok, I’ve had it with my evening wine drinking. it is such a comfort blanket and it is hampering so many areas of my life. taking away valuable time at home for chores that would make me feel soooo much better if they were done, stopping me from waking up early to run, always being on the back foot in the morning when i really need to feel i’m on top of things with the kids etc. Also it makes me fat and it makes me hazy. so why do i do it. Am going to start TONIGHT with an alcohol-free (AF) evening. Wish me luck! 23 months ago

sanblanc 23 months ago

Smiley_Gal 2 years ago

jamie1959today is the day

Ok today is the day I will try to come home and not have a glass(es) of wine. My usual is work all day, deal with kids and parents come home, get dinner ready and while I am cooking, open the bottle of wine. Today I will do my best not to do that. Lets see what happens 2 years ago

jamie1959 2 years ago

amethyst674Day 3

Feeling much more clear mentally. I almost gave into a craving tonight but got through it somehow. I feel like I don’t have much energy but still went to gym yesterday and going tomorrow. I also feel like I crave food more. But usu when I stop wine for a few days I lose weight regardless of what I eat and definately debloat. Much more positive and feeling better, getting along better with my daughter. Reading Rational Recovery and trying to start new hobbies since lying downb in front of the tv in the evenings is bound to get old. Feeling strong! 2 years ago

amethyst674life isn't easy

I am a 38 y/0 single mom to a 16 year old daughter. I live alone with her and my pets. I work 2 jobs. Sometimes I feel so lonely. Like I have no one to talk to. I have been using the wine for years as an escape. Usually at night time, sometimes right after work ai find myself already having a small bottle in the car on my way home. It has become a means for me to numb my emotions. I have gained 40 pounds in the last 2 years and have no social life. I sometimes feel like I am going to explode! literally. I get so depressed when I am stuck in my house. i know I need to try to meet new people but it is so difficult I have no single friends. Maybe a common interest meet group of some sort. But first I have to stop the wine drinking. I also feel my daughter’s teen years are slipping away from me. Since she was 12 my drinking has increased and now she will be 17 and I don’t want to lose her. I used to say I couldn’t wait for her to go to college so I can live my own life but the truth is I don’t know what I would do without her. I really want to stop drinking wine and mend our relationship which is sometimes rocky due to my erratic moods. I have to stop saying I am going to do these things and actually get into action. 2 years ago

amethyst674Tomorrow will be my day one!

Will be logging in daily . HOPING I can be strong this time. I was 7 days with no wine last week and then started again Monday having 3 to 4 glasses a night. It’s the loneliness and lack or friends/relationships in my life. But have to stop licking my wounds and become proactive! Not feeling very good about myself and wine belly and depression have returned. Tonight (Friday) will be my last night. 2 years ago

amethyst674 2 years ago

user29840Cold Turkey.

I can relate so much to all of your entries. I drive home craving a glass of wine at night, which then turns into 3 or 4. Before I know it half the bottle is gone or more! Then I wake up during the night with a headache and cant sleep, so I get up and take panadeine! OMG! I need to sort this out now!
Positively, we are doing a health kick at home in the next week, so thats bound to help. 2 years ago

user29840 2 years ago

toomuchwinedoing pretty well.

I have totally cut out drinking by myself which really does feel like a big achievement for me. I still have a couple of light beers at social gatherings. It’s summer and very hot so light beer is preferable to wine. Now when I see a bottle of red wine, I associate it with darkness and depression. I’m doing other stuff. I don’t have this all figured out yet. 2 years ago

savemefromsauvignonDays 3, 4, 5, and 6

Day 3 flew by, since I was busy-busy working on site at a new client. I was, however, starving by the time the day was over, and I did have to mightily resist stopping to pick up a bottle of wine when I stopped to pick up dinner on the way home. I would much rather have had a glass or three of wine than dinner, that’s for sure. But, takeout dinner was OK. And, this was also a reminder that, often, when I’m dying for a glass of wine, I’m really just hungry but would rather drink than eat. I have to pay more attention to eating here on the way to not drinking.

