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Ninja NekoProgress - 5 years after starting this goal

I had a big breakthrough this year. It may sound trivial to some but for me it was a reason to be a little proud: while cooking a new recipe, I decided to change the ingredients on the fly, adapting and figuring out what would taste better to me. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, until afterwards. When I first started this goal the idea of diverting from a recipe would have terrified me. And now I’m confident to do this without even thinking about it. I guess I am a better cook than 5 years ago. Not completely there yet though!

I actually kept a list of the new recipes I tried throughout 2011, but then my laptop was stolen last month…
Some highlights that have stuck:

I can now also cook
Some new staples in my kitchen:
- Chili con carne (Smitten Kitchen recipe)
- Moroccan minced lamb pitas (Delicious magazine recipe)
- Sweet & sour pork noodles (Delicious magazine recipe)
And had some kitchen disasters:
- Potstickers (Jamie Oliver magazine recipe) >> the filling tasted spot on but making the wrappers myself was a big mistake. It was exhausting and they kept shrinking, ended up tasting like rubber :(
- Fried eggrolls (forgot the source) >> the filling tasted spot on again, but while (deep)frying the eggrolls they kept coming to the surface due to trapped airbubbels – the bottom half of the eggroll was fried, the top half ripped and oil got inside, one big mess.
Conclusion: I’ll leave these Asian cooking techniques to the skilled experts.

On my list for 2012
- Salads. Friends make it look so easy. Why can’t I do it then? I have that mandoline now, so no more excuses.
- Still want to try fried rice.
- And still want to get to know more vegetable recipes. I got Plenty from Ottolenghi from the local library, but it looks a bit too advanced for me still :/ 2 years ago

prncessxjasmine 2 years ago

2012markThe proposed recipe list...

subject to change but here’s a start…
1. Spaghetti Sauce
2. Chili ( with beans, this ain’t Texas )
3. Roasted Chicken
4. Fish of some sort, maybe cedar plank salmon
5. Steak w/ sauce
6. Hamburgers ( I know it sounds simple, but I want a GREAT burger )
7. Huevos Ranchero
8. Something cold… a sandwich, a salad, I don’t know 2 years ago

2012markFocus focus focus

For 2012 the plan is to choose 8 dishes, then cook each dish once per month using a different recipe. Repeat until I find a recipe I like, then learn to cook that recipe to perfection. So, hopefully at the end of 2012 I’ll have at least 8 things I can whip out knowing the results will be good. 2 years ago

2012mark 2 years ago

shuntsforshuntna 2 years ago

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