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miss_faye 1 month ago

mermagicDA 1 month ago

Beginnings HereI swear this is coming

I am going to sing at the top of my lungs.

Oh, I did with Paul and Ringo.

I am singing.

lol 2 months ago

Baron_C_4000 4 years ago

mattpotts 2 months ago

Myndseed 2 months ago

tritia 4 years ago

•≫Aemorniel≪•New song on SoundCloud

I keep trying to sing louder and be relaxed about it and that. I don’t know how much I’m succeeding exactly, but little by little, I guess it’s going better.

This song is called Illusionist. I only discovered it a few days ago and I’ve done a few quick recordings of it. This one turned out best, I think.

The sound is pretty crappy as usual, but it’ll just have to do for now.

I feel like my voice is too childish/young sounding. It bugs me a little. Maybe it’s just in my head. Sometimes I think I sound fine. Other times I cringe when I hear the very same recording. It’s weird (or maybe not so weird, for a person who’s insecure about their voice it’s probabaly very normal, but it seems weird). 3 months ago

haifa al-fadhl 3 months ago

pooldeydreem 3 months ago

imralpharvin 3 months ago

JaneMarie 11 months ago

JaneMarieI have been practicing

Singing a lot lately. My range has increased and I have gained enough confidence to feel comfortable singing at work, at home (with others home!) and on the bus. I think it is time for me to pick a song I find difficult and work on things until I have it down.

I am rather ambitious so I am going to choose Ave Marie as inspired by the season.

When I was in High-school I received high marks in competitions singing Caro Mio Ben which was in a very similar range. So, I think this is entirely realistic…with a lot of work and NO CIGARETTES! 4 months ago

Beginnings HereI found a place to sing

there is a group in my new neighborhood that sings.

monday nights.

i am going to join in January.

I am going to sing, dammit. 4 months ago

Bloomyn 4 months ago


I stopped caring about what people thought of my singing. I know I’m bad but I sing anyway 4 months ago

kiana05 4 months ago

WonderWriter 4 months ago

•≫Aemorniel≪•Another song

I haven’t been on 43 in… well, it feels like forever! Anyway, here’s my latest SoundCloud contribution; Landslide

Attempting to sing a bit louder on this one. Hopefully it’s bearable to listen to despite some noise here and there (this computer isn’t quite equipped for recording music on).

I’m a bit bummed that the studio thing fell through (since the whole move fell through), and I’m still in desperate need (or, well, want) of a soundproof place to rehearse. But I can’t really afford anything right now so I’m still just singing at home, trying to not think too much about the neighbours hearing it. It’s going better and better, I care less and less. Would still love to have a place where I can really go nuts though. Some day… 4 months ago

Mir Liponi 2 years ago

gretchen66 5 months ago

dja_jessie 5 months ago


i sing very bad 5 months ago

luisitomolon 5 months ago

klarrra 20 months ago

jessicajewell 6 months ago

sophiebellshaw 6 months ago

vivacekate 6 months ago


itsaashie 6 months ago

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