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Stop pretending the 15 pounds I dislike are going to lose themselves


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A Well-Read Dog HeadBye bye extra 15 lbs

Wow, it’s amazing what sleep deprivation and never getting to eat along with nursing babies will do for your weight loss efforts. I’d still like to lose about 10 lbs more, though. 6 years ago

minpingurl1Cheat day

Well im new to this site. I am 5’9.5” and weight 169. I started about 5 days ago and now im 167. I am doing frozen lean mean things for dinner and a yougurt or w.e for lunch. Yesterday was my cheat day. And then today was like a cheat day. If I have a cheat day the next day is a cheat day and then i just give up. NOT THIS TIME. Im going to do it this time. I want to lose about 15-20 pounds. I will do it this time. Im only 15. I am eating about 1000-1200 calories a day. I want to be fit for the summer. 7 years ago

Deni HMore research about benefits of weight loss:

Memory. Who would have guessed. Go here to find out more.8 years ago

Deni HI finally did it!!!

This goal has been such a help to me, and my team has been a real encouragement to me. I am so glad that I did this goal, because now I can focus on my true goal of getting 46 additional pounds off. I just need to focus on it, and I should be able to do it. 8 years ago

Deni HUh oh!

I gained a pound since my last entry! :-/ But, I haven’t been as disciplined in my efforts for weight loss lately, either. So, I really don’t deserve to have lost any, and I can’t be too disappointed. We had church dinners Sunday through Wednesday, so I really had no idea what I was eating, and that hurt me a lot. I did, however, successfully resist the tons of desserts I saw there each day. I’m proud of that, and realize that one pound could be five if I’d not done that. I’ve got a birthday dinner on Saturday, too, that will have a dessert at it. I can resist it, too, though! I thought I’d done really badly yesterday, but when I put all of my stuff into the computer, I wasn’t over except on calories. So, I’m getting back with the program. I also haven’t done good exercise in what seems like forever, so today I have plans to do intensive stretching…hopefully about 20 minutes of it. Then tomorrow and Sunday, I’m going to do my regular workout. Starting Monday, I’m going to add my extra exercise project back in, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep with it for a long time instead of being so distracted with it as I have been recently.

Normally, I wouldn’t even write an entry explaining my struggles to this extent, but I have sensed frustration among my team members lately. I want us all to do well, and to let you know that we all have struggles, but we can get through them. 8 years ago

Deni H1 more pound lost since my last entry.

I have continued to track what I’m actually eating and been trying to exercise daily. There is still room for improvement. 12 cumulative pounds lost and 3 to go! I would love to say that I’ve done this before the end of this month…so that is my intent. 8 years ago

Deni H2 more pounds since my last entry...

have been lost! :D I’ve still been going back and forth with doing well with my diet and haven’t been the best about exercise. But, I’ve started tightening down on this goal a lot. I’m doing my entire workout that I’ve been doing again starting yesterday, and also added a new dimension today. I also came up with a new rule for myself this week: No chips, candy, or desserts until at least Thanksgiving! Whenever those things come into play I have very little self-control, and it’s just counter-productive to this goal for me. I’m doing better, but I still want to do even better than now, because once I check this goal off I have another 46 pounds to lose for me to be happy with my weight. I’ve lost 11 cumulatively now, and have 4 to go. :D 8 years ago

Deni H2 more pounds since my last entry...

have been lost! :D It’s amazing what just a little focus on eating better can do. I cannot believe it, because I haven’t been perfect by any means lately. Wow! This is motivating me to get even more focused now! I’ve lost 9 pounds cumulatively and have have 6 to go!!! I’m almost two-thirds there. Yea! 8 years ago

Deni H1 more pound since my last entry.

Cumulatively I’ve lost 7 and have 8 to go! I’m half-way there! (well, close to half-way…not technically, but close) 8 years ago

Deni H2 more pounds lost since last week

I guess moving out really made a big difference! Cumulatively I’ve lost 6 pounds now…9 to go! 8 years ago

Deni HThis week's progress:

I’ve lost another 3 pounds from last week, putting my total since restarting this goal at 4 pounds. I’m almost 1/3 there! I still could be making better decisions, but trying to eat healthy for the most part and increasing my exercise has definitely helped. I’m also doing better at taking my medicine consistently. :D 8 years ago

Deni HI still could be making some better decisions about food choices, but...

I’m doing so much better with this goal. Increasing my exercise level has helped me so much with this goal. I’ve lost one pound, fourteen to go! :D I’m sure I can do it if I keep focued with nutrition, my physical activity, and taking my medication like I’m supposed to. 8 years ago

Deni HI have no idea where I am with this goal...

so I’m starting over with it. I weighed in today, and am not pleased with what I see. I’ve been hovering within 10 pounds up and down for the past several weeks. A lot of this is my fault, however. Therefore I’m blaming no one but myself. So I’m refocusing on this goal, and if I can lose 15 pounds from where I am today (which is recorded somewhere now so I can’t forget), I’m going to say this goal is accomplished. Pretending stops now. :) 8 years ago

A Well-Read Dog HeadBad news

Ok, I stopped eating junk food, dramatically cut down alcohol, upped my exercise, and gained 15 lbs. Now I need to lose 30. :-( 8 years ago