Day 4 and 5 (Fri and Sat): a couple of beers at dinner each day, but that’s it. And, while it was enjoyable, I have to say (and keep reminding myself), it’s not like it was that great. And, it definitely doused my desire to do anything productive or even remotely useful.

Today, day 6, I’m feeling cranky again. I don’t want it to be Sun evening, it’s hot out (and in), and I just want some relief. I’ve been drinking a lot of other stuff, so that’s all good, so I guess the truth is that I must want some emotional relief. Which tells me something about how I must be feeling about my life, eh? Must be something about some aspect of it that I don’t want to admit or deal with. I’ve identified an element or two about the home life and am working on those; a question I’ve been asking about the work life is (when considering taking on some new work), “Would I want to do this work stone cold sober?” and I have no idea what to do about that, when the answer is, “Meh…” but I need the work.

OK. So there’s that. I did, however, just send the DH out to do his own errand at the store, instead of going myself and torturing myself with whether or not I am going to pick up a bottle of wine. No, I am not; that’s settled for today. Just have to get through these next few evening hours making even a quick din in the hot kitchen and putting on my game face re: work. Hrmph. Here goes. 2 years ago

toomuchwinewine relapse

bummer. my family was in town last week and when they left, i didn’t know what to do with myself so indulged in what i typically do after spending time with fam – got a bottle of wine and a pack of cigs and had a solo party on my back patio. but this time i got really, really sick. i guess because i hadn’t had a drink in so long and i’ve also given up smoking. the other thing is that as i was making my way through both the wine and the cigs, i didn’t really enjoy it and wondered why i was doing it. i think it’s like my security blanket. and partly i just wondered what would happen and what it felt like really. anyway, i’m back in control for now. i guess that was a relapse. i hope i can keep this up all over again. my main concern was how often i drank and once in six weeks isn’t terrible although it was an entire bottle of wine. and i know exactly what drove me to it which is something i need to work on. spending time with my family really works me up emotionally. i’m too old for that. 2 years ago

savemefromsauvignonDay 2, again

Much less agitated today, and I tucked into some tedious proofreading (absolutely must do it, so might as well start shoveling through it…), and have a big day tomorrow—so busy today that I haven’t had time to think about this at all, which seems to be just as well. Going to Pilates this evening and then back home to do some work to prep for tomorrow. No stops at the store, period. I think I got it covered for tonight (whew!). 2 years ago

savemefromsauvignonGroundhog day: day 1, again

Well, here we are again. I’m in the midst of some really tedious work, which makes it a hard time to stop. I’m loaded for bear, but I have to stop giving myself an excuse. Crap.

I have generally been drinking less, 3 or 4 glasses a day (much better than 6!), and hardly ever wake up feeling terrible anymore, but it does happen now and then that I skate a little too close, and that slightly worse physical feeling totally amplifies my guilt and anxiety about this whole thing.

Living in less of a haze, I’ve been having interesting personal insights in recent months, which really helps, but the bottom line is, when I feel tired, stressed, or bored, I want a glass or 3 of wine, and when I feel relaxed and at ease, hey, why not have a glass or 3 of wine? I really snow myself every time. (Pause.) It’s kind of alarming, when I think how easily I just talk myself into it every single time. In general, I don’t give in easily, and I can pick apart a ridiculous argument in a nanosecond, but when it comes to myself, I give myself a total pass. This is nuts.

Come to think of it, though, I have great confidence in my rational self, and that’s what I’m trusting when I swing by the store; that’s also what I’m drowning with every swallow—no wonder it isn’t there to stop me at two glasses.

