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money_room 2 weeks ago

Jenchankitten 2 months ago

Tia Edwards 2 months ago

ditalu 2 months ago

Imoliviabrown 7 months ago

Ricotta 8 months ago

Keri Hills 9 months ago

misswhit87 10 months ago

dannyoooI'm adopted, from S. Korea.

Hey all,

My parents adopted 5 kids from south Korea, and 1 from the USA. My advice would be, if you are looking to adopt internationally, that you go and find some adults that are from that country and get to know them! You aren’t signing up to be a parent of just a baby, but also of a fully grown person that will, without doubt, be different from you in some ways. Now I’m not trying to focus on the differences, but let’s say you’re black and you adopt an asian child. They will eventually wonder why they are different, and if you can relate to them in those ways, i’d say you’re on the right track to successfully building your family in this way. 12 months ago

dannyooo 12 months ago

forwritenow 14 months ago

rendianajones 14 months ago

Sara Kathleen 15 months ago

Olivia 15 months ago

jamjams99 18 months ago

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whitemoth 20 months ago

eclectic passionJust wondering...

If these 3 things are prerequisites for all adoption:

1) being married
2) being unable to have children yourself
3) living in the country where you want to adopt.

If it’s just 1 and 3, I can deal with that. I’ve always loved the idea of adoption but am perfectly capable (as far as I know) of having children myself, however I’m too scared to give birth and would strongly prefer to adopt. Does anyone know? 21 months ago

eclectic passion 21 months ago

nomansisland 21 months ago

twilightangel321 21 months ago

BeautyLee 21 months ago

sarahp43things 21 months ago

Bree Stallings 21 months ago

user26272 22 months ago


I want to adopt a foreign baby eventually! 23 months ago

Samantha Maddaloni 23 months ago

StephanieDiana 1 year ago

amandafel 2 years ago

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