Deni HI actually did something productive for this goal last night...

to try to do well this month. Last month I made way too many exceptions, because I declared May my exception month. First of all, I learned a month is a long time for exceptions. Second, it’s very counter-productive to this goal. Third, I think that until this goal is accomplished, I don’t need to make any more exceptions. (I think that I kind of got an entitlement attitude toward it last month, which isn’t ever good for anything.) So, I’m breaking myself back into the idea I’m going to have to start making more sacrifices again, like I did consistently last year. Last night we (my friends and I) had a get-together and everyone brought a dessert to eat to it. Well, I have decided I will not be eating another normal dessert this summer, and I didn’t want to feel deprived, either. So, I made myself some fruit salad to take with me for my dessert. I had unsweet tea while there, and it was a fun evening. It was kind of fun, because everyone else started talking about what a good influence I was being. 8 years ago

Deni HSomething I've been working on...

lately is getting proper rest, so I don’t use the excuse, “I’m too tired to workout today!” My goal is to workout by 10 a.m., and if I stay up too late and get the required amount of rest (which is no less than 7 hours), I just can’t motivate myself into doing it on-time a lot of times. Working out every day is going to be of the utmost importance to this goal, as well as tightening down my nutritional habits.

But, I’d like to share this article about sleep and its effects on the weight of women with you all. It’s something to think about if you aren’t already getting 7 hours of sleep a night. 8 years ago

Kim NWalking

I haven’t been taking this very seriously lately, so I’ve probably gone backwards. I’m working to get my walking habit back, though. I walked around my neighborhood two days in a row now. 8 years ago

A Well-Read Dog HeadI'm trying, but it's hard

I’ve upped my exercise and tried to decrease junk food. Unfortunately for me, my office building runs the air conditioner when it’s 60 degrees outside (Farenheit for you non-USA ppl). That means it’s always butt-freezing cold in here, which makes me constantly hungry. I’m also under lots of stress and am considering buying more Nicorette, to prevent myself from starting smoking again. :-( 8 years ago

Deni HI forced myself to weigh this morning...

I’ve got good news and bad news. I haven’t gained any more weight, but I haven’t lost any more, either! I’ve been thinking a lot about this goal, though. And, I’m making some good progress mentally. I’ve declared May (since it’s my birth month) an exception month. If I want desserts I can have them this month. I’m still on candy hiatus, though. (Although I accidentally ate part of a chocolate bar without realizing it early this month.) After this month is over, I’ll go back to abstaining from them until I at least meet this goal. I’ve also been trying to eat more vegetables lately and get back to exercising better. 8 years ago

Deni HHaving problems with this lately...

as my weight is fluctuating…not terribly, but I think part of the problem is that I was off my medication for about 1.5 weeks (very long story, and for the record I don’t advocate tinkering with meds yourself…you’ll just have to trust me that I was being responsible). The medication really helps me be a lot more sensible with my appetite. I’m not nearly as hungry when I take it. I also need to get back to my full workout, but soreness has been really plaguing me. I would say these are all probably “just excuses” and I need to be more disciplined about it. I’ve got some ideas I’ve been rolling around in my mind for May with regard to this goal. I’ll be working on them this weekend and post later. 8 years ago

A Well-Read Dog HeadThanks for the invite!

Hi team.

My excuse for the season is that my office is freezing freakin’ cold, and that makes me feel like eating all the time. I’m going to try to fight back by buying a small mugwarmer and drinking hot tea all the time. 8 years ago

Deni HUpdate...

I weighed this morning and I’ve lost two pounds from my initial weight. I attribute this to being a lot more disciplined with my eating, being able to go back on my normal medication, and resuming my workout. I’m gearing myself up to “be good” this weekend. 8 years ago

Kim NHeadaches and Cookies

Yesterday was the first day of the diet. By mid-afternoon, I had a killer headache. I think from sugar withdrawal. I ate some dried strawberries, and I felt slightly better for a very short while. The worst part was that I wasn’t very productive at work. :(

By evening, it was raging again. I ended up taking a nap in the evening and then going to bed early. I had a lot to do last night, too, and felt worse for not being productive at home. By morning, the headache was better.

Day 2: The killer headache came back around noon. I had a presentation, so I muddled through that. Knowing I had a lot to do before going home, I decided to give in to my body. I ate 4 cookies. Instantly, the headache was gone.

I haven’t stopped trying. I don’t even consider it a lapse because I did it on purpose. I’ve been ultra productive ever since I ate those cookies. I’ll try again tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, I know I can kick the sugar habit during the weekend. I shouldn’t have started a diet during the work week. 8 years ago

Deni HSo maybe I've been doing a little pretending...

for the last two weeks or so, and the scale is really telling me to get out of it, too! Pretending and denial, are they the same thing? Anyway, I’m honored to be on a team with the three others doing this goal now, and hopefully we’re all going to make some good progress. I’m not going to post my weight, but will refer to it as my initial weight for where I am right now. Then I can just say how far away I am from that for references.8 years ago

Kim NOkay, so who's . . .

sleeping naked (according to 43 Things)?

Thanks for the invitation to stop pretending the 15 pounds I dislike are going to lose themselves. I plan to prove it beginning right now. 8 years ago

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