Interesting. I don’t feel any better, but oh well. I can’t give myself an excuse. Time to go do something else; have to get through the next 4 hours. Ugh. 2 years ago

toomuchwineno wine for one month

it feels longer than that really and the craving isn’t there. on a social occasion, i’ve had a light beer but it wreaked havoc on my stomach so haven’t had any since. i haven’t even allowed myself to think about the money i’m saving or how long its been since i’ve seen the guy at the convenient store and felt embarassed by my nightly visits there. i’m mostly focused on finding other stuff to entertain myself. my netflix account has never seen so much action. and my house is in better order. i even visited my family which usually launches me into a solo wine pity party—not so much that i feel sorry for myself after a family visit but that i receive so much bizarre information or bizarre interaction that sipping wine with a stunned expression and losing myself into a stupor was my natural reaction or the state i thought i needed to be in to process. anyway, i have tried so many times to be here that it’s hard to believe i made it. i didn’t think a month was possible. i’m beginning to wonder if i even LIKE wine. 2 years ago

toomuchwinetwo weeks!

i am two weeks without any kind of alcohol whatsoever. i struggled with this goal for awhile but now i feel realy on top of it. it took me a lot of false starts to get here and now it almost seems easy. but i know i could struggle again and have that always in the back of my mind. not sure what my goal is but definitely want to keep going and am enjoying the clarity, ability to get things done and i’m much stronger at work. need to pickup some exercise because it’s made me very tired. getting lots of good sleep in my first two weeks. am also concerned about how to deal with this in my social life. am going to use the antibiotics excuse until i figure it out. might be easier than i think but gives me some anxiety. 2 years ago

LessSavBlancDay 1

No wine for me last night. Was hard only until over the 1st hr hump of getting home. A colleague mentioning they are going to have a drink tonight makes me want one too – how easily influenced!!! But …I need to lose this belly. None tonight and then some on Thursday and Sat only. 2 years ago

Dahliagirl7Decision day

In my quest to be 40 and fabulous i have done everything except stop drinking wine and even with 5-7 hard core workouts a week ,have not lost a lb. Even a wedding wasn’t enough motivation to stop wine in the eves. Can easily drink 4 glasses, usually fall asleep on the couch. I have aged and the weight makes me look like a glutton. I have honetly tried to go the week, but my desire for he wine outweighs everyhing…i don’t know how to say no to it. I have to stop and i’m going to post here to keep me honest. What are you doing instead of pouring? 2 years ago

Dahliagirl7 2 years ago

LeChatNoir2010Still saying no to excess...

I threw the cigarettes in the dumpster after smoking about 6 of them…and have thought about smoking them a few times but nothing so strong that I feel like buying more.

As I smoked each one of those 6 cigarettes and sought comfort from doing it…

  • I thought about wine and instantly was glad I chose calorie free cigarettes instead.
  • I thought about food and was glad to know I wasn’t feeling an impulse to over eat.
  • I thought about how repulsive each cigarette was and how my old habit of smoking was very much dead.
  • I had to ask myself why I was compelled to do something unhealthy as a coping mechanism.
  • I decided that smoking was not doing me any good at all and that I didn’t have a reason to choose an unhealthy activity in order to cope.

I’m glad that my old crutches are no longer needed. I’ve been relying on them when the chips are down for comfort but it seems a true evolution has taken place.

I don’t know what I’m going to do…going forward in the face of recent events…but I’m kind of looking forward to it b/c I know I’ll be doing it as my healthiest, strongest self. 2 years ago

LeChatNoir2010Changed for good.

A major life changing issue cropped up this week and I have not turned to wine…or excessive amounts of other alcohol. I did, however, buy a pack of cigarettes yesterday and so far have smoked 4. But they are disgusting and I am not so inclined to puff away…unlike wine, which would taste great and I would glug away. Interesting coping mechanism, but, I’m OK with with. I won’t go back to smoking. 2 years ago

RunnergramDay 32

The day is good, but dealing with some hypertension issues. My numbers worried the doc, so he ordered an additional rx. It seems to flare up up my joints. I can recall similar pain and when I would self medicate with wine to blur the edges. Oh. Another pull when I told the doc I had stopped drinking. He said, ” oh you don’t need to, a couple glasses are actually good for you”... Duh…not this girl, thank you very much! The road is tough when even the medical pros don’t support my resolution, but I will persevere. 2 years ago

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