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reduce my negative environmental impact

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akgbio pantyliners!

I saw these in a different supermarket to where I usually shop and thought I had to give them a go. They are made from tree pulp and maize so can probably even go on a compost heap! 8 years ago

akgCar shared this morning

My husband dropped at work this morning, unfortunately this means I get to work earlier and will leave later so I am trying to use the time wisely by updating my sites 8 years ago

akgJust a small step

but last night after opening a new packet of cheese instead of putting it in a plastic bag or wrapping it in a cling film I placed it in a small tupperware box. I know its not saving much, but every drop helps especially when it comes to oil. 8 years ago

akgWent to the farmers market today

and bought locally reared meat and eggs. Also went to the lumber merchants, supermarket and pet shop in the same trip to reduce on fuel use. 8 years ago

akgI've got a measure to see my progress


My current footprint is 4.9 global hectares (compared to 5.3 average in the UK). If everyone lived liked me we would need 2.7 planets!

notes to ensure I’m consistent in future:
house – 40m2
car – 5l 8 years ago

akgI should try harder

I’m environmental consulstant and although I’ve taken some action, I suspect I can do more. I’ve added this as a goal to remind me to read some of the books I’ve got and hopefully find some actions 8 years ago

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