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finish my masters

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James 2 years ago

llahlahkje 6 years ago

Amandad1234 1 month ago

BohemiaGlamI have my MA!

Im so pleased to say that my two and a half years of master studies are completed. A new months after graduation, i notice the highs and lows i experienced. When i was officially done, i went through a lot of soul searching, and applied for jobs frantically, looking for my next project. This was obsessive and led to a depressive feeling of confusion and rejection. Truthfully, job searching was busy work, i was applying to anything under the sun and had no idea what i wanted to do. No wonder i was not receiving answers or guidance.

So i decided to rest after many months of unrest. After all, these years of my MA and BA previously had been filled with hard work, exhaustion, and dedication. I deserved and needed time to think and to enjoy my current free time rather than obsessing about how to fill it. All that to say i experienced a transitional state of confusion and soul searching. Perhaps from anticipating graduation as this miracle (*can’t hear the harp!) that would make everything in my life make sense. There was definitely an expectation management fail on my part. But im satisfied with my achievements now and realize i have been very anxious and high strung to get it done, im finally letting go, appreciating and unwinding, which i believe will lead me to the next steps…

Learning how to breathe again… and onwards. 3 months ago

BohemiaGlam 13 months ago

noellejoanna 4 months ago

lobnasameer 4 months ago

evanmonarrez 7 months ago

funkfaerie 2 years ago

Dent Ford 9 months ago

Amber 9 months ago

nikki2468 18 months ago

angelina sanchez 11 months ago


K82345 2 years ago


Tomorrow I defend my thesis. Here’s hoping everything goes well. 12 months ago

kiwikiwi23 2 years ago


Will have completed my Masters in Adult Literacy by the end of this year. Seems like such an easy thing to say, in reality it is a slow hard grind, pouring hours and discipline into this. the quote “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” rings true. 12 months ago

Ezanice 12 months ago

panisumickova 13 months ago

BohemiaGlamMay, here we come!

May is when i hope and expect to finish my thesis work and apply for my graduation in November.

From March to May, i have LOADS of work in front of me. At this point i have figured out generally what my topic is, and my academic supervisor is on board, although i need a field supervisor, that is not yet secured. Yikes.

Im just getting started writing and looking for sources, putting everything together. God. This is probably why im on this site! Avoiding!!!

I hope to report back with a completed thesis, presentation, and graduation application!

Best of luck to others in the same boat! 13 months ago

charli121 14 months ago

mybestwishes 3 years ago

Grafer87 16 months ago

Well, that's Ood

Well, that's Ood 16 months ago

jchan5 17 months ago

sineak 4 years ago


Now I have to write my thesis, defend it, and submit it to the university. I can’t decide if this is the home stretch or the hardest part, now being unemployed… 19 months ago

gearster 19 months ago

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