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I created my own spell to turn into a dragon and it worked!

My spell:

Say this 3x:
“Let me have scales of a dragon. Let me transform into a dragon anytime I want. Let me have control in my dragon form. Let me be a creature I want to be. So Mote It Be.”

This spell worked instantly on me. Though it may take some time for you.

Side effects (if it wasn’t instantaneous):
Nausea (Mild to moderate)
Growing claws
Backaches (If your dragon form has wings)

Reply if you get more. 5 days ago

DraconicVamp 5 days ago

thejory 1 month ago

GhirahimiscoolTransforming into a dragon.

I just have to do this, its my biggest wish. 9 months ago

Ghirahimiscool 9 months ago

Princeangelo100I want to turninto a dragon!!

what it says in the title. A blue and yellow dragon with everything, like wings a tail claws ect. 10 months ago

Princeangelo100 10 months ago

agulley99 14 months ago

user44671 16 months ago

aboloni 16 months ago

user43169 17 months ago

huo long (fire dragon) 17 months ago

Speed74 19 months ago

D_373 19 months ago

siriana765 19 months ago

Zareyarnr 19 months ago

Gurazedragon spell

Hey everyone, I was looking online and I found this spell. I don’t know how to use ityet so I’ll keep looking, but for now here it is:

Wings to fly and breath that burns,
These powers I do yearn.
A tail that whips so sharp to the tip,
These powers I do equip.
Brave is your bite as is your swipe,
Please come to me through the night.
Spirit of the dragon with limbs so strong,
I shall sing your powers song.
My protector, my guardian, the giver of power ,
You shall be sweet not sour.

Come I call, come I plea, I ask you to come to me,
So as I call, I hope it shall be. 20 months ago


I would like to know if I am a dragon on the inside be cause everytime I think about dragons I start to feel a weird feeling that I can’t explain. Am I? Please tell. 20 months ago


I just remembered a dream I had. In it I had said somthing and did some movements and turned into a dragon so I wondered if anyone knows how to remember dreams in full detail since I can’t remember clearly what I said or did. 20 months ago


hello, my name is guraze. I need help on how to become a dragon for I have an longing in my soul for it and need help. 20 months ago

Guraze 20 months ago


Become a shapeshifter first. 21 months ago

tiffany 21 months ago

kiki045886 21 months ago


its me iwanabeadragon i finally changed my name 21 months ago

SKarrTheDragon 21 months ago

Shadeofdusk 22 months ago

Shadeofraven 22 months ago

LunarMoon17 23 months ago

dan15620 23 months ago

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