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Aranda 3 weeks ago

TeenyBean 2 years ago

staceylynns 3 months ago

Abdallah Mohamed:)

i sleeped much lol 3 months ago

Abdallah Mohamed 3 months ago


Log in max of 2 times per day, prefrably while on the bus or other non-productive time. Comment or Like or start 2 conversations. Log off.

Post on my own wall max of 1 time/week. 3 months ago


Harder than I thought! I’m going to take a cue from la_peace and be more productive with free time at work…..taking the app off my phone right now! 3 months ago

la_peacetrying but this is hard...

especially at work, when there is nothing to do. I am trying to be more productive with my free time, at work and home. 4 months ago

kmom2468Working a zillion hours helps

But my friends are wondering if I’m ok :) 4 months ago

girlwitglassesEasier than I thought

I quit Facebook cold turkey. I deactivated my acct back in June of this yr. I have logged back on a few times recently because some of my friends wanted me to check out their vacation pics, etc. I feel like I have no need to be on there anymore and I like it. I k.i.t with people I want via phone. 5 months ago

girlwitglasses 5 months ago

la_peace 6 months ago

kmom2468 6 months ago

sweethomeboylets try

what i am going to do is delete facebook app from my android , so i can still use facebook but only when i have pc. wish me luck :-) 9 months ago

sweethomeboy 9 months ago

user21371 9 months ago

sfatimah 11 months ago

seeking~serenity 11 months ago


Ah, Facebook is exhausting. I can never resist posting a controversial article or getting into a debate with a stranger. I just deleted it. I have so much work to do and it doesn’t make sense to be checking facebook a hundred times a day. 12 months ago

NB2010This is such %$$# addition.

I don’t know what my problem is. I am not able to go cold turkey i.e. avoid facebook for at least one week straight. The world is not going to come fall apart really. 13 months ago

NB2010 13 months ago

focus_tiger 15 months ago

Ann Adema 14 months ago


damn! this is hard for me. I check it like 30 times per day, I guess. searching for advices & help 14 months ago

bjohnson 14 months ago

DeniFernandez 4 years ago

sleepingfrogzz 16 months ago

salamina 15 months ago

mhawkinsstaying facebook free...

happy to report that this goal has remained at the top of my keeping list – it’s almost hard to believe how much more time I have available since I’ve not been getting on fb… hoping to remain fb free :) 15 months ago

mhawkinsgreat progress!

I’m making great progress with this one!! Last night we were at a friend’s house for a New Year’s gathering. Several of my friends said, “Have you heard about so-and-so?”... or “Did you see that picture of…..”

and I’m like, “nope…. one of my goals is to facebook less” (now of course I did go ahead and take a peek on their phones to see and stay in the conversation).... but it really feels freeing not to have to think that I MUST check it every day (or several times a day) 15 months ago

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