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floss my teeth

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Tyler K 17 months ago

CesDarling 2 months ago

larali 4 months ago



I have flossed my teeth every day of this year so far, save for the second. Even then, it was just a little past midnight when I did, so I guess kindof sortof I did. Anywho, I’ve been keeping up with it! Cant wait til my gums stop bleeding :( 3 months ago

anna_maineacJanuary 1

Done! 3 months ago

laraliDoing well!!!

Yeah!! 3 months ago

anna_maineac 4 months ago

laraliDec. 2

Flossed :D 4 months ago

laraliI'll check this goal off when

...when I got to my dentist appointment and the nurse does not chew me out for not flossing. 4 months ago

livingonmyownterms 6 months ago

inimaxedwards 6 months ago

HannahNeuman 8 months ago

maychristie 9 months ago

clebo001 9 months ago

swordfishtrombones1 11 months ago

johart2887 11 months ago

melaniamaria 2 years ago

oliviawill097 13 months ago

xluvpinkx 14 months ago

ihavenoclue 14 months ago

user43695 14 months ago

OtterGirl537 15 months ago

Annwynbri 15 months ago

track_back101 16 months ago

coffeewhore 17 months ago

Maurine McLeanThe perfect traffic activity

I keep dental floss in the car and I floss to pass the time when stuck in traffic. This guarantees frequent flossing! 17 months ago

Maurine McLean 17 months ago

Adrianne Jezin 17 months ago

kamu28 18 months ago

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