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learn to play chess

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Adorea Cochran 1 month ago

nishaj1 2 months ago

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squeryl 3 months ago

zinlavu 4 months ago


memrise.com the memory techniques site that I use to learn Portuguese from (it is not a exclusive languages site, they have memory and mnemonic techiques for all sorts of things u might want to learn) has a section on chess openings so that you can learn the right move responses for various popular chess openings. so need to study that.

also another section on chess masters of the past to current day as well as the history of the game of kings!

this is such a great site, so much to offer. and makes learning fun. cannot recommend it enough. and its all free.

www.memrise.com 6 months ago

iamevoxushad an

extra hour break after I went out to lunch with my friend. she started at 6 and I started at 7pm… so I chilled up stairs and played some chess games on my phone. pc chess still checkmated me constantly. but one day im gonna kick its ass and checkmate him.

practice makes perfect. im getting there. slowly. enjoying the game. 6 months ago


2 chess games on the train on my way home, against chess “pc”, needless to say I got checkmated twice. but I am getting the hang of it, and getting better with it. I need to make sure I understand aobut castling and en passant and promotion of a pawn etc etc. and when to use them.

I need to take my time before I move my piece, chose wisely and anticipate the next move of my opponent dependant on my move instead of moving quickly without much thought.

take my time more and keep practicing. one day im gonna win the “pc” or an opponent.

there are many free online media resources to help to learn to play chess. I shall try and make use of them slowly. see what I like. but yeah am enjoying learning the game. 6 months ago


a bit of chess this morning while I caught my train to college. wanted to practice my Portuguese, but the app couldn’t seem to work with my phone and signal for some reason. so I have a chess app on my phone that is pretty good, and I tried that and it worked.

and I practiced playing and learning moves. was pretty cool. 6 months ago


so cool there is a chess game on fb that you can play where you play with different fb people online. or you can play against your friends if they like the game too.

pretty cool, I gave it a go now, but ended it, cos I am not good enough yet and its late. gonna keep learning bit now and then practice on that. will also let certain of my friends know about it if they interested to play against me if they know the game.

just checked again, there is a number of chess app games on there. but will try this one first and later on will check out others etc.

so exciting 6 months ago


always wanted to learn this game properly, in fact I had this as a goal on here 4 years ago, (I see) but I never completed it, let alone got very far.

well i’d like to try again. I remember learning to play chess when I was younger, but it was just a basic understanding of what each piece did. I didn’t really get the knack of the game and the strategies behind it. and I didn’t play it very often. so now I want to learn it to a good level so I can play a good game.

I started today learning aobut the rules of chess, the pieces, the types of moves for each piece and the types of ways to get the king in checkmate.

there is still a lot more to learn and to actually play the game and practice but right now I want to get my understand of the game and rules correct.

later on I will play against pc, and maybe in real life with chess player or online (I quite like the idea of playing with a 43t’eer if there is a application for it.) but first I need to learn and practice before I get to that point.

I would also like to eventually if I get good at the game, i’d like to buy a beautiful chess set to keep at home to play with as well as possibly a smaller (cheaper) portable one to take out to play with. should I ever want to play in public in a coffee shop or wherever.

but anyway I made a start on this today was good to refresh my knowledge and learn some new things. chess is a interesting and complex game. 6 months ago

iamevoxus 4 years ago

Ashleigh Jackson 2 years ago

brummell 8 months ago

karenashleyking 8 months ago

HelenMookChess in 10 minutes

Read a book called chess in 10 minutes, downloading a chess app And played 3 games on the easiest setting, won 2 of them… Shame humans don’t have easy settings! 9 months ago

HelenMook 9 months ago

kp1221 9 months ago

Scramxtoots 10 months ago

Amanda R 11 months ago

SpraythehappinessNY or Brooklyn

What about finding a teacher and practicing once per week? 11 months ago

Spraythehappiness 11 months ago

Eva_Bec 12 months ago

CENUSAREASA 2 years ago

yoshiyukiz 13 months ago

MrFly 14 months ago

Jaime<3 14 months ago

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